6 Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combos for Beginners

6 Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combos for Beginners

Fishing is a relaxing and passionate sport for many. But it is not as straightforward or fun, as shown in movies. Beginners who proceed without any experience will be discouraged. 

Of course, the fishing experience gets better with time, but it also requires a lot of patience and endurance. A piece of adequate knowledge about the fishing equipment and its use is a must before pursuing it. 

Bringing out the fullest in a fisher is his equipment, obviously. Do not worry if you have no guru to teach you the art of bringing those scales out! We are here to help. Below, we have suggested some of the best Rod and Reel Combos! Check them out on Amazon!

Top picks 

The best we managed to pick for you are:

  1. Shakespeare UglyStik Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
  2. Penn Fierce II Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
  3. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
  4. Okuma ROX Spinning Combo
  5. Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
  6. KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

OKUMA is my personal favorite; you will know the reason later on in this article. 

These are some of the best Combos we could find online. Further, in the article, we have explained the strengths and weaknesses of each product and combo. All the reviews and possibilities are of each product are taken into account. A glance at it before you go ahead shopping would be clever.

Shakespeare UglyStik Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

This combo earned its name because of its impeccable quality and durability. You can find this combo for $49.99. This price is lower than buying both the reel and the rod separately. If you buy the rod separately, then it might cost you more than the combo. 

This combo is to be placed first, and its name is its good quality and long-lasting ability. No other person would be named Shakespeare; only someone similar to him will be named so.

This combo lasts so long, just as Shakespeare’s poems are recited till, and his name is told repeatedly. If you ask a Shakespeare fan about the combo, the first thing he will state is durability. As time passes, the rod gets more robust, and some people have been using them for more than ten years.

With such quality and durability, the rod might seem to suit professional fishers. In reality, it is the best for teaching fishing, and for beginners to start with—the rod comes in different sizes. The Size of the rod can be based upon the height of the person.

Speaking of the reel, it is a very smooth reel with an aluminum spool and plastic rotor. However, the material of the reel is not accountable for the quality. But the combo seems to work well with people and lasts longer. 

The rod and reel combo is ideal for anyone. Taking just the durability and power into consideration, the rod alone seems to be a great deal. It is available below $45, which is great for the given features. 

The price is a good deal for the given feature. If you are looking to hone your fishing skills and move a step forward, then consider this as an investment in yourself. Wise it is to invest in oneself and not in others.

Penn Fierce II

To create another flexible and great combo similar to the Penn Fierce I, Penn Fierce II was made. However, the second combo did not make it up to the top but made its way to the list anyway. 

Let’s analyze the vulnerabilities of the graphite rod first. Graphite is the most sensitive. Hence the rod is sensitive to movements, which is good but only to an extent. The graphite rod becomes too sensitive after an extent, and it turns out to be negative. 

The early alarm to set can be a disadvantage. But once you are used to the rod, it will be easy to figure out the time and act. The primary key to avoid this is to wait some seconds. The time varies for each graphite rod. All these details can be learned over time. 

The rod is sensitive but not weak. They are ticks starting from the tip to the butt. This thickness reduces the risk for the rod to break and keeps it still. A sensitive, yet thick rod is ideal. You can throw baits without fearing the breakage of the rod. That is one plus point in the rod. 

Another reason to recommend the rod is that it is easy to assemble and dismantle anywhere you go. This easy assemblage keeps you and your fishing schedule going without any stop in the middle. 

Now considering the reel, it is not very good with quality. It is a smooth reel with a rubber handle and a double-sized bail as the fierce line. It resists salt water to an extent but only with proper washing, airing, and oiling. 

On the whole, this combo is the right choice, and its price sums approximately up to $70. 

It is best suited for fishing in lakes, rivers, and freshwater. The saltwater resistance of the reel makes it suitable for fishing on the beach too! Even in prohibited places, some tend to take rods secretly and go fishing. With Penn Fierce’s easily mobile feature, you can move fishes around. 

Penn Battle II

A direct and aesthetic upgrade from Penn Fierce II is the Penn Battle II. The reel and rod were subject to a number of quality checks and then let out to the market. 

The entire structure is a bit heavy and bright. There is a smooth and pleasant drag with varying levels to adjust. The reel has options in terms of fishing lines and accommodates larger diameters. 

The rod and reel together are a perfect combo in this case. The rod does not hold any difficulty or complication to handle. It is exceptionally suitable for beginners as it makes you exactly feel the entire process.

The only drawback to be put forth is the thin tip that makes the entire rod weak. This makes it easy to break while fishing as the absolute pressure is transferred to the tip while pulling back. 

The only issue encountered was the packaging and misplacing of deliveries. This was reported by customers worldwide. Be it any combo, make sure you buy it from trusted sites like Amazon. If you do so, it will be easy for you to check for the reviews and damages previously experienced and other buyers.

The rod is a bit costly, to begin with, but it can reward yourself after coming halfway. You can also take up the rod separately from some trusted sites. Make sure the tip of the rod is okay when you receive it. The tips are most likely to break with travel. 

On the whole, the rod comprised both durability and sensitivity—this why it is most recommended for beginners to start with. Penn Battle II could be an excellent start for anyone to begin with. 

OKUMA ROX Spinning Combo 

OKUMA ROX Spinning Combo is a very cost-efficient rod, to be precise. It is suitable for beginners and experienced fishers; no wonder it made its merry way to the list. OKUMA series has always been rewarding and most wanted on in the market. 

OKUMA provides rods at a quality that will surprise you. Another rod with the same quality might range up to $80!! But OKUMA has managed to offer you the best at only $51!! Isn’t that amazing? Yes! It truly is fantastic to hear!! Imagine how amazing it will be to experience it? You can buy it anytime from Amazon.

Now coming to the reel, it is smooth and too silent, with a smooth drag, without any tension. This noiseless drag makes the reeling in very smooth. If the entire reeling process is so silent, it would naturally attract more fishes.

Moving now to the critical part, the rod: is strong and long-lasting. But as with the Penn Battle II, this rod has a problem with the tip. The tip is too thin and is often complained to break. A thin tip cannot take too much pressure. This makes it vulnerable to breakage. 

If you think the rod might break on the way to your hand, then you can boldly go for a replacement. Most sites offer a free replacement within a week. If you were not keen to notice and the product has crossed the replacement period, I feel so sorry for you. 

Checking the tip once in a while for any damage might prove useful to maintain the rod afresh. Since both the rod and the reel are recommendable, you do not have to check out other options for buying a separate reel. This feature (both rod and reel getting good reviews) is probably not found in other combos. 

Since the rod is made of Graphite, it is sensitive to even small moves and alerts you beforehand. You can always avoid losing your prey with a little practice and study of the rod, as mentioned earlier. 

This rod’s summary would be clean, cost-efficient, easy to use, and handle and is suited for almost all waters, including seawater with prompt cleaning and maintenance.

Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Combo

Abu Gracia, though not familiar to most users, comes out with good quality. They can be found on Black Max Combo for reasonable prices. Using Abu Gracia is a fun and efficient process. You can use it to get the maximum out of your effort. 

With a too light and smooth reel, Abu Gracia offers you a pivot to flip your reel. This flipping makes it easy for you while making videos (if you are making one). There was no sound of grinding or clicking while reeling in. does it not sound satisfying to record a video with zero hassles?

Another fantastic fact about the Abu Gracia reel is that it has passed the weight test and now can lift up to 30 pounds!! This makes it amazing to use. Now you can go fishing without looking for a replacement reel. 

The rod is made up of Graphite and is generally lighter and flexible. It is also durable and is safe for your hands. Unlike heavy rod is rods keep your hands free from pressure and damage. Holding on to heavyweights for a long time can cause pain and swelling. With Abu Gracia, you do not have to give a damn about it all. 

Since it is a graphite rod, it will have the same sensitivity as the others. But in this case, you can say that the rod is light enough to move around, so even if it is sensitive, you handling it will be a child’s play. 

Speaking about sensitivity, there might be questions for you regarding the strength of the rod. Do not worry; Abu Gracia is strong and flexible to cater to all your movements. The backbone of the rod is strong, and it adjusts itself while bending and pulling back. 

When any other graphite rod is bent too far, it will break after a certain point, but this rod having a good foundation is exempted from breakage. 

With high quality and fair price, the rod stands best for beginners. If you are yet to choose a good rod, keep your doubts aside and go for Abu Gracia!

KastKing Sharky III Spinning Combo

KastKing is one of the leading makers of rods and reels. They have always been a competitor to UglyStiks and OKUMA. KastKing Sharky III Spinning Combo is no different from the other KastKing products in competing. 

The reel of this combo is very silent and smooth with a great drag system. The drag system operates very quietly. Nobody else will be able to hear it except you, not even the fish below!! Once your prey falls in the trap, the drag begins to make a tiny sound to will let you know about the event. If the fish is pulling for its life, then the sound is likely to change with the struggle. But not as any usual drag, this drag produces little sound.

Bail is one of the notable features in KastKing. The bail can hold huge diameters and can even avoid slipping. The reel in this combo is indeed a massive package for anyone to choose from. 

However, such a fantastic reel comes with a poorly built rod. The rod is too fragile and is more vulnerable to break even with a minor inconvenience. These were from the most reported cases. But one could not be sure without using the rod.

Whether the damage on the rod was due to packing, it is wise for the buyer to choose considering all the combo’s whereabouts. If you choose from a good and trustworthy website and the rod is damaged, you can return it and get a replacement. 

If the rod is so weak at first sight, then you can buy the reel and choose an alternative rod for your weekend. 

Now summing up the product, it is a perfect and useful combo to begin with. But speaking in terms of economy is too expensive for a weak rod with a good reel. The total comes around $119.98 altogether. 

The combo would have come to third place if it was cheaper than the above mentioned. But unfortunately, we were forced to place it here at last. 

Which rod is the best for children? 

If you ask me about the best, I would say that it depends entirely on you. Each person differs in their fishing style, place, and tricks. This makes each fishing experience unique. It is essential to consider where a child learns to fish before choosing his rod. 

With the circumstances and methods in consideration, a perfect rod will be soon at your disposal. All of the mentioned rods are suitable for beginners. They also come in various sizes and specifications. You need to spend $10 to $15 out of your pocket as an investment for a child’s fishing journey.

As a personal recommendation, I would suggest the OKUMA combo. I have always liked OKUMA products for their rate and quality. The rate has no significant problem or drawback in terms of the quality of the reel and rod. So if you are still testing and not sure of what you want to buy, I would recommend the OKUMA combo.

Fishing as a hobby for Children

Fishing can be pursued as a hobby from a very young age. There is no age limit to begin with. A child can watch fishing from your age and learn the tricks and methods of fishing. 

When children are confident enough to take up on their own, they can buy a reel and rod enough to rock the waters! It is a relaxing hobby to travel to the water and sit amidst nature, waiting for the fish.

Do children need a fishing license?

It purely depends upon the place where you live and your native residence. In some states, fishing without a license is illegal. While in others, fishing without a license in some places is illegal, but so far, I have never heard a child being arrested for fishing so, go ahead without fears and enjoy fishing!

Summing up

Sometimes the rod might be a bit odd for the reel, as mentioned in any combos, but you can always experiment with things. If the bought reel is not satisfying, then you can go for other reel options. 

Many reels without rods are still available online. If you are a beginner with no guide, then do not hesitate to take help from the internet. We are here to complete your surf and give an answer to your unending questions. 

The above-mentioned options will give a place for you to stand and analyze yourself in fishing. Being a beginner is not a crime. Even experienced fishers look for help when they need to know something. So before you start with, be exact in what you want from it, as the choice is entirely yours.

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