How To Install Rv Water Heater Bypass Kit?

This post will teach you how to install a by-pass kit in your RV. A water heater bypass kit is designed to allow the use of an alternate source for heating water when it’s time to winterize an RV. This can be done with anything that produces heat like electric or gas space heaters. If you are looking for more information on this topic, please read on!

How to install an RV Water Heater Bypass Kit?

If water is left in the lines or tank they can freeze and expand, splitting the lines or tank. With a bypass kit, you simply drain the water heater, put it in the by-pass mode and the antifreeze by-passes the tank and goes directly into the hot and cold water lines throughout the RV.

Then, when winterizing time is over and you’re ready to refill the tank with potable water just turn off the bypass switch and reconnect it.

If your RV water heater does not have a bypass kit they are easy to install. The first step is to make sure any water supply coming into the RV is turned off; this includes the 12-volt water pump. Then, find the water heater’s electrical connections and turn off power to it. Next, remove any decorative trim surrounding the tank so you can get a good access point for disconnecting the threads on both sides of the radiator hose connection. Unscrew these while also holding up on locking tabs that secure them in place; this will allow easier removal.

Finally, remove the old water heater bypass kit and install the new one as per installation instructions included in your order with a few extra steps:

  • Attach the adapter to the outlet pipe on the water heater tank (the side where you unscrewed it from). This will be used for connecting the radiator hose later; just make sure this is not connected to the hot side.
  • Put adapter on radiator hose coming off of water heater tank and attach them with compression fitting.
  • Connect adapter from outlet pipe on new bypass kit onto inlet/return (cold) side of old water heater; this completes a circuit so that antifreeze is circulated through the line when you

How do I bypass my RV’s hot-water heater?

Is it possible to manually refill a water heater?

While an HVAC technician will be required to service your HVAC system you can fill your hot water tank yourself. This will save you time and money. If the water heater fuse has not been labeled, turn off the main power breaker. Gas-fired water heating heaters should be turned to “pilot” by the gas selector switch.

Is your bypass valve open or closed?

The “bypass”, connecting the water lines that run between the top and bottom waterlines, should also be closed. The valve will close when the handle is turned to the right of the attached water line. Only after you have winterized your RV, the valve will open.

How to Install a Water Heater Bypass Kit – Similar Questions

Do you want to have the bypass valve open or closed?

The “bypass” valve connects to the water line connecting the top and bottom lines. It must be shut down. It is possible to open the faucet and let water flow through, but not through it. The faucet doesn’t have hot or cool water.

Is the water shutoff device located on a water heater?

Crawl space with no basement – The shutoff valve is located usually under the sink or near the water heater. However, it is possible to have the valve anywhere. It could be in the crawl space. You might consider installing a second valve in your living space, either under or near the sink, if this is the case.

What is a water heater bypass?


RV Water Heater Bypass Systems. Water Heater bypass systems are used to winterize the water system. It can either be a series valve or a single lever valve. This allows water flow to be shut off from the heater, but still be pumped to the rest of the hot water pipes.

My bypass valve is leaky.

Common Cause #2: O Rings in Bypass Valve. Water softener leakage could also be caused by defective bypass valve o-rings. If the system is older than 20 years, you may need to replace the rings (which is the average lifespan of softeners).

Is there a bypass valve for water heaters?

The bypass valve for your RV water heater can be found inside your RV at the back. The front of your RV water heater is where you will find your drain and anode rod.

How can I make sure that my water heater stays fully charged?

  • Make sure that the drain valve is completely closed.
  • Allow the hot water faucets to heat slowly.
  • The heater is full when the hot water faucet is continuously supplying water.

How do you install a Camco camper bypass kit?

What’s the purpose of a water-softener bypass?

Bypass valves allow water to flow freely through your pipes while shutting off the water supply to softeners. One bypass valve: This valve comes along with the softener. The bypass valve connects to the outlet and inlet valves. Push in to bypass, pull back for soft water (service).

How long does it take for water heaters to fill up?

Between 30-40 minutes

How do you move a trailer attached water heater?

How do I get instant hot water?

  • Hot water pump for recirculation. Hot water recirculation pumps are one way to instantly get hot water.
  • Point-Of-Use Tankless Heater If you require hot water fast, a tankless point-of-use water heater may be an option.
  • Structured plumbing for instant hot water at home

Is there a bypass to my water heater?

You will find the RV water heater bypass valve at the back of your heater inside your RV. The front of your RV water heater is where you will find your drain and anode rod.

Is it possible for the water heater to be bypassed?

Bypassing the water heater, cold water will be routed to the hot water plumbing line (“bypassing”) instead. Most water heaters come standard with a bypass valve. Depending on the model of your water heater, there may be one, two, or three bypass valves.

How can I fill my water heater with hot water?

  • Make sure that the drain valve is completely closed.
  • Now, turn on the cold water supply valve shut-off valve.
  • Allow the hot water faucets to heat slowly.
  • A steady flow from the hot tap(s) is an indication that your water heater has reached its full capacity.

What is a hot-water bypass valve?

The bypass valve opens when the hot water in the pipes cools. The pump moves the water to the cold line to heat the hot. If the valve is not opening as it should, hot water may continue to cool in pipes.

Can water still be used, even though the water heater is off?

Your home will not be able to receive cold water if the water supply is cut off. If you have a tank to heat your water, it will stop recharging with cold. If hot water isn’t turned off for long enough and you use the hot water a lot, it can cause serious damage.

How long does it take for a 50-gallon water heater to be filled?

A 50-gallon water container will need to be refilled within 20 minutes. It can also be heated up within 20 minutes.

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