10 Best Aluminum Bay Boats

10 Best Aluminum Bay Boats

Are you on the market for a quality aluminum boat? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post you will discover the best aluminum boats currently on the market. 

Aluminum bay boats are cheaper than fiberglass boats. They are also generally very light. This makes them easy to push off sandbars and easy to get unstuck when stuck.

Moreover, aluminum boats are known to be rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and very low maintenance. 

In short, there are many reasons why people prefer aluminum boats to other types of boats.

Below are the 10 best ones for angling, research, and water transport.

Top Aluminum Bay Boats

Legend 20 XTR Troller

While most aluminum boats are basic, this one is quite luxurious. It has got great features to make it easier for you to move around in the boat.

The features include a swim platform and a comfy captain’s chair that can be reclined. You probably won’t find a much better chair on any boat with a similar size to this one.

A special GPS depth/fish finder also comes as a standard. This machine is perfect for finding fish. And if you are not a good swimmer, it is ideal for checking depth so that you know where not to jump off-board for any reason.

This boat also comes with 2-rod holders, a stereo unit, 2 speakers, and an all-weather top.

One more thing I must note about this boat is that it is very durable.

Alumacraft Trophy 205

This aluminum boat is regarded by many as one of the best aluminum fishing boats ever made. If you live near water and you are a survivalist, it is a boat you will love owning because it can go at fast speeds (300 horsepower). In other words, it can take you away from danger. 

If you just love angling on weekends or occasionally, you will also love owning this boat. It is a heavy-gauge aluminum boat. This makes it tough and durable. Every fisherman loves tough and durable equipment, right?

In addition to being tough and durable, this vehicle has great storage for all your angling gear. 

Moreover, it has got two comfortable seats for you and your partner, son, grandson, or friend. Simply put, it allows you to bring company if you want to.

Lowe V1260

Measuring just 12 feet and with a minimal HP capacity of 10 HP, this is a simple aluminum boat for those looking for something minimalistic and affordable.

It provides great value for money if you are looking for a very simple boat to go fishing with alone or with two other buddies. This is because it has three bench seats and it can only safely carry three people. 

This Lowe boat comes with oarlock mounts to make it easy to paddle in case you need to. 

One more thing that must be mentioned about this boat is that it is made of marine-grade aluminum. This body is extremely durable.

Lowe 22 Bay 

Measuring 22 feet and with an engine with a maximum HP of 200, the Low 22 Bay is the second Lowe boat on this list. It is also one of the most stylish high-performance boats on this list. 

Because of its size and its construction, this boat has a maximum capacity of 8 people. It is the kind of boat that allows you to go fishing with your family or a small group of friends.

The boat has a special aluminum construction that is corrosion-resistant. It can even withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater. Regular aluminum boats cannot do this.

This Lowe boat model has many exciting standard features. These include a comfortable raised captain’s seat in the center that allows you to have an unobstructed view of the surroundings, a raised windshield, a fishfinder, and a 16-gallon baitweil. A jack plate for power poles also comes as a standard.

Ranger VX1888 WT

This is one of the most powerful aluminum boats under 20 feet in length. This is because of its design and the fact that it is available either with a Yamaha, Evinrude, or Mercury engine. 

There is nothing not to love about this boat. Everything about it is absolutely perfect. 

For example, it has six very comfortable air ride seats for six persons. The seats are perfect for keeping you and your passengers comfortable and safe especially when you are traveling fast. 

The steering on this is also hydraulic making it easy and enjoyable. 

Like most upscale Ranger Boats, this boat also comes with a Lowrance Hook fishfinder making it easier to find fish when you really need to. 

Lastly, this boat comes with two livewells and a marine-grade carpet.

Crestliner 1850 Raptor 

Imagine a boat with an engine with a maximum HP capacity of 115 plus a cool military-like design and build. Is that something you would be interested in? If yes, then get this Crestliner boat. It is so cool and so perfect for freshwater fishing.

One of the most interesting things about this boat is how cool it is to drive. The boat has an ergonomic wheel and multiple controls that make driving it very exciting. Driving it almost feels as exciting as driving a nice luxury car.

Something else that is very exciting about this Crestliner is its multiple storage compartments for different things. It has got a compartment for fishing lines, a compartment for baits, two livewells, and so on.

Other features of this boat include a big casting deck, a swimming platform, and a stereo.

Smokercraft Ultima Legacy 182

Piloting this Smokercraft boat feels like piloting a small plane. This is because it comes with multiple controls just like in a plane, and also because it can move at a very high-speed thanks to its Mercury engine.

The highlights of this boat include stern casting decks, a swimming platform, a massive bow, and a spacious layout. 

It also comes with multiple fishing amenities that would make even a professional angler feel very happy about owning it.

Based on its design, this boat is perfect for family fun on the water, for watersports, and for angling. 

G3 Sportsman 2400 

Measuring 23 feet and capable of going at very high speeds, this is one of the most magnificent aluminum boats for fishing, traveling over water, and watersports

It is a boat like no other. Once you set your eyes on it in a boat dealership, you will not want to walk out without purchasing it. 

Its highlights include a full command center and an ergonomic wheel, quality gauges, a walk-through windshield, and quality Lowrance Hook electronics.

Four fishing seats, rod storage, and a livewell also come as a standard.

Lund 2075 Pro Guide 

This is a tournament standard boat. It is suitable for fly fishing and spin fishing. 

There are several things you will quickly love about it when you climb onto this vessel. It includes comfy seats for six individuals and multiple storage compartments including a livewell, port storage, and compartments in its cockpit and bow. In other words, you can safely store everything you need for sport fishing on this boat. No need to carry stuff between your home and this boat every time you need to go fishing.

The only issue with this boat is that it does not have a windshield.

F4 Pro Console

Do you want an aluminum boat for flats fishing, hunting, or research on shallow waters? If yes, you should not look further than this F4 Pro Console vessel.

Its key features include a crash-resistant bow, a hardened aluminum hull, a massive fuel hull, a front deck livewell, gun boxes, and rod storage. It also comes with an aluminum center console.

The best thing about this boat is that you can cruise even on water that is about 30 cm deep. The only issue with this boat is that it does not come with a windshield.

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