Who Makes Massimo UTVs?

Who Makes Massimo UTVs?

Massimo UTVs are a top-of-the-line luxury vehicle. They are made with the utmost care, and it shows in their performance. If you’re looking for an outdoor vehicle that will take you through any terrain and help you enjoy nature to its fullest, Massimo is your best bet!

Who makes Massimo UTVs? The Massimo Motors company is not content with assembling and inspecting its machines in China, they want to keep it as close to home as possible. They assemble their products at a 328,000 square foot facility located in Irving Texas – an almost made-in the USA detail that has become a key part of the marketing message for them.

The company employs 600 people in the United States and their vehicles are assembled by hand. Customers can customize a UTV before it is shipped to them, with things like colors or accessories that will suit their current needs.

Are Massimo UTVs any good?

We found this machine feels solid with good build quality. The parts are made by Chinese companies, but Massimo does a final assembly and that seems to be working.

There is a one-year warranty on the seat belt system, which means it should last for some time before any damage occurs and prevents many common wear-and-failure items from breaking if they’re susceptible to abuse like most other machines out there do not offer such protection!

What we liked about Massimo UTVs

Massimo offers a wide variety of models and colors to choose from, as well as customizing options.

It is an affordable option with lots of value and features!

We found Massimo’s customer service was great at answering our questions when we had them so they are there if you need help or have any other concerns.

What could be improved?

There were some quality control issues in assembly but these seemed to improve over time during production. Additionally, it would be nice to see more color choices available – perhaps even better ones than what is currently on sale.

Lastly, I can’t comment on the company’s warranty.

What motor is in the Massimo UTV?

The power of the 800cc V-Twin engine and 60 HP make this UTV capable of taking on any tough ranch work. Whether you’re a rancher or mountain biker, it will be up for anything!

We like this engine as it’s great for both on-road and off-road adventures.

What’s the weight of a Massimo UTV?

The normal production model weighs about 850 lbs, which is not bad considering it has an aluminum body that makes it lighter than steel models in this category. It also doesn’t hurt that they make them with low seat heights to accommodate shorter riders as well!

The Massimo utility vehicles have a bed capacity of 400 pounds and can tow up to 1200. They are also great for everyday use but excel well-suited on trails because they do not skid or slide in the mud like other four-wheelers that exist out there, the ability to drive through water without getting stuck is another benefit these four wheelers offer due to their built-in high ground clearance.

How fast can you go on a Massimo UTV?

A single-cylinder, single overhead cam, four-valve 493cc engine powers the T-Boss 550. The power of this small motor is enough to explore challenging trails with speeds up to 35 mph on dirt or pavement!

When was Massimo UTV founded?

Founded in 2009, Massimo Motor Sports is the United States-based manufacturer and distributor of UTVs (side-by-sides), ATVs, Mini Bikes. As well as outdoor products such as: tents, camping gear etc.

The founder wanted to create an environmentally friendly vehicle with a minimal carbon footprint. His goal was twofold: To offer cheaper options than the other players on the market while also offering better quality vehicles. The result is one of our most popular models today!

I am happy to say they have achieved both goals ever since their founding year and continue striving more than ever as we move into this new decade together!

Who owns Massimo Motors?

The founder of Massimo Motors, David Shan came to the United States twenty years ago with a few dollars and big dreams. Despite knowing only little English when he first arrived, he quickly learned it as well as became a naturalized citizen and opened small business that specialized in selling mini bikes and scooters.

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