10 Best Gas Mileage Class C RVs

10 Best Gas Mileage Class C RVs

Among motorhomes, Class C RVs have the second-worst gas mileage. A Class C RV will typically consume more gas than a Class B RV for the same distance. It will, however, consume less gas than a Class A RV for the same distance.

In this post, you will discover the best Class C RVs in terms of gas mileage. In other words, you will discover Class C RVs that cover relatively long distances (between 14 and 16 miles) per gallon. Simply put, you will find out some of the best motorhomes in terms of fuel economy.

Let’s begin.

Top Class C RVs With Excellent Gas Mileage

Fleetwood Pulse (15 mpg)

This is a compact but insanely feature-rich Class C motorhome. For every gallon, it can cover a distance of approximately 15 miles. This is very impressive for a vehicle that weighs 15,250 pounds.

A total of four to six people can travel in this Class C motorhome. It has safety belts for four people and plus six sleeping zones for six people.

In terms of design, this machine has classic but modern design. 

Its key features include a big separate and private bedroom for the parents, a dry bath, and a smart kitchen with all the standard kitchen features including a big refrigerator. 

The only drawback about this camper is that it is no longer being produced by Fleetwood. Nevertheless, Fleetwood Pulses are available on many RV trading websites.

Winnebago View 24V (17 mpg)

This Winnebago Class C is designed to make sure you can have a holiday anywhere you want. Why? Because it is built with vacation-level features, amenities, and luxuries.

The features and luxuries include two twin beds that can be converted into a king bed, a comfortable sofa that can be turned into a bed, a table, and heated cab seats. It also includes a bunk bed in its over-cab area.

It also comes with a kitchen with all the standard features you can expect in a luxury kitchen e.g. a convection oven and a microwave.

Like most Winnebago RVs, this Winnebago model comes with a full bathroom. 

Because this vehicle is essentially a converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, it has all the things you would expect from a Sprinter. These things include a  reverse camera, voice control, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and navigation.

For off-the-grid power, this Winnebago also comes with a quiet generator and a solar power system.

Tiffin Wayfarer   (14 mpg)

A gallon will move this camper 14 miles on the highway. This is not so bad considering the size of this camper and the fact that there are many Class C vehicles that cover even less than 10 miles per gallon. 

This vehicle is very spacious and has plenty of amenities. It also has plenty of superior level features including a queen murphy bed, a leveling system, and an awning with a wind sensor. 

This motorhome is built in Alabama by Tiffin Motorhomes. The company has been producing quality motorhomes for nearly five decades. The motorhome features a Sprinter chassis and drivetrain plus quality Michelin tires and an awning fitted with a wind sensor. Other exterior features include electric mirrors, an exterior entertainment system, and plenty of exterior storage.

Tiffin Wayfarer interior features include an over the cab bunk, a queen bed, a skylight, and theater seating. Kitchen features include a refrigerator, a pantry, and a microwave.

This machine goes for about $150,000 because of its many amenities and features.

Winnebago Navion (18 mpg)

A gallon of gasoline will move this camper 18 miles on the highway. This is very impressive considering this is a 15,000-pound 25-foot long motorhome.

Winnebago has a long history of making quality RVs that last for generations. This particular RV from the company is a Class C RV. It is a high-quality recreational vehicle available in three-floor plans. Each of the plans has been cleverly put together to provide maximum space. The biggest difference between them is in the positioning of the various amenities.

If you are planning to do off-the-grid camping, you will love the fact that you can upgrade the freshwater tank of this vehicle to make it carry more freshwater. You can also add a solar system package to provide solar power to the vehicle’s electronics when you are parked. 

Winnebago Vita (17.9 mpg)

Like this previous Winnebago, this Winnebago can also travel many miles on a gallon. To be specific, it can travel 17.9 miles per gallon. This is probably because it weighs roughly the same as the Winnebago Navion.

This is one of the best small Class C vehicles in the United States. It has a large bed, a large kitchen, and large holding tanks (freshwater, grey water, and black water).

Among the many features of this Winnebago are storage cabinets, panoramic windows, and a solar power system.

Toyota Dolphin (16 mpg)

This Toyota RV was extremely popular when it was being manufactured by Toyota some decades ago. As of now, you can only purchase it as a used machine. 

When you see it you will be impressed by its shape and size. The van is compact and totally retro. It measures roughly 21 feet and has enough sleeping zones for four people. 

The small size of this RV and its lightness make it very fuel-efficient. It can go approximately 16 miles per gallon of gasoline. 

Like many Class C vehicles, this one too has an over-cab bed. This is one of the reasons why it is spacious and sleeps many people despite its outer compactness.

According to various current and former owners of Toyota Dolphin RVs, they are perfect for a couple traveling and solo traveling.

Forester MBS (16 mpg)

Forester MBS is quite fuel-efficient. It is streamlined making it go fast without consuming too much gasoline per mile. Its average gas mileage is 16 miles per gallon.

Like most Class C machines, this one also comes with an over-cab bunk. One or two people can sleep in this area. The bunk area can also be turned into a zone for entertainment.

There are fourteen floor plans available. In other words, if you decide to purchase the Forester MBS, you have the choice of choosing between multiple floor plans. It is unlikely that you won’t find something that will impress you among the fourteen plans.

Each Forester MBS model has been “Certified Green”. This makes each very ethical.

Gulfstream Conquest (10 mpg)

Gulfstream Conquest has a decent gas mileage of 10 miles per gallon. This is considered average but it is okay considering there is a model of it that weighs heavy and measures nearly 33 feet in length. 

There are fifteen floor plan choices for this vehicle. While some of them have four sleeping areas, others have as many as six sleeping zones. Therefore, if you have a big family, you should know that you can choose a Gulfstream Conquest that has sleeping space for each family member.

The Gulfstream Conquest is made utilizing the Ford 450 or the Ford 350 platform. Both platforms are durable and reliable.

Key features include a bathroom skylight, a water heater, a refrigerator, a laminated floor, and beds.

Upgrade options for this machine include a mattress upgrade and leveling jacks.

Thor Chateau (12 mpg)

For a Class C motorhome that weighs a lot, the fact that this RV has a gas mileage of 12 mpg is quite excellent. There are 14 floor plans available for this vehicle and they are all amazing.

What is most impressive about Thor Chateaus is that they are as grand as provincial French Chateaus. They have big living areas, big kitchens, and multiple comfortable beds. 

About four to six people can sleep comfortably in the different Thor Chateau models. 

Most Thor Chateau models include a bunk bed, a washer, a dryer, and multiple seating options. They are perfect for living a real comfortable van life.

Coachman Leprechaun (10 mpg)

This Coachmen model has been in production for nearly five decades. This means it is probably one of the company’s bestselling models. 

According to Coachmen, the Leprechaun is one of the best Class C RVs on the market. This is because in addition to standard features, Leprechaun models typically have additional features such as an upgraded interior, multiple safety features, reverse cameras, and a massive freshwater tank.

The kitchen inside the Coachmen Leprechaun is like a home kitchen because it has all the amenities including a three-burner range, a steel body fridge, and a microwave. 

In every Class C RV, the main bed you will find is a massive queen bed. So make sure you prepare for that kind of luxury.

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