7 Best Small Toy Haulers: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

7 Best Small Toy Haulers

We have created an informative article to help you find the best small toy hauler for your needs. We’ve compiled a list of 7 excellent options, along with their pros and cons, so that you can make a smart decision. If you’re in the market for a new toy hauler, this is the guide for you!

RVs come in all shapes and sizes. The toy hauler is one of the more popular types on the market, with many people preferring it over other models because they are capable of being used for various purposes which include RVing or as storage units. Toy haulers can be a better choice than other RVs if you’re looking to save space but still want to have amenities like showers, beds, kitchens, etc., so let’s take a look at some things that make them stand out!

What is a Toy Hauler Travel trailer?

Think about how awesome it would be to have your own personal garage on wheels. If you want the ultimate in outdoor living, get a toy hauler! They are primarily used by people who camp and need some extra space for their four-wheeler or boat trailer. Its back is open so that all of this equipment can stay out of harm’s way while driving down those bumpy roads .

Toy haulers are the perfect companion for vacations and cross-country trips. Plus, they can accommodate your entire family with all of their toys in tow! They’re also easier to drive than a big RV because most SUVs have enough power to pull them correctly.

Toy hauler sizes might be larger or smaller than an average motor home depending on how often you need an extra room while traveling; however, it’s best not to take anything too large that won’t fit into certain parking spaces along the way if needed. The weight is important when considering these vehicles as well since dry freight may weigh thousands of pounds at times – meaning there could be some safety concerns due to improper handling and maneuvering during transportation from one destination point to another without proper experience driving.

7 Best Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

Dune Sport Firestorm


  • Length: 12 feet
  • Width: 7 feet
  • Dry weight – 2,374 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity – 2,826 lbs.

The key features

  • Compact and light.
  • An outdoor kitchen with a stovetop and portable cooler.
  • Indoor bathroom and kitchen
  • Great cargo capacity.

Dune Sport Firestorm is the last toy trailer hauler. It is smaller than the Forest River No Boundaries Nb10.6 toy hauler but it is still a comfortable RV. This is a great option if you are looking for a compact toy hauler with the most basic amenities.

The cargo capacity is impressive at 2,826 pounds. This is almost 500 pounds more than the dry weight. This toy hauler comes with a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, stove and sink. It also has a decent bathroom with a toilet and shower.

The flip-down sofas and removable table make it possible to use the garage as a dining or sleeping space.

This toy hauler is proof that even a small recreational vehicle can provide comfort!

Forest River No Boundaries. NB10.6


  • Length: 13 feet 9 inches
  • Width: 88 inches
  • Height: 7′ 5″
  • UVW – 1,606 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity – 1,992 lbs.
  • Cargo area size: 60 by 62 inches

The key features

This is the second-smallest toy hauler trailer travel trailer we have on our list. This RV is the best choice if you are most concerned about the toy hauling capabilities in a small RV.

This toy hauler is large and heavy for its weight. It can carry 1,992 pounds of cargo, which is more than the UVW RV. The garage is large enough to store all your toys.

This toy hauler is small in size, but it will have some restrictions. Although it has lots of interior storage, it does not have a kitchen or living area. It has an outdoor kitchen that is compact and equipped with a cooler, as well as a cooktop with two burners.

This thing can be outfitted however you want, but it isn’t the best for daily living. It’s great for toy hauling, and as we mentioned, compact!

Forest River Wildwood (FSX 181RT)


  • Length: 21 feet 8 inches
  • Width: 90 inches
  • Height: 10 feet 2 inches
  • UVW – 3204 Pounds
  • Cargo capacity – 1,636 lbs
  • Cargo area size: 63 by 85 inches

The key features

  • Amazing living comfort.
  • Fully equipped kitchen, 6 cubic feet of refrigerator and microwave.
  • Furnace with 20,000 BTU.
  • 13.500 BTU Roof AC

If you are looking for a comfortable trailer that can tow a decent amount of toys, the Forest River Wildwood FSX181RT is a great choice. This toy hauler is small in size but offers more space for other amenities.

You will get a kitchen with a microwave, a refrigerator 6 feet in size, a bathroom with a toilet, a decent-sized bedroom with an RV queen bed and plenty of wiggle space. To create a spacious dining room, flip the wall-built sofa down and place the removable table.

This RV has a 20,000BTU furnace, and a 13,500BTU AC to ensure comfort in all weather conditions.

This RV has a good toy hauling capacity. It measures 63×85 inches in size and can carry 1,636 lbs of cargo. Although this RV is smaller than some of the other RVs on our list, it still offers plenty of toy hauling capability.

Livin’Lite QuickSilver 7x18FK


  • Length: 22 feet 3 inches
  • Height with AC – 9′ 11″
  • UVW – 3320 pounds
  • Cargo capacity – 3,680 lbs.
  • Cargo area dimensions – 8 feet x 6 feet 7 inches

The key features

  • Plenty of interior space.
  • Fully equipped kitchen with 6 cubic feet of refrigerator.
  • A full bathroom with a porcelain toilet.
  • Great cargo capacity.
  • 50-amp service with converter

If the Jayco OctaneSuper Lite 161’s cargo space was too large for you, but not enough comfort, take a look at Living’Lite’s QuickSilver 7x18FK Toy Hauler. This RV increases the Jayco’s carrying capacity and provides more comfort.

This thing measures 22 feet 3 inches long, so it’s reasonable.

This RV is large enough to have a full bathroom, a sink, and a porcelain toilet. There’s also ample interior space and a 6 cubic foot refrigerator.

This RV’s garage is small at 8x6ft 7inches. However, it will be sufficient to provide a comfortable RV with ample toy hauler capability. To fully appreciate the capabilities of this toy hauler, you will need to have ample storage space and towing capability.

Jayco 2014 Octane Lite 161


  • Width: 102 inches
  • UVW – 3765 pounds
  • Cargo capacity – 3,235 lbs
  • Cargo area length: 8 feet

The key features

  • Fully equipped kitchen with 5 cubic feet of refrigerator.
  • 13.500 BTU AC.
  • Great carrying capacity.
  • Foldable electric queen-size bed

This is a capable toy hauler! The Jayco Octane Super Lite 161 measures approximately 15 feet in length, and is one of our most versatile toy haulers!

It’s garage is not the biggest, but at 8 feet long, it’s very small. It can hold 3,235 pounds of cargo, which is more than you would ever need for this size. You won’t need to worry about how heavy your toys and other cargo are.

The Octane Super Lite 161 toy trucker is very nice in terms of amenities and comforts. The bathroom has a nice size and includes a toilet, a shower/tub, and a kitchenette with double sinks and a 2-burner stove.

A fold-away sofa, an electric queen-size bed and a table are all available in the garage. It’s a great use of interior space, but you won’t have any sleeping space if your garage is full.

The Jayco Octane Super Lite 161 is a small toy hauler that’s quite compact. It excels in terms of cargo capacity, size and comfort.

Forest River Flagstaff E-16TH


  • Length: 18 feet 4 inches
  • Width: 88 inches
  • Height: 9 feet 9 inches
  • UVW – 2,842 Pounds
  • Capacity for carrying – 1,688 lbs
  • Cargo area size: 60 by 104 inches

The key features

  • The size allows for solid hauling.
  • 100W solar roof panel
  • 1KW Inverter
  • Furnace with 20,000 BTU.
  • Fully equipped kitchen with 3-way refrigerator.
  • Outdoor kitchen with gas grill

Forest River’s Flagstaff E-Pro E16TH toy truck is a good choice if you like the KZ Escape E180TH’s hauling capacity but don’t have enough interior space.

The E-Pro E16TH toy hauler measures 3 feet 3 inches less than the E180TH RV. It has almost the same garage capacity. The cargo area measures 60 by104 inches (a few more inches than in the E180TH), while its carrying capacity is 1,688 lbs, which is not too different from what the E180TH had.

The E16TH floorplan is not only efficient, but it also makes the most of your garage space. It features two flip-up beds/sofas that allow you to make use of most of the garage area when it’s empty.

This being said, the comfort level is slightly lower in this room.

This floorplan is very well equipped, with a 1KW inverter and a 20,000BTU furnace. However, it lacks interior space. The most notable thing about this floorplan is that the garage is not occupied, and the bed/sofas can be folded down, there is no sleeping space. This RV only has the sofas.

The Flagstaff E-Pro E16TH is still a great option for those who don’t care as much about comfort.

KZ Escape


  • Length: 21 feet 7 inches
  • Width: 90 inches
  • Height without AC – 107 inches
  • UVW – 3,290 lbs.
  • GVWR – 5,000 lbs.
  • Cargo area length: 9 feet

The key features

  • Optional off-road package.
  • Fully equipped kitchen with convection microwave and 4 cube refrigerator.
  • AC 8,000 BTU
  • AC 20,000 BTU

The KZ Escape E180TH is our first pick. Although it isn’t the smallest and lightest toy hauler, this will not be an issue if you are looking for comfort and ample hauling capacity.

This RV’s cargo area is 9 feet long. It is not the largest you can get for this size. The RV’s cargo area is smaller than the average, so you have more space for living and sleeping. This is an advantage if your toy hauler doesn’t need to be uncomfortable.

This trailer has a total cargo capacity of 1,710 pounds. It is large enough to accommodate larger items. The flip-out sofa allows you to add additional seating space if you don’t use the garage.

This toy hauler offers great comfort – it has an AC and furnace, a full kitchen, as well as a large bathroom. Although the bunk bedroom may not be convenient for you, it is very space-efficient and frees up more space for the living area and garage.

Last words

Because it can store their toys, the toy hauler is a popular choice among street-bikers. Many RV enthusiasts love the spacious feeling of this vehicle.

To make your journey more enjoyable and efficient, we’ve selected 7 top-rated toy haulers. To ensure that everyone is able to find the right option for them, we have included haulers in a variety of price ranges.

The models we tested offer ample space and maximum comfort. These units are safe to carry your gears, so you can enjoy your trip without worrying. There are many floor options available so choose the one that best suits your needs.

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