Winter Hobbies for Men – 55 Top Picks

Winter Hobbies for Men - 55 Top Picks

Feeling lazy and doing nothing but watching on TV is a simple thing to do in winter, isn’t it? Finding a fun activity to do is not the easiest thing to do in winters. However, even though it seems to be impossible at times, numerous outdoor winter activities are waiting to be enjoyed. So, stop scrolling through your phone and be a well-rounded man!

Winter Hobbies to Get You Pumped Up This Winter

Most of the hobbies that you can take up in winters are snow renditions of everyone’s favorite hobbies. After reading the following 55 winter activities, you will want to get up and stop being a lazy man!

Shoveling Driveways and Walkways

Do you know what’s best about being human is? Community. You can contribute to your neighborhood community by helping others shovel snow out of their walkways and driveways. This is wonderful of bonding with your neighbors while getting ripped. Shoveling is an important thing that has to be done whether or not you want to, so why not make it fun? 

You can burn over ten calories a minute while shoveling. It is excellent for bringing the activity into your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Imagine the activity you get while doing service to your neighbors and quickly becoming the favorite man in the neighborhood. 

Winter Greenhouse Gardening

Who said that all plants get dormant in the winter season? While plants do require some heat to grow to flourish, it is not necessary that you cannot practice gardening in winters. If you are looking for a dedicated and long-term hobby, you should consider building a greenhouse for yourself. 

With a greenhouse ready, you can grow anything you want regardless of the freezing outside temperature. Do not worry; building a greenhouse is not too difficult a task. However, you will have to learn a lot before you get to work. If this isn’t a great pastime as a plant lover, what else is? 

Winter gardening is a great way to engage your mind throughout the year. What’s better is that you can also make some money on the side of this activity. 

Making Bonfires

We might make getting out in the snow sound like a simple thing to do in this article. However, we all know that any source of heat in the cold seems to be a source of life. Therefore, you can make a hobby out of making warm bonfires everywhere you go. 

Feeling the heat of the fire, hearing the pops and cracks of the wood, and watching the embers fly is as relaxing as it gets in winters. What’s better is that you can enjoy a nice private bonfire time with your friends or family and enjoy bonfire snacks such as caramelized marshmallows and roasted hot dogs. 

Winter Camping

If you dress well for the occasion and do not mind carrying warming equipment with you, winter camping can be more fun than summer camping. Winter camping allows you to get a whole new experience of nature as the earth changes its entire appearance. Accompanying a camping trip with night-time bonfires is a great experience to have.

Find a Hot Spring 

Who doesn’t enjoy hot water against the harsh cold weather? Hot springs are the perfect way of getting some warmth and relaxation in the winter months. Hot springs are naturally heated pools of water. Therefore, while other water bodies are freezing, hot springs are full of hot water that is ready to be jumped in. 

There are plenty of hot springs throughout the United States and the world in general. If you do not know of a hot spring near you, you can create an entire trip around finding one. Swimming in a hot soring against the snowy weather is an excellent and relaxing winter activity to indulge in.

Hot springs have also been proven to be therapeutic since the water is rich in minerals. They are perfect for healing and rejuvenation. Dipping into a hot spring is one of the unique experiences you can enjoy in winter. 

Outdoor Hot Tubing

Hot tubing outside is similar to enjoying hot springs. However, while hot springs are natural, a hot tub is an artificial relaxant. Imagine experiencing a snowstorm while sitting comfortably inside a heated hot tub. This sounds like one of the most comforting experiences that you can have in your life. 

Winter Photography

With all its snow-covered houses and ice, the winter season becomes a visual aesthetic fanatic’s best dream come true. The landscape outside of the house generally looks so beautiful that you can click numerous pictures. Winters allow for some nice lighting and natural blue blues that make photography better. 

Not only is winter photography a nice hobby, but it also helps you further your skills as a photographer. The snow and ice and act as great tools for some trick shots, and all that is for you to discover and master.

Winter Hunting

Most people believe that hunting comes to a halt in the winter months. However, those people are missing out on the real fun. Winter hunting provides one of the best hunting experiences that you can have in your life. Indulging in winter hunting can look very different in the various states of the USA. 

Most states allow you to hunt coyotes, squirrels, beavers, rabbits, wild dogs, raccoons, and even crows. However, if you are in Montana, you can legally hunt mountain lions as well. Winter hunting will allow you to enjoy some delicious barbequed meat at the end of the day, which is a great outing idea with friends.

Winter Wildlife Watching

Winter is a great time to observe wildlife. The experience you can get depends on your location. You can surely see animals such as buffalos, rabbits, bighorn sheep, foxes, and elks anywhere in the United States. Wildlife watching can be combined with a camera to result in some great winter photography shots. 

Bird Watching

While many birds like to fly south to escape the hard cold in the north, many species just can’t do that. If you feel stuck in the cold, you can join the group with those birds. Bird watching is a quiet and relaxing experience that will keep you entertained throughout winter. 

Species such as woodpeckers, finches, robins, and sparrows will always keep you company in the cold months. You could join birdwatching groups, but it is a great solo-activity if that’s what you’re into. 

Winter Astronomy

As the sun sets earlier in winters, it is a great time to take out that telescope and stargaze. You can explore the several stars, comets, and constellations that are floating out in the universe and marvel at the beauty of existence. 

Winter season is also when the sky is the clearest to look through a telescope. Finding spots such as the Great Onion Nebula, Pleiades Star Cluster, and Horse Head and Flame Nebulae is easier at this time. Enjoying winter astronomy with a mug of hot chocolate seems to be the most relaxing time that you can have with your family. 

Ice and Snow Sculpting

Ice sculping has been men’s favorite winter pastime for centuries. Therefore, bring out your inner artist and your crafting tools and sculpt a beautiful ice sculpture. With only chisels and a shovel paired with craftsmanship and imagination, you can spend your time making ice sculptures. You can develop your sculpting skills overtime and make anything you want out of desire. 

To turn on the heat on this hobby, you can form an ice-sculpting community in your neighborhood. You could also participate in ice-sculpting competitions once you get the hang of the hobby. 

Build a Snow Fort of Igloo

Building an igloo or a snow fort is the most fulfilling hobby that you can have, especially if you have kids around. Children generally love the idea of living in an igloo, and you can pass the time happily in the winters to make your kids happy. 

Building an igloo requires a lot of patience and many skill sets. You can use various building styles and methods to brick the ice one over another. Building an igloo also requires a lot of pre-planning. Therefore, it is not a hobby that only requires physical strength but also employs the brain to its fullest. 

Tour Ice Wineries

You would be surprised to know the number of ice wines that you can opt for during winters. The existence of these ice wines makes touring ice wineries a wonderful winter hobby. The best thing about ice wines is that they are dessert wines. Wine connoisseurs say that ice wines are delicious and sweet, but that is for you to try.  

Ice wines are made of grapes that are on the vine but are allowed to freeze. A tour through a winery will allow you to know all about the process of making ice vines. What’s better is that you will not have to encounter the bustling crowd that vineries witness in the summer months.

Invent Ice Drinks – Snow Ice, Slushies, and Many More

While ice wines might have come across as a surprise to you, there is no doubt that you must know about slushies and ice popsicles. Not only is ice great to look at, but the variations that you can bring to it are excellent for titillating your tastebuds. 

Experimenting with different flavors, ice, and snow textures will quickly make you the life of the party. You can invest in some extremely interesting desserts or drinks. You could also edit some popular recipes to personalize your drinks and desserts. 

Party favorites such as snow cones and slushies are perfect for making everyone enjoy an occasion. You can also make some alcoholic drinks such as frozen daiquiris.   

Ice Climbing

If you have the spirit of a mountaineer, you will surely like ice climbing. Practicing this activity means that you will be climbing up ice mountains, glaciers, or even frozen waterfalls. You will require equipment such as ice picks and crampons to climb over these frozen beauties of nature. 

Ice climbing is a great workout hobby to hone your upper body strength and balance. It also requires you to put a lot of thought into your next step, which is a great source of thrill for most people. Even though the sport sounds dangerous, it is as safe as rock climbing. You will have things such as ropes and safety jackets to help you feel secure.


Before we start to explain what Colorado-ing is, we need to put out a word of caution. This is not a safe activity as there is little to no safety equipment that you can use to protect yourself. You should not indulge in this activity if you do not have insurance. 

Colorado-ing involves locating several long pine trees that are covered with snow. You can climb the tree as high up as you can until it breaks. Once the tress starts to break, you allow your body to fall, but you must grab the falling tree limb as you fall into the deep snow below. Make sure that you wear enough layers while engaging in this sport. 


If you have not skied yet, what are you waiting for? Skiing is one of the most popular hobbies among men in the United States. This sport helps you feel as independent as you can as you slide down a mountainside at top speed. Not only is skiing extremely enjoyable, but it also gives your body that workout that it might require to beat the cold. 

While skiing involves a huge learning curve, the inexpensive equipment and plenty of ski trainers will make the sport available for you in no time. One thing is guaranteed, once you learn how to ski, you will want to try other forms of the sports that are described in this list. 

Cross Country Skiing

If you are a fan of skiing, you must have heard of cross-country skiing. Both the activities are pretty similar, with only one defining difference. Skiing requires you to rely on the gravitational pull while you go from a high altitude to a lower altitude. Cross-country skiing, on the other hand, requires you to rely on your own locomotion rather than gravity. 

Cross-country skiing requires you to glide along with different courses and trails in a pre-defined landscape. It is an exemplary source of exercise for skiers. Getting started with cross-country skiing is straightforward and inexpensive. All you need to do is find a good trail for yourself and get going. 

Pond Skimming

Are you looking for an activity that is similar to skiing but has a twist to it? Pond skimming is your answer. The first thing you need to do is find a spot with a slight slope and a pond at the bottom. This activity aims to ski down a hill at top speed, slide over a frozen pond, and reach the other end of the pond. 

The surface difference between the soft snow and the sturdy ice adds a twist to skiing. You can find entire fests and camps set around spots that are great for pond skimming. Therefore, you can enjoy those festivities along with the thrill of the sport. 


If you have been skiing for many years and have gained as much experience and skill as you possibly can, consider heliskiing. Heliskiing is an expensive and exotic hobby that can only be practiced by extremely experienced and resourceful skiers. 

When you go on a heliskiing trip, you hot onto a chopper that flies you to a vast sloped snow-covered area. It is in this area that you can ski for hours. You can also snowboard in these locations. The beautiful thing about heliskiing is that you get to ski at places that you can not travel to by general means of transportation. 


Ever wondered what diving on a ski would be like? Well, ‘ski diving’ is exactly what the Norwegian term Skijoring means. Skijoring is an extremely thrilling sport that involves the skier getting pulled by dogs, horses, or a vehicle. The skier completely relies on the medium pulling him since the speed achieved is generally too high.

Skijoring does sound dangerous, so if you don’t want to try it, we assure you that only watching skijoring is entertaining. 

Ice Blocking

Ice blocking is more of a winter-related sport than a hardcore winter sport itself. If you live in a US state that does not see heavy snowfall, but you want to indulge in a winter sport regardless, this is the sport for you. Ice blocking provides a similar experience as sledding but without full-blown wintery snow.

All you need to do is buy a block of ice, sit on it, and slide down a grassy mountainside. The snow will melt through the glass and let you slide through the grass effortlessly. It is a weird but fun activity to enjoy with your friends and family. 

The best thing about ice blocking is that you do not have to clean up later. You can just leave the ice blocks on the grass. They will melt into the land themselves, leaving no trace of the fun time you had there. 


Bobsledding is one of the most popular winter sledding sports in the world. If you have watched the movie Cool Runnings, it is highly likely that you are accustomed to the sport. Bobsledding is also a well-recognized event in the Winter Olympics. 

Bobsledding is a team sport that requires a significant number of members. Each bobsledding team climbs on to their sleds and fly around on a track made of a humongous iced track. The reason why these sleds are able to slide easily across the ice is that they have metal blades similar to ice skates attached to them. 

You can achieve great speed during bobsledding. Reaching a speed of 80 miles per hour is not an extraordinary thing in this sport. Therefore, it is an intensive sport that requires you to have great control over your body. Bobsledding requires a lot of training and practicing to master. 

Dog Sledding

Just as ice sculpting, dog sledding has been around for centuries. The person who sits in a sled and gets to control the dogs is called a musher. Everyone knows what dog sledding is, but having heard of Iditarod or watched Balto helps. You can be a master musher with some practice. The hobby does have a slight learning curve. 

You can dog sled in most states; however, it is the most common in Alaska. Canada is another prime spot for dog sledding. 

Sledding and Tubing

Here is another sport that involves you going down a hillside at high speed. The adrenaline rush that you get while sledding and tubing down a hill are unbeatable. Moreover, finding a suitable landscape that allows you to participate in this activity is a whole another fun experience. You can make an entire picnic outing with your friends if you all hone this hobby. 

Air boarding

Air boarding is a hobby that strikes a resemblance to sledding.  However, it is much more thrilling and extreme than sledding. Air boarding involves sliding not on a sled but on a Kevlar-coated cushion. Due to the lighter weight of the sitting medium, you’re able to achieve greater speed. Air boarding also allows you to control the direction in which the dogs are moving. 

Make sure that you always use a helmet while air boarding, however. Air boarding is an extremely cheap and thrilling sport that you should be getting involved in right now. 


Snowboarding was only introduced to the world in the 1960s. Even though snowboarding is a relatively new winter hobby, it has taken all the states by a storm. Snowboarding is most people’s first choice of fun winter hobbies to practice. It is also a very accessible game as the speed and terrain do not restrict the practicing of this sport.

Snowboarding is the perfect excuse for you to get out of your house and discover the beauty of nature. Just the fun of traveling to a great spot for snowboarding is wonderful in itself. The best thing is that you will not even have to go through a learning curve if you are already acquainted with skateboarding, surfing, or boogie boarding. 

Snow Kneeboarding

Almost everyone knows what snowboarding is, but have you heard of snow kneeboarding? The sport is exactly as it sounds; it requires you to kneel on a special kneeboard. This kneeboard is pulled at high speeds by a motor vehicle to propel you in the air. This is an inexpensive hobby, but it might be too dangerous for some people’s liking. 

Shovel Racing

Shovel racing is a simple and well-acclaimed winter sport that you must try at least once in your life. Shovel racing involves you sitting on a shovel and racing it down a hill as fast as possible to out-race your opponents. This is an extremely inexpensive activity that you can enjoy with just about anyone. 

Shovel racing was officially recognized even in the winter X games. However, make sure that you always wear enough safety equipment as it is not the safest winter sport out there. 

Wok Racing

Yes, you read that right. Wok racing is a real thing. This wacky sport was introduced to the world by a German TV host who went around a regulation-sized sled track sitting inside a wok. With the right equipment, up to four people can go down a train in four separate works attached to one another. 

Ice Yachting

Ice yachting is similar to ice skating, but it is done on a yacht that is propelled by the wind. You ice yacht by sliding on ice-sheeted lakes in a yacht that has been custom built with bottom metal blades. The fun thing about ice yachting is that the yacht can go up to the speed of 100 kmph. 

Ice yachting is an expensive hobby to have. However, the thrilling speed and the mind-blowing competitions are worth every penny. 

Ice Skating

Ice skating has been around for hundreds of years. Believe it or not, the modern skating blades that we use were invented in the 13th century by the Dutch. Even though ice skating has a slight learning curve involves, the easy accessibility of ice-skating rinks and lakes gives you a lot of time to practice. 

Ice skating is an enjoyable group or solo activity that will help you stay in shape. And imagine the flaunting you can do on a date when you show off your ice-skating skills to your date. Ice skating can be paired with other activities to result in many sports such as ice hockey and figure skating. 

Ice Sailing

Ice sailing is similar to ice yachting. It involves harnessing the wind’s energy into gliding over a frozen water body. There are three forms of ice sailing. You would either use a perpendicular wing-shaped sail or a kite, or a snail attached to a sled base. Whatever form you decide to practice, ice sailing is similar to windsurfing. 

Depending on the wind’s speed, you can pick a lot of speed while practicing this sport. You could either use a snowboard, ice skates or skis to slide over the ice. 


Snowkiting provides a similar experience to ice sailing. However, there is a significant surface difference between the two. Ice sailing is done on ice, which snowkiting is done on snow. Many snowkiters believe that the sport feels like flying, to say the least, since the wind can almost lift you in the air. 

Winter Surfing

Surfing is a favorite sport of many coastal Americans. But have you considered winter surfing? While the small lakes and ponds freeze in the winter, the great lakes still create many different kinds of waves. Some locals, including people like Surfer Dan, take advantage of these waves and surf in icy cold water. 

It is important to wear full-body suits and make sure that your body can take that much cold. If you have facial hair, they’re likely to get frozen when you get out of the water!

Winter Paragliding

The spectacular thing about winter paragliding is the view that you get to see from a decent height. As you soar above hills on a, paraglide, you will see snow-covered buildings, cars, and many other things that will take your breath away. The peacefulness and serenity of the view you get from winter paragliding is worth everything.

You can indulge in winter paragliding more often nowadays as an increasing number of sporting, and residential resorts offer this activity. 

Winter Ziplining

Most of us already know what ziplining is. Ziplining is attaching yourself to a metal line that goes through a vast landscape to reach the end of another cliff. The view you get while ziplining is a visual treat every time. However, winter ziplining is a whole another experience to enjoy.

You can find winter ziplining facilities in most ski resorts or other sports resorts. The experience is generally not very expensive because all you need to pay is travel rent and not the entire equipment. Ziplining facilities have to winterize the zipline well to ensure that the metal stays sturdy against frost.

The view of winter ziplining provides nothing short of breathtaking. Moving from one snow-covered cliff to another over a snow-covered landscape is exemplary to see. You can plan an adventure-filled trip around your winter ziplining experience, which adds extra fun to the hobby. 

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is Canada’s favorite sport. However, people around the world like to play ice hockey in the cold weather. Many American states such as New Hampshire, Montano, New York, New Jersey, and Wisconsin have several lakes that teams play ice hockey on. 

Even if you do not want to play the sport, watching is a fun experience as well. You can find plenty of matches being held across the states that you can go watch in the winter months. 


If you are a Potterhead, the word broom associated with a winter sport might have brought you some joy. Broomball is very similar to hockey. The differences are that a ball replaces the puck and a specialized stick called a broom replaces the traditional hockey stick. 

Broomball can also be imagined as an amalgamation of hockey and soccer. It borrows many gameplay strategies and techniques from the latter. It is an altogether enjoyable sport to be a part of and not that difficult to learn if you already have a knack for sports. 

To turn up the heat on the hobby, it is an internationally recognized sport. Many countries have national teams dedicated to competing in broomball matches. In fact, broomball might even be added to the Winter Olympics soon. So, this is a great time to start training!

Polar Bear Plunge

Do you want to involve yourself in something that seems absolutely bizarre? Well, the polar bear plunge is the thing to do in that case. The polar bear plunge is jumping into and swimming in a frozen water body in a group. It sounds like something Ludacris to do, right? But it is an adventurous thing to do when you are hanging out with your buddies. 

The best thing about polar bear plunges is that studies show that they help improve the immune system if done regularly. This activity also releases endorphins, increasing your libido, burns calories, enhances blood circulation, and even relieves stress. 

Many people around the globe indulge in polar bear plunges from time to time. This activity is mostly done for charity benefits, which increases the wholesomeness of the sport. 

Snow Diving

If you love the extreme cold, you would surely like snow diving. The goal of this sport is to find a snowdrift and then either jumping or diving into it. Much like the polar bear plunge, it sounds to be a bizarre thing to do, but it becomes a great story to tell your friends and family in the future. Snow diving is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to passing the time during the winter months. 

Snow Snake

Snow snake in a native American sport that only requires a few thick sticks to enjoy. These sticks should be sturdy enough to either slide or be thrown over snow. A snow snake aims to either throw or slide your stick further than your opponent. Snow snake has a rich history in the Native American culture. 


The idea behind curling is that you must land a granite stone into a target. The fascinating thing is that the stone is thrown on a sheet of ice. Players brush the ice in front of it to guide the stone’s speed and direction to make it land closest to the target. Curling is not much of an adrenaline-inducing game, but it requires strong teamwork and community sense. 

Curling comes from medieval times and is a popular sport in the Scottish tradition. In recent times, it has also been an official event in the Winter Olympics. However, the game does not have as much acclaim in the sporting world. But that’s the best part. You can hone your hobby and become the best at it in no time since many people do not venture into it. 

Snow Golfing

Isn’t golfing just amazing? Many people love to gold in the summer season. Not only does golfing require exemplary focus, but it also takes a lot of understanding of angles and strength. If you like golfing, do not feel bad because the winter months are here. You can golf in winters too. Tell your best friends that you have good news for them because you’re taking them snow golfing!

The only difference is that instead of hitting the green, you will be hitting the white. However, the rush of looking for slots and hitting that golf ball with your club is the same as always. Snow golfing can be a little more engaging because finding the white ball in the powdery snow can be very difficult at times.

Snow Biking

Snow biking, also known as fat-tire biking, is a sport that is recently gaining popularity. The two names are quite suggestive of what the sport is. The activity involves biking on a bike with extra thick tires through a snowy terrain that you wouldn’t normally be able to explore. The tires used for snow bikes are about four to five inches thick. Therefore, you can glide over the snow like it’s nothing. 

Snow biking is a great hobby for you if you already enjoy biking. All you need to do is get extra-thick tires, heavy padding, and ample winterwear, and you’re good to go!


If you have tried snow biking or the idea sounds nice, but you want something else, you can try snowmobiling. This is the dirt biking equivalent of winter sports. Snowmobiling is a thrilling sport that allows you to slide through thick snow at high speeds. The best thing about this sport is that it can be done in just about any terrain. 

You can add more fun to snowmobiling by trying one of the numerous snowmobiling tricks. You could also enter competitions and build a snowmobiling community around yourself. Even though buying a snowmobile might be expensive, it is worth the investment if this is something you like. 


Till now, we have seen how you can explore the great white outdoors with fat-tire bikes and heavy dirt bikes. But do you prefer physical biking overusing any motor vehicle? Well, we have some great news for you. There is a special sport called skibobbing or ski biking for you.

To enjoy ski biking, you will need to buy a bike shaped frame that fits over skis. You can get them at various price points. Therefore, the activity does not necessarily have to be an expensive one to enjoy. You can find a ski bike at any ski resort. 

Once you have the right equipment, all you have to do is glide down a mountain. The sport feels to be an amalgamation of cycling and skiing. You are sure to enjoy the physical effort you will have to put while getting an experience that is unique to the sport of ski biking. 


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to walk to the water? Snowshoeing is an activity that will allow you to do that. You need to wear a snowshoe, which is simple footwear that goes over your winter boots. With the help of the snowshoe, you can walk on snow and not sink into the soft terrain. 

If you can find a place that has deep snow, snowshoeing becomes a very enjoyable ordeal. The best thing about snowshoeing is that it has a 4,000-year-long history. If you develop this as your hobby, imagine the tons of information that you can soak in. 

Start a Snowball Fight

Snowball fighting is a classic winter dodgeball game that anybody can enjoy. No matter the age, most people like to enjoy the thrill of getting hitting someone or getting hit by a cold snowball. The best thing about snowball fighting is that through the heavy coats, the soft snow barely hurts. 

You can turn this fun game into a hobby by joining a snowball fighting league. Competitive snowball fighting is so popular. In 2010, 5.387 people participated in a snowball fighting league in South Korea to set the world record for the largest snowball fighting match. 

Participate in Yukigassen

If you thought starting a snowball fight on a large scale was weird, wait till you hear about Yukigassen. Yukigassen is an annual snowball fighting competition that is hosted in Japan, Russia, Alaska, Canada, Finland, Australia, and Armenia. Yukigassen is a Japanese word that can be literally translated to snow battle. 

Yukigassen is a rule-based regulated snow-fighting tournament that involves two teams fighting with one another. Even if you do not have access to traveling the places where the completion is held, you can still enjoy it. You can start a snow fighting league in your own vicinity and pass the winter blissfully with your friends, family, and neighbors.  

Ice Fishing

Fishing itself is extremely fun and engaging. However, ice fishing tops that because it adds a twist of adventure and aesthetic to the ordeal. What makes ice fishing different from regular fishing is that instead of standing on a boat or the shore, you will be standing in the middle of a lake on a sheet of ice. 

Much like fishing, Ice fishing is a great group activity that allows for some bonding time between friends or family members. 

Snow Hiking

Hiking is an enjoyable activity that knows no seasonal restrictions. In fact, you can go on a hiking trip on the same trail in different seasons and find something completely new to see and discover. Snow hiking requires you to take some extra precautions since we’re sure you do not want to slip on snow and fall down a cliff. 

A great thing about snow hiking is that it is not as popular as hiking in the summer. Therefore, even if you visit the most popular hiking trails around you, you’re not likely to meet many people along the way. Hiking is a great way to soak in nature in solitude. It is a temporary escape from the bustling cities that we live in. 

Running the Antarctica Marathon

Since 1995, King George Island in Antarctica hosts a 42-kilometer marathon. This marathon is nothing like the normal marathons you might have run in. Since King George island is located at the Antarctic Peninsula’s tip, it is covered with ice throughout the year. You will surely have to train harder to run in a marathon that can potentially land you with some penguin friends. 


Yoga is an ancient exercising form that originated in India. It is meant to revitalize the entire body and target all pressure points at once. Ever since Yoga has been introduced to the western world, there have been many variations such as goat yoga, dog yoga, and hot Yoga. Snowga is one such variation of Yoga. 

Snowga is the best way to de-stress during the winter. It allows you to get into a calm and Zen state. After all, Buddhist monks are known to meditate on icy-cold mountains or under cold waterfalls. So why can’t we do some peaceful and revitalizing yoga in the snow? 

Wrapping Up

Whether you like peaceful outings, love nature or like to pump in adrenaline into your body, don’t let be winter be your excuse. Most summer favorites have winter variations. However, some winter-specific activities are great to get your body and mind into motion. So, what are you waiting for? Get off that blanket and venture into any of the activities from the above list.

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