9 Best Small Canoes That Are Easily Transportable

9 Best Small Canoes That Are Easily Transportable

Canoeing is an exciting yet relaxing sport often practiced as a hobby. Canoes are the best companions on a journey into the river. They are convenient and easy to movie within the lake. But what about moving a Canoe outside the water? Is it so easy? Not exactly. Concerning your needs, we have provided you with a list of Canoes that will cater to all your needs. They are,

  • Grumman 129 Solo
  • Wenonah Argosy
  • Old Town Discovery 119
  • Old Town NEXT
  • Old Town Discovery 133
  • Nova Craft Trapper 12
  • Golden Hawk 10′ Traditional
  • American Traders Princess Solo
  • Placid Boatworks Spitfire

All these nine Canoes are convenient for transportation and storage. Now, let’s probe further into the specifications of each Canoe.

Grumman- 129 Solo

All the Grumman Canoes are made up of Aluminum. Grumman- 129 Solo is no exception to it. It is also made up of Aluminum. 129 Solo is short in size; this makes it easy to tie it up in both land and water. 

Grumman is an excellent choice for beginners. It treats both professionals and beginners alike, offering the best it could. This Canoe works well in both calm and busy areas. The main beam in Grumman- 129 Solo reduces wind resistance and improves stability. A stable always makes the ride smooth.

You can choose either the shallow or standard keel for this Canoe. Both of these keels work well in flat water and Whitewater, respectively. The Canoe width is about 2.4 feet and can incorporate about 545 lbs. the Canoe also comes out with a rigid shell, shallow arch, and tumblehome sides.

This Canoe can be the best for transportation both on water and on land. It is both professional and easy to use. Grumman- 129 Solo costs around $1,160. The Canoe might seem to be a bit costly, but it’s worth the money, given the specifications. 

Wenonah- Argosy

Wenonah- Argosy consists of Fiberglass as its main component. It was made with solo travelers in mind and is specially designed for them. Despite being made of such rare parts, it operates well in both streams and rivers. It’s the keel that allows the Canoe to be stable in one place.

The Canoe can withstand heavy currents. The nimble in the Canoe helps it stay stationary during cross currents and eddy lines. The depth and volume of the Canoe enable it to withstand harsh conditions. Harsh conditions do not always mean bad luck. It can also mean a great adventure! 

The Argosy is lean, and it works well in turns. The Canoe is less vulnerable to capsize and has a rigid shell. It is one of the most beautifully crafted canoes you will ever get to use. The canoes’ entire structure is crafted with small details such as wood trim, a premium detail.  

The beauty of the Argosy canoe is the ultra-lite version of it!! The ultra-lite version of it is available in the market along with the original one for sale!!! Isn’t that amazing?? Despite its fantastic design and material, it is only suitable best for experts and intermediates. Argosy is not quite a good start for beginners. 

The Canoe is almost 2.5 feet wide and carries up to 370 lbs. (single person). It is an excellent build if you are looking for something private and useful. The Canoe can only bear a single passenger and is not likely for families. If you are willing to spend $2299 just for yourself, then Argosy is for you. 

Old Town – Discovery 119

This Canoe comprises three layers of polyethylene. Old Town offers you a compact and lightweight canoe. A light canoe means lots of paddling funs! 

With a shallow arc and straight side, Discovery 199 becomes a swift, smooth and stable Canoe to travel and a strong one to maneuver.  The Canoe is good with new waters and is well suited for exploring beyond the normal.

This Canoe can be either paddle as a regular canoe or as a double-ended kayak paddle for faster movement. The Canoe is designed for advanced and intermediate level canoers and to withstand rough currents for them.

Like the previous one, this Canoe is also for one person but is a lot bigger in size and can take up to 500 lbs. the 2.7 feet wide body can give adequate space for plus-sized people. 

As a trusted brand, Old Town makes reliable yet complicated canoes. Not all intermediates will be able to handle it in a single go. It takes years of familiarity with the brand to operate it flawlessly. 

Discovery 199 is a good choice for budget buyers and canoers who are looking to upgrade their devices in terms of budget. I would recommend it not to all but to those who pursue canoeing with immense interest. 

Old Town – Next

The next generation canoes are now out from Old Town!!  The future Canoe is here now as a mix of Canoe and Kayak! This Canoe, like the other Old Town one, is made up of three layers of polyethylene. Specially designed and executed for Gen Z, Next is the dream canoe for upcoming paddlers. 

Old Town – Next is designed to be on track and smooth in its flow, with a flat bottom. The Canoe has a minimum rocker and tumblehome sides. 

A genuinely multipurpose canoe, this is, I would say. The Canoe goes well with any type of water. This means you can sail it through both calm and rough currents; Next is ready for everything!!

Apart from the versatility, Next can be either paddled from both the sides like a Kayak or just from one side like a Canoe. This is extremely helpful for budding fishers looking to fish in the middle of a flowing current. 

The Canoe is about 2.4 feet wide and is able to withstand 450 lbs. I would not recommend this to canoe lovers since it’s a hybrid. It’s also heavier than similar canoes in the market. This would be an injustice to canoe lovers. 

If you are looking for a stylish and budget-friendly fishing canoe, then Old Town – Next is for you. 

Old Town – Discovery 133

Old Town has offered another masterpiece that made its way to this list. This Canoe doing justice to the last canoes from the same house is also made of three-layered polyethylene. You can ride this Canoe single-handedly or as two people by sitting behind one another.

The shallow arch and straight sides of this Canoe makes it more flexible while traveling. Despite being a small canoe, this model is much stronger and is mobile. It can hold much more than the other canoes without being heavy. This is what makes Discovery 133 even more special.

I would not recommend this Canoe model for sports or professional canoers, but it is a perfect suit for photographers, hunters, and fishers. As the boat is stable, it can be held at the same place for an extended period. Stability is the most needed trait in hunting, fishing, and photography. 

The Canoe is about 3.4 feet wide and takes around 800 lbs. this is more than enough for two passengers to ride. It is slightly heavier than other single-seater canoes but worth the $1000 you are paying. 

If you are a calm and quiet person looking to meditate in the middle of the river, I would highly recommend this to you. 

Nova Craft – Trapper 12

Trapper 12 is a historically significant Canoe built back in the 1900s to peep into the lakes and rivers back then. Kevlar is mainly used in the production of this Canoe. This Canoe is used to get through short cuts due to its size and nature. 

A smooth and stable canoe, this is. It’s so durable in calm waters. A flexible and robust canoe is needed for you to travel through small spaces. Nova Craft – Trapper 12 does it well for you. If you are looking for a family trip by the river, then I would strongly suggest you take this Canoe.

It travels straight and smooth with its linear side shapes, a rigid shell, and a shallow arch. As an extremely lightweight canoe, Trapper 12 so far possesses all the qualities to be a beginner’s Canoe. 

The Trapper 12 canoe is 2.8 feet wide and carries up to 490 lbs. the total cost of the Canoe is around $2240. It might seem to you a bit pricey, but it is always good to start big and smooth. 

The Canoe does not go well with rough waters. Most advanced canoers and professional fishers would not choose this because of this. Beginners with basic or no knowledge of canoes can start with Trapper 13 and take it forward further. 

Golden Hawk – 10′ Traditional

 10′ Traditional is another canoe in the fiberglass range. Fiberglass composites are flexible and more robust than the other metals used for making canoes. Golden hawk has given us a versatile master canoe!

The contour hull on the 10’Traditional keeps the Canoe on track and stable. A stable canoe is essential in heavy currents and cross-currents. If you tend to go for a shoot in the middle of the river, stability would be the key.

The shallow arch and tumblehome sides keep the Canoe from flipping upside down and give you a smooth and safe ride. 

The setup of the Canoe makes it best suited for advanced level canoers. The Canoe is short and is lighter in weight due to the fiberglass composite. These 10′ Traditional Canoe qualities make it easier for you to transport it and mount it.

This Canoe has extremely attractive features like 3.1 feet in width, 450 lbs capacity, and much more. It’s an ideal canoe to suggest for everyone. Since the brand Golden Hawk is not much well versed with customers, the Canoe is hardly known. 

Instead of giving a lot on a single passenger canoe, you can provide Golden Hawk a try. Also, I personally found no faults with this product, and it is ideal for entering the canoeing sport.

American Traders – Princess Solo

This traditional Canoe is made of wood. It is used as a symbol of remembrance or just a show-off rather than being actually used in recent days. It is good with still waters as in the good old days. 

The Canoe is stronger than the others and is much stable. The profound bow depth and rigid shell, along with the shallow arch and straight side shapes, account for the stability and strength of the Canoe.

The Canoe is suitable for all, and it is easy for a beginner to learn with. It can actually be paddled like a Kayak from both sides or just from one side like a standard canoe. It is like any other typical canoe but a relatively small one. 

The Canoe is 2.6 feet wide and can carry 450 lbs.

Since the Canoe is meant to be soft and elite, it can never handle rough currents. It might even damage the boat. It’s also much expensive ($3400!!! Woah!! That’s quite huge in there). The Canoe will be a great addition to your collection. I would not agree entirely to recommend it to everyone. 

Placid Boatworks – Spitfire

Carbon Composites are a significant part of this Canoe. It ranks among the lightest in the boat market and is perfectly seaworthy. Be it a weekend trip or a solo vacation. Spitfire will be lit all day long.

The Canoe could be treated as a Kayak and paddled from both ends. The bow rocker and stern rocker provide much more stability to the Canoe than anything else. It’s much easier to mount and transport.

The Canoe is excellent for improving your skill. It is perfect for beginners and intermediates. Advanced canoers would not choose this Canoe over the others because they have very much less to expect from it. 

The Canoe is only 2.2 feet wide and can only bear up to 325 lbs. $3150 is a considerable amount of money to put in for a single-seater canoe. If the price were less, then this Canoe would have made it to the top 5 of this list.

What makes a Canoe Easily Transportable?

There are several reasons for a canoe to be mobile. Not every smaller Canoe has to be heavier. Each Canoe has its own specifications and features. The canoes’ mobility and vulnerability depend upon their structure.

The main factors that influence the transportability of a canoe are,

  • Length and Weight of the Canoe
  • Core Metal or Components
  • The shape of the Canoe and
  • Other Extra Features

Now let us dive deep into the details about the determinants,

Length and Weight of the Canoe

10 to 14 feet is the ideal size for a small canoe. There can be some exceptions. Some canoes can be longer, and some might be smaller. There are even 8 feet canoes. The shorter the Canoe better the mobility. If the Canoe is not too long, it can be quickly loaded into a truck or on top of a car.

Long canoes can be a pain to load in cars. Small canoes save you a lot of time and energy. It gives you the liberty to go alone on a trip. A small canoe will weigh only about 20 to 80 pounds (with exceptions).

Small canoes are much more convenient than carrying a long canoe with a truck. Length and weight play a significant part in transportation.

Core metal or Components

The materials used to make the Canoe have a part in the weight of the Canoe. They can influence the convenience of the user. Each metal and component have its own property to exhibit in the Canoe.

Some of the most commonly used materials in canoe making are,

  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Polyethylene
  • Kevlar
  • Wood and 
  • Carbon


Aluminum was the standard metal used in canoe production for decades. Recently it has not been widely used. The entry of technology paved the way for more innovative compounds. As time went by, the use of Aluminum diminished. 

Aluminum found its replacement because it is heavy compared to most metals. This can be a hindrance to travel while using aluminum canoes. 


Fiberglass is one of the most used components in canoe making. It is light, rigid, and healthy. The smooth surface of the Fiberglass makes the boat easily slide through the water. Fiberglass boats are lightweight and easily repairable.

It is high on the positive side when it comes to transportation. The price of Fiberglass makes the Canoe unreachable for average buyers.


The three layers of polyethylene are usually molding of polyethylene layered to make the boat durable and flexible. It is one of the cheapest components used for making a canoe. 

The only downside is that the canoes are less rigid and lose their shape with time. This makes it inconvenient to transport.


Kevlar fabric becomes a Kevlar composite in canoe making. They are also used in bulletproof vests and are incredibly weightless. Kevlar weighs 20 percent lesser than Fiberglass. The canoes made out of Kevlar are too light. 

As in the case of Fiberglass, this component is light in weight, durable, and is easy to repair but a bit costly. This makes it an expensive part to reach.


Wood is the most elegant and beautiful component to make a canoe. Unfortunately, they are the heaviest. Truly beauty brings in a lot of weight! 

Suppose properly cared wooden canoes can last forever. They are less vulnerable to breakage and repair. Alas! The weight of a wooden canoe makes it unfit for transport.


Carbon is usually mixed with graphite to form light canoes. They are actually suitable for transport compared to the other components.

If you ask me, I would say that plastic canoes are the most convenient and are useful for moving.

The shape of the Canoe

The structure, hull shape, and side shape are the three factors that determine the shape of a canoe. There are specific needs in a canoe to attain the required shape. These factors determine the durability, stability, and mobility of the Canoe.

Structure: Rigid

Rigid canoes, also called hard-shell canoes, are heavier than other canoes. With a rigid shell, you can get a durable yet heavy boat. This weight protects the boat from winds and different water currents.

Inflatable canoes and rubber canoes are also available in the market. These are easy to use and store mostly inflatable Canoe. It can be easily deflated after use. As the damage rate, while using is high for this Canoe, it is less preferred.

Hull shape: Shallow Arch

A shallow arch in a canoe keeps it stable and going. It prevents the boat from being carried away by rough waters and heavy currents. To save a canoe in track even without much control, a shallow arch canoe must be preferred. 

Hull shape: Flat Arch

Flat arch canoes can be rightly called family canoes. They are more comprehensive and provide more stability to the boat.

Side Shape: Tumblehome

When the gunwale’s width is lesser than the width of the Canoe, the shape is called a tumblehome shape. Due to the broad nature, they are stable. These kinds of more sweeping side shapes make it easier for the user to paddle the Canoe.

Other Extra Features

More comfortable canoes are provided with additional features such as Carrying handles, Gunwales, Oar Locks, Keels, and Foot Braces to make transportation even more effortless.

Not all of these features are meant to help transport, but some of them, like carrying handles, are of use while moving a canoe from one place to another.

How to make your Canoe more transportable?

Most of the canoes mentioned above are suitable for transport. You can choose one from then or else search for a transportable one other than them. You can select the Canoe based on the size of your vehicle.

If your car has a roof rack, it will be easy to tie up the Canoe above it. If it does not, then consider renting a van to transport the Canoe. 

If your Canoe is heavier for a single person, do not hesitate to ask for help. You can take someone with you to help you with the lifting or just ask someone nearby. Make sure you hold the Canoe the right way. Having improper practices can damage your hands and back.

Disadvantages of Easily Transportable Canoes

Small canoes are really convenient when it comes to transport. Not all people prefer small canoes. There are several reasons for it. A small canoe can never beat the stability of a long canoe. This is the main reason put forward most of the time.

Secondly, the chances for a small canoe flipping upside down is relatively higher than a long canoe. When it comes to rough weather, small canoes go out of control most of the time.

Third comes the weight. Small canoes are not designed to carry much weight. Most of the little canoe designs are for a single person. Even if it is provided for two people, they have to be arranged in a line. Also, a small canoe has no pet options. It is totally unfair to leave out our furry friends just like that.

Enjoying with the family will be under question in the case of a small canoe. You might have to take turns while riding a canoe with your family. That does not sound so fun, does it?

Only tandem canoes offer a bit of breathing space for equipment. Most small canoes do not work well when paddled like a kayak. Even if they are a hybrid, they will not feel comfortable while stroking both sides.

Plastic and inflatable canoes might seem to be the right choice, but their fragile nature makes them more prone to damage. Considering both these canoes’ costs, it might be advisable to use them for a short period.

Plastic canoes are, without a doubt, the lightest, and inflatable canoes are the easiest to carry.

Final Verdict

Buying a long canoe is never wrong, given the reason you need it. Make it a point to look at both sides before you decide. Each product is the best for its owner as they all cater to personalized needs.

After reviewing all the possibilities decide what is best for you. The needs and wants are different for each person. Make a list of what you need first and search for your best product. Once you find it check whether it meets your wants. If it does meet, then great if it does not meet your desires, then move to the next.

Continue this process till you get the best Canoe. I cannot promise the best Canoe to exist. At least some of them will make it to the nearest to your list. Choose them to be your best—all the best, choosing to pursue and learning this unique and adventurous sport.

Remember, no product is 100% perfect for anyone. Every product has its pros and cons. If you can go with the flaws, then you can take up any of the products above. All of them are proven to have the best of the abilities mentioned.

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