9 Of The Best Small Truck Campers On The Market Right Now

Best Small Truck Campers

Small truck campers have been a popular choice for those looking to lighten their load and travel with as little stress as possible. If you’re on the market for a small camper, then this blog post will help you find one that is perfect. We’ve compiled 12 of the best small truck campers on the market right now, so take your time and read through them all!

How we pick our best small truck campers?

– We looked for campers that were perfect for small trucks.

– We considered the features of these camper, including whether they had a kitchen and sleeping space.

– And we selected only those with good reviews from other customers!

The Best Small Truck Campers of the Year

1. Vagabond Outdoors- The Drifter

Vagabond Outdoors- The Drifter has been lauded by customers as one of the best small truck campers. This camper is perfect for those who want to have a kitchen, sleeping space, and extra storage inside their vehicle without compromising on size or weight.

It also comes with an easy assembly so you can start exploring right away! Reviewers say that they love this product because it’s lightweight, versatile, and compact–perfect if you’re looking for something not too big but still functional.

What if you could have a camper that pops up in just 15 seconds, and packs up for travel in 30-60? The Camptur’s aluminum frame collapses down to an ultra-lightweight packable size of about 20″ x 12″, but can sleep 2 adults on its insulated roof with a waterproof canvas tent.

The Vagabond Outdoors Drifter is the perfect camper for those who are looking to experience camping but with some modern upgrades. This truck retails at a price of $7,250-$7,750 depending on additional modifications and offers an adjustable stainless steel latch system that keeps your things safe in place as well as LED lights inside to create the most comfortable environment possible while you sleep or explore nature during daylight hours!

Vagabond Outdoors- The Drifter Truck Camper Supports the following vehicles:

Toyota Tacoma from 1995 to current year

Toyota Tundra 2000 to 2006

Jeep Gladiator 2020 and up

Chevy Colorado 2015 and on, including 2019 models

Ford Ranger 2019+ model years only. No trucks prior 2009, please! New Nissan Frontier 2005 or newer

2. Leentu’s Flagship Truck Camper


The Flagship is a smaller, lighter truck camping trailer with all the modern amenities you could need for your next trip!

This sleek camper has solar panels to keep your batteries charged and includes two USB ports in addition to an AC outlet so that you can charge any of your devices when necessary.

The Leentu Flagship Truck Camper is the lightest camper on the market. The 150-pound fiberglass model and less than 100 pounds for their carbon fiber models are a great way to bring more gear with you into even remote areas without having too much weight bogging down your truck.

Leentu’s Flagship Truck Camper is a camper trailer for the truck owner who appreciates comfort and quality.

The exterior of this camper features dimmable soft-colored LED lighting, while the interior has pre-wiring for solar paneling that can be integrated with an included 60W carbon fiber model to provide electricity on demand in remote areas.

In addition to converting into lounge seating or stowing away as needed, there are also hinged full-height rear doors which allow easy access to your belongings inside at all times along with an accessory-ready roof that allows you options like adding racks or more storage space without compromising the structural integrity of your home on wheels!

Leentu offers two models: one made from fiberglass and one made from carbon fiber.

3. Four Wheel Campers Grandby

The Grandby by Four Wheel Campers is a small and lightweight camper. The interior of this model offers ample living space with seating for up to six people as well as storage throughout the cabin area. This all comes in at just over 200 pounds!

The Grandby is perfect for any traveler looking for a cabin-style RV. With an extended cab-over bed, wood interior, and stainless steel kitchen sink this camper will make your next trip feel like home! The exterior features LED lights that can be turned on or off to set the mood of every night’s camping adventure.

With three sealed burners with residential grates, you’ll never have trouble cooking up delicious meals out in nature while enjoying all four seasons at their fullest potential! Get outside where it’s best: Four Wheel Campers has just what you need to enjoy outdoor life today!

Four Wheel Campers offer a variety of different floor plan models, starting at $12,995. The Grandby series starts with the shell model and ranges from there to more expensive ones like Floor Plan Model B for $28,995!

4. Camp King Outback Series Camper

The Camp King Outback Series Camper is the perfect truck camper for your next adventure! With plenty of storage space, this camper has everything you need to have fun out in nature.

With an electric refrigerator that runs on propane and an air conditioner with heat as well, these features will be sure to keep you cool or warm all day long without any trouble at all!

The Camp King Outback Series Camper is a flexible, space-saving camper that folds up into a clamshell. It’s perfect for those who don’t have the room to store an RV and need something they can just pull out of their truck bed when needed. Plus, you’ll get a superior quality ripstop canvas and aluminum body without long wait times thanks to one-piece roof design construction from 3mm aluminum sheets combined in modular sections so there are no seams anywhere on the structure.

The Camp King Outback Series Camper has a laser cut 3mm fully tig welded bod unit construction with a 2mm tent top. It also features three-door units and each one comes with tub mounts included, so you can enjoy the luxury of having hot water while on your camping trip! There are three full-size doors that have internal width access as well as interior ladders in order to give exterior access to each entrance if desired.

The campers all come equipped with high-quality mattresses and spacious sleeping areas which offer plenty of room for both standing or sitting down at any time during your stay. These camper trailers not only look great but they’re built like tanks too thanks to these heavy-duty gas struts along with their support frame.

The Camp King Outback Series Camper is a decent option for those seeking to camp on the cheap. With prices starting at $12,500 and shipping varying depending on location, this camper offers an affordable alternative to more expensive options.

5. OVRLND Custom Pop Top Camper Shell

The new camper from FMC is perfect for rough offroading adventures. This all-terrain camper includes a large, inviting interior that will keep the fun going on even those rainy days!

We especially liked the innovative pop-top design, which is a space saver and easy to set up.

If you’re looking for something that will go with your Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, this camper shell might be the perfect fit!

OVERLAND custom pop-top campers are made from lightweight aluminum and provide many different features for a great camping experience.

The OVERLAND camper includes four windows in the canvas with bug mesh built to allow fresh airflow while protecting you against mosquitos!

In addition, these campers come equipped with a 12V accessory port so you can plug in electrical devices such as phones or tablets without draining the power on your vehicle battery.

They also have two USB ports that charge other electronics – perfect if someone forgets their phone charger!

Overland campers come priced at $7200 for midsize trucks (Tacoma, Frontier) and $8200 if you have a large truck such as F150 or Tundra models.

6. AT Overland Habitat

The Habitat is a versatile camper that can be mounted on the bed of your pickup truck. This makes it easy to take off-road and go camping or adventure traveling without having to worry about how you will get back home.

The Habitat was designed by overland travelers for those who want convenience while adventuring through rough terrain, with high-quality materials meant to help protect them from weather conditions along the way.

The AT Overland Haus is a ruggedly designed all-aluminum, 3-minute deployment and stowage camper that sleeps 2 standards with an internal mattress.

The tent also has 4 side pockets for gear storage as well as the clothing loft which provides even more space to store your belongings.

This great little shelter features insulated sleeping platforms and shell walls covered in carpeting (interior rug). There’s no need to worry about any rain fly or getting wet because there are built-in awnings over each door entrance area by design.

The price starts at $8,900 so not only will you be able to make it through those long rainy days but you’ll look good doing it too.

7. Travel Lite RAYZR FB-M

The Rayzr FB-unique M’s design makes it easy to remove the all-weather truck camper and still have plenty of room in your truck bed. You won’t rock from side to side while driving because of its low centre of gravity, and you’ll enjoy a smooth ride at highway speeds with plenty light inside the camper!

The new Rayzr FB-M is uniquely designed so it can be removed quickly without too much hassle. There are many features about this design that make it stand out among its competition, including abundant living space when compared against other models.

The Travel Lite RAYZR FB-M is a camper that comes with many features. The fiberglass wrapped roof and front keep you safe from the elements, while also being easy to clean up after all of your outdoor adventures!

The Travel Lite RAYZR FB-M is an economical truck camper. It retails for $7,550 and has fiberglass wrapped roof/front with LED lights package, natural wood construction insulated floors walls and roof; corrugated vinyl bottom board detachable 30 amp power cord 12000 BTU furnace 45 amp converter charger 20 lb gas tank 2 burner stainless steel stovetop. Additional amenities are available at extra cost.

8. Capri Campers Cowboy Model

The off-roader camper is a perfect choice for those who want to get back in touch with nature. It’s lightweight and has reflective cooling technology, but there are also cab-over or noncabs models available if you’re looking for something to meet your exact needs.

Capri Campers have a full-size bed with a heavy foam mattress in the 48” X 80” model, and it is also available at mid-size truck beds. It has three camper windows for light and fresh air circulation as well as interior 110v outlets to charge your devices while you camp.

The exterior LED lighting plus bright porch light will make sure that even when there’s no electricity around you’re still able to enjoy camping like never before! You can choose between many colors of wood grain panels or if you prefer one color or striping scheme on the outside too – all this just needs to be decided by customer choice!

Capri Campers is a company that makes trailers and campers for any occasion. The retreat model starts at $7,995 but accessories can be purchased separately or as packages to help you customize your trailer experience down the road. Installation of these products may cost an additional $395 depending on what services are added in addition to installation.

9. Bahn’s Custom Truck Campers

Bahn Campers has been designing custom interiors for over thirty years. They build the interior of your camper as closely to what you need, so no matter where in this great big world of ours that adventure takes you, every detail will be perfect!

It may have taken them a long time to get started but now they’re ready and waiting to help with any special needs or requests from customers who are looking for a customized camping outfitting experience.

Bahn’s Custom Truck Campers provide a luxury camping experience with all the comfort of home. From diesel or induction cooktops to 100-400 watt solar charging systems, they have options for your every need and preference.

Double back doors? Single side door? Both front and rear access points? Bahns has it covered! With endless opportunities for customization as well as dedicated customer service, you’ll be sure to enjoy this wonderful opportunity no matter how high priced you want it…or low prices can range from $115k-$590k+.

Small Truck Campers FAQ

What size camper fits a short bed truck?

For the most options in a short bed truck, get a standard 6.5-foot standard short bed. For everyone else, go for long beds to have more camper floor space and model choices as well as higher payload capacity and longer wheelbase.

Depending on your needs, a long bed truck can be the best choice. Long beds are more spacious and offer better options for camper floor space. Furthermore, they typically have higher payload capacity and longer wheelbases if you need to haul big items or drive in rough terrain.

What is the lightest truck camper made?

Tacoma-size modular pickup camper debuts as the market’s lightest. The new Scout Yoho is a Tacoma-sized pickup truck with an interior you can sleep in and it weighs just over 900 lb (408 kg).

Can a 1/2 ton truck carry a camper?

The problem is unlike many of the 3/4- and 1-ton trucks on the market, most half-tons are not equipped to handle a full-size camper. None of current or even older half-ton pickups can safely haul 1000 pounds up in bed.

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