10 Best Small RVs For Couples

10 Best Small RVs For Couples

Do you want to visit nice places you’ve never been or conquer the open road with your partner? If yes, you are in the right place.

In this article, you will discover the best small recreational vehicles for couples. All the vehicles are lightweight, durable, functional, and perfect for just two people. Most of them also happen to be relatively cheap compared to bigger and more feature-rich RVs.

You will discover what makes each RV unique and one of the best small RVs in the world!

Without further delays, here are the best small campers for couples:

Top Small RVs For Couples

NuCamp Tab Teardrop Trailer

This is a retro-style RV that looks like something from the nineties or eighties movie. It is absolutely fantastic and perfect for those who are looking for something old-school.

It is also perfect for couples who are on a budget as it is relatively cheap compared to RVs of similar size and quality.

One of the most outstanding features of this trailer is its dinette. The dinette has a U-shape making it perfect for dining. It is outstanding because you can convert it into a sleeping zone. You can also convert it to reveal a kitchen full of the right features for cooking.

Unlike many teardrop trailers, this one has enough space for an indoor toilet, a shower, and a sink. It is absolutely brilliant.

Despite being a small size RV, the min sleeping zone in this vehicle has a queen bed. You and your partner will not feel squeezed for space when you sleep together in this bed.

One more thing that I must mention about this trailer is its streamlined design. This design coupled with its lightweight makes it very fuel-efficient. You can travel with it for many miles without needing to spend a fortune on gas.

Winnebago Micro Minnie

This RV from Winnebago is also perfect for couples. It looks stunning and has enough space for a couple to comfortably enjoy their camping trip.

The trailer is seven feet wide and compact in terms of length.

If you love the shape and style of this trailer, you will be happy to know that eleven different floor plans are available. In other words, there are eleven different interior organizations of this camper for you to consider. Surely one of these many floor plans will impress you, right?

All of the floor plans include the best features for easy camping such as a microwave, a cooktop, a deep sink, a two-door fridge, and so on.

Moreover, each floor plan also has a design that enables cross ventilation. So you do not have much need for an air conditioner in this compact trailer. 

To enable you to carry everything you need to carry, this Winnebago camper is designed with exterior storage.

When you arrive at your camping destination, there is a large power awning you can deploy to provide you a great shade. This vehicle also has patio lights and speakers. When you are tired from all the sightseeing and sitting outside, you can rest in this vehicle’s massive mattress.

Other notable features of this vehicle include a standard TV, a stereo, and Wi-Fi.

Happier Camper Traveler 

This lightweight camper will impress even the most demanding of couples. It is lightweight and feature-rich and spacious but cozy.

The most outstanding thing about this camper is that you can convert its living area/lounge space into an office, a dining area, or a sleeping zone within just a few seconds. This is because of its special floor that is made of very lightweight but durable fiberglass.

The second most outstanding thing about this RV is that it comes with a water heater that is perfect for making sure both of you guys shower using hot water. 

Happier Camper also built this camper with mood lighting. This is perfect for couples.

Other things to note about this RV are that it has an optional AC, an optional solar power system, and so on. 

Because of how lightweight this camper is, it can be pulled even using an SUV.

Palomino Puma Travel Trailer

Comfortable, home-like, luxurious, and lightweight. These are just some of the words commonly used to describe this RV. In my opinion, it is a wonderful machine perfect for couples or couples with one or two children. This is because it has sleeping spaces for four people.

Several Palomino Puma Travel Trailer floor plans are available. There are even plans with bunk beds that are perfect for kids.

Regardless of the model of this trailer you choose, you should expect a large living area, a unique kitchen with plenty of room for easy cooking, and double entry doors for easy packing and unloading. You should also expect plenty of features including baggage doors, a jackknife sofa, a refrigerator, special residential flooring, solar power pre-wiring, LED lighting, special Beauflor flooring, a power awning, and a powerful 35,000 BTU furnace.

Coachmen Freedom Express

Sold at a relatively low price, this is one of the most affordable RVs for couples. The fact that this machine is relatively affordable should not make you think it is inferior in any way compared to more expensive RVs. In fact, it is so well-designed that many call it a luxury RV.

I love the fact that this Coachmen is super lightweight. Its lightness makes it easy to tow even using a mid-size SUV such as the Toyota Highlander, Jeep Grand Cherokee, or Ford Edge.

The 259FKDS model is probably the best floor plan model of this RV. It has a tall ceiling and it is sufficiently spacious for two or three people to live in.

Probably the best thing about this Coachmen is the fact that it has multiple storage spaces including a pass-through exterior storage area. You can literally carry everything you and your partner want to be fully comfortable during your trip.

One more thing I must mention about this vehicle is that it comes with an outside kitchen featuring a mini-refrigerator, a cabinet, a large sink, high-rise faucets, and grills.

An indoor kitchen is also available for cooking indoors and it includes a three-burner cooktop and a microwave among other things. 

A big bedroom, a toilet, and a shower are some of the other highlights of this camper.

Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite 

The best RVs for couples are obviously those which are compact and cozy. However, not every couple will feel comfortable in a 15 feet or less camper. This is why RVs like Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite exist. This RV measures between 20 and 25 feet in length. Its length is perfect for couples that are used to space.

There is nothing not to love about this Forest River vehicle. Apart from its spaciousness, it is also excellently built. It has a residential feel and multiple amenities that make it feel like a five-star Airbnb.

Moreover, despite its long length, it can be pulled even by minivans as it is built using a very lightweight frame.

If you and your partner love cooking and eating together, you will love this RV. This is because it comes with a proper kitchen complete with solid countertops, a burner range, a microwave, a refrigerator, and many more amenities. 

Other notable luxuries in this camper include a big queen bed, a toilet, a shower, a stereo, an HD TV, a WiFi extender, and premium speakers.

Winnebago Revel Camper

This is a camper van built on a Sprinter chassis. It is a four-wheel-drive RV ideal for young couples itching to travel far and wide in great comfort.

When you reach a camping destination, you can easily deploy its electric awning to create the perfect outdoor environment for relaxation.

When tired of the outside, you can move in to relax in its comfy double bed or shower in its indoor shower (a rarity in small campervans). 

This Winnebago also has a kitchenette and a dining area. 

Other notable features include a solar power system, a heating system, a tough roof rack, and a ladder. 

Nomad Vanz Sprinter Conversion 

Known as the Yin Yang, this conversion is perfect for the complete camping experience. It is equipped for eating, sleeping, working and playing. 

There is a rack on the roof of this van plus a ladder. You can carry your bikes, surfboards, kayaks, or extra supplies on this rack. 

Exterior highlights of this conversion vehicle include a LED light bar at the front for extra light at night, window tinting, big off-road wheels, and an outdoor shower system.

Interior highlights include a bench seat and a table, a double bed, good storage, a sink, a refrigerator, a countertop, and so on.

Benchmark Ford Transit Camper

This is another camper that is perfect for couples. It is made right here in the USA and it is absolutely perfect for off-road adventures. This is because it has an engine and tires that can handle different off-road terrain effortlessly.

In case you go off-road and get a puncture, there is a spare wheel mounted on the backdoor of this camper. This camper also has a winch and a fuel canister for emergencies.

While the exterior of this camper looks rugged, the interior is spacious and luxurious. The interior includes a kitchen in the front area featuring a mini-refrigerator, a cooker, a chopping board, a sink, and several storage areas. It also includes a double bed that you are supposed to raise during the day to make the back spacious.

The two front seats can swivel around.

Sportsmobile Classic

This ultimate off-road camper is the last on this list. However, it is not so last in terms of build and features. 

The vehicle is made on a Ford chassis and features a fiberglass body reinforced by steel. The roof of this vehicle can be popped up to provide standing room when it is packed. Moreover, an awning can be deployed to provide shade against the hot sun. 

There are so many cool features on this camper including a solar power system, a roof rack, and a fold-down table.

Inside this vehicle, there is plenty of storage cabinetry, a front kitchen, and a fold-out bed. 

A new version of this camper costs less than $40,000. This may sound like a lot but it is in fact relatively cheap for an RV.

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