Cruise America Dealership RV Rental Review

Cruise America Dealership RV Rental Review

Cruise America Dealership RV Rental Review

Cruise America is a dealership-type of RV rental and much different from P2P rentals such as Outdoorsy or RV share.

It’s among the oldest RV rentals and has been in the market for over five decades. Cruise America was founded in 1972 by Robert Smalley Sr. His main focus was to help RV renters reap the benefits of owning an RV without the hefty price of purchasing one.

How Cruise America Works

Renting from Cruise America is similar to renting a car, but with the extras of an RV tour and an explanation of how to use it.

Cruise America makes renting RVs much simpler and easier. They’ve locations all over the US that you can visit and pick your preferred rental.

They also have a website and a hotline, which you can call for bookings.

Cruise America eliminates any third parties or middlemen in the renting process. They allow you to book an RV directly from them.

Cruise America RV Rental Locations

Cruise America is one of the biggest RV rental companies, with over 100 rental locations. Specifically, they’ve 132 locations around the US and have operations in Canada.

The big advantage of renting with Cruise America is that you’ll have access to their services in most major cities.

However, like most RV rentals, your options might be slightly limited if you pick a rental outside of a major city.

Cruise America RV Variety

Regarding the variety of RVs, Cruise America has limited options, especially compared to P2P options like Outdoorsy or RVshare.

Most of their RVs are usually limited to their fleet, consisting of four different RV rigs.

Their common rigs are Thor Majestic motorhomes, largely classified into large, standard, compact, and truck camper RVs (Lance pickup).

The available options are usually bare-bones, at least from experience, and lack the luxury and comfort of some other P2P rental companies. It makes sense because the RVs are usually built for rental durability, less comfort, and plushness.

Even then, the Cruise America rentals are usually fairly new and of decent appearance. They’re perfect for first-timers as they’re built with simplicity in mind.

Cruise America Rentals Rate

Based on experience and rental reviews, Cruise America is among the most affordable RV rentals in the US.

Unlike the P2P options, their rental prices were decent and didn’t include the extra fees such as setup and cleaning. Their prices are pretty much straightforward, and insurance is always included.

The only thing I suggest you remain aware of is the mileage. They have a cap on the mileage; if you go over it, you pay extra. It’s important to have your trip well-planned in the beginning, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

However, if you’re planning a big cross-country trip, I recommend you stay away from Cruise America and stick to the local or P2P RV rental arrangements.

One thing I like about Cruise America’s pricing is they offer many deals and discounts; if you’re lucky, you might enjoy a discounted price for your next trip.

One of the popular deals is the one-way special, which always happens. If the rental company needs to move its RV to its original location somehow, you can rent them one way and enjoy a huge discount.

Cruise America Insurance

Cruise America has impressive coverage for its renters. It’s probably among the highlights of this brand.

It provides RV rental insurance of three different tiers, allowing you to pick a tier fitting your budget and traveling needs.

The RV rental insurance from Cruise America provides peace of mind and saves you from fearing RV loss, theft, mechanical breakdown, or damage.

Cruise America Booking and Renting

Cruise America reservation is smooth, seamless, and usually works all the time. There’re even a few videos on their website that familiarize you with selecting, booking, and rental processes.

The first step in renting from Cruise America is visiting their website or making a phone call. You then select the available options. Ensure you use the filters to pick an RV that will suit your needs.

Once you identify your preferred RV, you can make a reservation. The good thing with the Cruise America booking is you can always cancel up to 7 days before the pickup date. You’re refunded your booking down payment.

A few weeks before your trip, you’ll have to call the rental company to select a pick up slot. The official times are usually weekdays, but some locations allow Saturday pickups.

Pick-up may take some time because the staff will have to walk you through the RV operations. They’ll also have to do a thorough inspection and document everything before you leave.

Dropping off the RV isn’t tedious, either. The Cruise America staff will walk you through the RV, and if everything checks off, you’re allowed to leave.

Understand there might be some additional fees during drop off. For example, if you failed to empty your grey water, dropped off late, or didn’t fill your propane gas.

Cruise America Experience

Generally, Cruise America provides a decent RV rental service. Their RV lacks comfort and plushness, but that is usually made up for with durability.

Their booking process is quite easy, and their roadside support and customer service are decent.

My only concern is their limited RV variety. Selecting from a fleet means you’re severely limited to a few options. Otherwise, everything is great.


  •         Standardization in their RVs
  •         Great customer service
  •         Durable RVs
  •         Plenty of RV rental deals and discounts
  •         Generally cheaper


·         Limited choices of RV types

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