7 of the Best Small Campers With Bunk Beds

Best Small Campers With Bunk Beds

Camping is a great way to get back to nature and spend time with friends or family. However, if you’re not prepared in advance, camping can be difficult. One of the most important things that you need for camping is a camper that has enough space for everyone! We have rounded up 7 of the best small campers with bunk beds which will make sure your next outdoor adventure is as comfortable as possible!

What are the best campers for a small family?

One of the most important things that you need for camping is a camper or RV with enough space to sleep everyone comfortably! We have rounded up some great options below. These campers all come equipped with bunk beds, and these will make sure your next outdoor adventure is as comfortable as possible while also being affordable!

Many people find a small camper with bunkbeds to be the perfect way of getting outside without breaking the bank. The small size and low maintenance costs make for an ideal option when you’re ready to hit up some campsites near your home or in different parts of North America.

We have 7 campers that are just waiting for someone like you! Let’s take a look at our top picks:

7 Best Small Campers With Bunk Beds

The many campers on the market can be overwhelming. Which one should you choose? We’re going to take a closer look at our seven favorites and show you why they are so amazing!

Lance 2185

Lance is well-known for creating amazing RVs, and the Lance 2185 by them is yet another incredible creation. This is a great travel trailer that also features a bunkhouse design. Lance is known for his big U-dinettes and 2185 also has one. It is extremely comfortable and has a premium look. The dinette has windows around it that allow light to enter and keep the air circulating.

The package includes a Jensen TV, a multimedia center, and a Jensen TV. These are specifically designed for RV industry use and can withstand a lot of vibrations and shocks. The multimedia center can be used as a radio, CD/DVD, player, or speaker.

The Lance 2185 has a king-size bed that offers exceptional comfort. There are two bunk beds at the back, but they will provide three mattresses, so you can place one on the ground and make room for the other.

Although the kitchen is small, the countertops give you enough space to do the job. The kitchen features a single-bowl sink and a pull-out faucet of high quality. The sink is located right next to the three-burner stovetop and oven.

Key Features

  • Dinette can be converted into a bed
  • Includes a privacy curtain as well as an electrical outlet
  • Two bunk beds and a King-size bed
  • Multimedia center and TV

Camplite HTML16BHB

Livin Lite Camplite CL16BHB

Another fantastic lightweight camper, the Livin Lite Camplite Cl16BHB, is loaded with amazing features. The unit features a fully aluminum frame and a fiberglass exterior that provide excellent insulation in all weather conditions. It is a small camper van that weighs in at 3000 pounds.

The large, electric awning features an LED light and an aluminum step at its entrance. This will make your evening even more enjoyable. You can also enjoy your favorite music on the way.

There are 9-floor plans available for this model. You will feel comfortable in the bunk beds. The aluminum cabinets are one of the best features of the Camplite CL16BHB. Blue lights are used in the cabinets to enhance the design and help you locate your items at night.

Although the kitchen is small, it’s well-designed with high-rise faucets and ample space. A tiny, dry bathroom with a toilet is located in the bathroom. The bathroom is small, but there’s a fan above it so you won’t feel congested.

Key Features

  • Aluminum frame with fiberglass exterior
  • Comfortable bunk beds
  • Cabinets that are well-lit
  • Refrigerator and TV Mount

Forest River Wildwood X Lite FSX

Forest River Wildwood X-Lite FSX

The Forest River Wildwood X-Lite FSX is a small, comfortable camper that offers a bed and a cozy interior. This RV is ideal for solo travelers and small families who want a compact, easy-to-use vehicle for travel.

Forest River Wildwood X-Lite FSX’s build quality is exceptional, as it’s constructed with durable high-quality material. The X-Lite FSX comes with a full roof and a 12-year warranty.

This camper’s most distinctive feature is its kitchen. You have extra prep space because the countertop extends a little beyond the sink. The sink comes with a double-bowl faucet and a high-rise faucet. It has a microwave, 2 burner stovetop, and a 4.3 ft electric refrigerator.

This camper has four floorplans, one of which includes bunk beds. The bunk beds are small but will allow you to enjoy your time and privacy.

Key Features

  • Compact size
  • Fully equipped kitchen, including a microwave, fridge, stove, and oven
  • Plans with four floors
  • Excellent build quality
  • Patio awnings of high quality

Grey Wolf 26DBH Bunkhouse

Grey Wolf 26DBH Bunkhouse

The Cherokee Grey Wolf 26DBH will not only meet your needs for a quality camper but also provide the comfort and affordability you desire. The great features of this outdoor wonder include its folding step that is extremely stable, making an easier lower first step; LED lighting to make evenings more enjoyable; as well as including travel racks perfect for coolers and firewood!

The Grey Wolf 26DBH Bunkhouse is a perfect addition to any family looking for an affordable, spacious home away from the city. The large twin bunk beds are located in their own private rooms and provide plenty of space inside that can be utilized by kids as they grow up. This camper also includes three storage areas; one with shelving so you have ample room for your luggage while on vacation or at camp this summer!

The interior features attractive decor and LED lighting which provides excellent ambiance during dinner time when everyone gets together to enjoy some quality bonding time over food. Along with the fully equipped kitchen, there’s even a TV mount installed into it so no matter where you want to sit down watch movies after cooking all day long-you

Key Features

  • Amazing interior design
  • Double bunk beds for large families
  • Allows for enough space for children to play
  • High-quality appliances
  • Motorized awning with LED

Clipper for Coachmen 17BHS

Coachmen Clipper 17BHS

The Coachmen Clipper 17BHS is a lightweight, fuel-efficient towable that’s perfect for you if you are looking for something light and economical. For maximum protection, it has an exterior diamond plate wrap with heavy-duty Mesa material.

It also offers large storage space as well as Zam solar boards to keep your devices charged up in the remote wilderness so there will be no interruptions during those long camping trips! The tinted glass window provides extra security while its pet-friendly stand makes this van accessible to all of your furry friends too – even big ones who require more than one seatbelt!

You’ll feel premium from the moment you step into the van thanks to its warm residential grade Linoleum flooring and walnut cabinetry which

The exterior entry leads to the rear bunkhouse and the dinette slide out gives you maximum interior space. You can operate awning slide-out and any other power option easily from the control station, which also has LED lighting for an artistic look of the kitchen with a stone cast sink faucet, high neck microwave, and refrigerator.

The bathroom includes a flush toilet private bathtub with skylight/shower or showerbath; all these make your trips more comfortable!

Key Features

  • Durable finish
  • Interior design at its best
  • Stereo system built-in with marine-grade speakers
  • Bunk beds come with a separate entrance
  • Microwave and fridge

KZ Sportsmen Classic Trailer

KZ Sportsmen Classic Travel Trailer

KZ Sportsmen Classic Travel Trailers are a great choice for those who want a small, comfortable camper van for their next adventure. The vehicle is compact and light at 2800 pounds.

KZ Sportsmen Classis is built with strength. The exterior is striking and will grab your attention at the first glance. K-Z’s exclusive tough shield.030 exterior steel provides incredible durability.

There are seven-floor plans available to help you choose which one is best for you. It is compact in size but has enough space for six people.

You will find the main bed in the front, and the U-shaped dinette in the back. This will give you plenty of space for your kitchen. Two bunks with 4-inch cushions are located in the back to ensure maximum comfort.

You have enough storage space under the bunk to access your outside pass-through storage. A window is located right next to the bunk bed, which will allow you plenty of natural sunlight and provide a great view every morning when you get up.

Key Features

  • The master and bunk beds are included.
  • For maximum comfort, the mattress has thick cushioning
  • Exterior of high-quality
  • 7-floor plans available

Shasta Oasis 18BH

Shasta Oasis 18BH

The Shasta Oasis18BH camper van is a great choice for anyone looking for a low-cost, budget-friendly option. This is a great value option that will give you the best RVing experience.

The Oasis 18BH campervan is a great choice. It is built to last and will be there for you while you make unforgettable memories.

The van’s exterior is aluminum with R-7 fiberglass insulation on the roof, sidewalls, and floor. This insulation will maintain the van’s temperature in a comfortable condition. The van also has additional construction, such as the rubber roof and 16-inch-on-center wooden studs.

All models include a sink and a high gooseneck faucet. Safety features include a fire extinguisher and a carbon dioxide detector.

One of the best things about the ShastaOasis 18BH is its 8-bed plans. You can pick the plan that best suits your needs. Both the 30QB and 310K versions have double bunk beds that can sleep up to 8 people.

Key Features

  • Includes 8-floor plans
  • Construction that lasts
  • Interiors of high quality
  • Air conditioner unit with 13.5 BTU, three-burner cooktop, and microwave
  • For better insulation, use fiberglass or tinted glass windows

Benefits of Campers with Bunk Beds

The other awesome benefit about these types of campers is that they’re usually considerably cheaper than regular ones without bunks; even more, if you can find them used.

The kids have a blast but not least, the kids love it. They have their own space to sleep in and they can climb up on top of our bunk for lookout duty or just hanging out with friends.

Last Thoughts

Bunk beds are a great way to have fun with your kids and they’re the perfect space saver. The vertical placement of bunk beds eliminates much-needed horizontal room, which makes for a more comfortable sleep! Plus there’s always debates about who gets top or bottom bed- but once everyone is finally settled down, you’ll enjoy some quality time together without bothering anyone else in the house.

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