Best Kokanee Fishing Rods

Best Kokanee Fishing Rods

The type of fishing rod to buy often depends on the kind of fish one is planning to catch with it. Kokanee salmon are a fascinating and bold choice, while fishing for them, one has to account for their aggressive nature. Therefore, most fishing rods that target them specifically don’t usually make sense. 

Given their aggressive streak, it is fair to assume that their mouths are tough and can handle the self-instigated attacks. But in reality, Kokanee salmons possess mouths that are mushy. Therefore, to catch these tricky creatures, one requires a certain kind of hook. 

Top picks

Here are the top seven rods fit for Kokanee fishing along with my personal favorite, No.5:

  1. G-Loomis E6X Kokanee Trolling Series
  2. Okuma Kokanee SST Kokanee Rod
  3. Tica KLEA Kokanee Glass Fishing Rod
  4. Velocity Elite Blue Glass Rod
  5. Okuma Celilo Kokanee Pro Trolling Rod
  6. Eagle Claw Featherlight Kokanee Trolling Rod
  7. Lamiglas CGR762L Tournament Kokanee Special Rod

There are many varieties of Kokanee rods. They vary in size and functionality. Dodger-lure setup is mostly incorporated with Kokanee fishing rods, thus making them trolling rods. These fishing rods, even though designed for a specific purpose, still effectively hold their ground when employed in activities other than their specialty. 

G-Loomis E6X Kokanee Trolling Series

The quintessential quality of the rods in this particular series is that they will give the impression of fragility. One might think they are made for light activities and are not in the category of trolling rods. But despite their appearance, these rods do work and quite effectively too. I have often spotted these rods on my peers from my time fishing Kokanee Salmons. 

G-Loomis series ought not to be undermined in their value. This particular rod of the G-Loomis series offers the absolute best features for $200. These rods are effective and sophisticated equipment that always stands solid in quality and functionality. These rods deliver what they promise and more, so, therefore, people have no problem spending as much as $500 on them.

When the rods first came, people questioned whether they would be up to par with the quality that the brand guarantees and ensure the integrity of the line’s reputation. But once this particular model was launched commercially, they not only got rid of people’s skepticism but set new heights for Kokanee Salmon trolling rods. 

These rods work best when coupled with a device called a downrigger. After working with them for a while, one becomes perceptive enough to point out how the current changes when interacting with the movement of a dodger and a real Kokanee. E6X is a multi-purpose rod and is equipped to handle many different kinds of fishing. A friend of mine, who often fishes in the waters of river Willamette in Oregon, is fond of this rod and uses it for bass and frogs. 

Whether it is its functionality, its appearance, or the handle, all these aspects hit a perfect ten for me. The reel seat is the only limitation that stands out to me. After some days of frequent usage, the reel seat of this rod came loose. The fix was easy and quick, and only the sides had to be tightened. Before this, I hadn’t faced a problem of this nature. 

Okuma Kokanee SST Kokanee Rod

Okuma can be considered a veteran when it comes to fishing rods. The company is very reputed and has upheld its reputation over the years. There aren’t many downsides to owning an Okuma fishing rod, whether it is a Spinner rod or casting rod. 

The equipment is affordable and is perfect for beginners just starting to learn the ropes of fishing. The rods are priced on the lower end than most, but their low prices do not contaminate their level of quality. A combination like this is the reason why people still swear by Okuma rods. 

I prefer this rod over most, and my opinion might be biased, but I can’t deny the fact that for a long time, this rod has worked for me quite well. Okuma rods have the finest handles out of all, in my personal opinion. The grip is excellent, and the cork, which is of excellent quality, fits right in. The casting rod is placed nicely as well. This rod has always provided excellent results when fishing for Kokanee salmon and keeps me coming for more. 

The only negative point that I would like to highlight is the rigidity of its purpose. Okuma rods are known for serving only the particular purpose they are designed for. There is no versatility. Rods designed for catching steelheads are good for that exact purpose only, similar to how rods designed for catching Kokanee are just good for trolling kokes. 

But there isn’t much room for complaining, as being priced at $60, it is as good as it gets. The affordable price means you still have some bucks left to invest in another rod. It’s the promise of excellent quality at an affordable price. 

Tica KLEA Kokanee Glass Fishing Rod

These particular rods have been successful in garnering people’s appreciation in the past and maintaining their reputation over the years as well. Tica KLEA Kokanee Glass Fishing Rod has been classified as occupying the top spots in the market. The functions that it can perform are rarely reproduced by any other rod. 

It is a perfect combination of strong yet sensitive. This rod made out of fiberglass is sturdy yet flexible enough to endure intensive bending. The rod is technically made up of two pieces that are connected. These two pieces are tightened enough to ensure that during casting, no separation could occur. 

Being equipped with twelve guides makes the rod perceptive enough that one can easily discern if it was fish knocking against the line’s hook or the wind’s pressure. 

Despite being one of the best, some might face problems when it comes to the guides and would even require replacing them. This might not be a completely good idea because it could lead to some rough edges. Guides that are not smooth could result in increased friction upon the line or could even result in it snapping during a struggle or lure retrieval.

Velocity Elite Blue Glass Rod

The brand Velocity Fishing has not been popular. It has to its name around six-rod lines, including trout rods, salmon, and trolling. Even though there isn’t a lot to look at, the Elite Color Class rod series is a pretty decent series. The rods meant for trolling comes in three colors: green, pink, and blue.

These rods are excellent for trolling due to them being ultralight. They have a solid backbone yet a sensitive bend. Another thing that makes this series special is its affordable price. Even though valued at around $80, these rods could be placed at a higher-end as they are, in comparison, the better options out of a lot in the same range. 

The makeup of the rod consists of a blank made up of graphite. White eyelets and titanium oxide guides. These graphite-made rods are also durable. They perform well even when faced with the fiercest of Kokanee without losing them. 

One of my friends said that these rods are a perfect mixture of sensitive and durable. All in all, this rod is a good one, it has a perfect fit and is aesthetically pleasing with the blue-colored blank. This is one rod with which one could fish with style. It boasts of great sensitivity and a durable backbone. All these qualities make for an easy catch.

Okuma Celilo Kokanee Pro Trolling Rod

Celilo Kokanee Pro Trolling Rod is one of the favorites for many people. These are used in many trolling businesses, given their extreme sensitivity and durability of the backbone. 

It works best when a downrigger device is coupled with it. Its sensitivity makes it easy to catch a tiny fish, but its durability ensures that it can handle a fight when it comes to a bigger fish.

One quality that all trolling rods should possess is being able to endure high pressure and not collapse under it. I remember an incident once when I was using one of my rods paired with a downrigger. Initially, it seemed to be doing alright, but as soon as the boat started moving, the rod became highly susceptible to the pressure. As the fish got hooked, the rod finally broke due to the pressure, and the fish got away. It was an expensive rod and not designed for trolling. 

Okuma Celilo is strong and durable and could handle intense pressure without breaking. The rod is priced at around $39.99 and comes in 7′ and 8′, the suitable dimensions for trolling rods. 

Eagle Claw Featherlight Kokanee Trolling Rod

Like most of the items of the Eagle Claw brand, Featherlight Kokanee trolling rod is inexpensive yet efficient. It does not possess the perceptivity of high-end rods, but it makes up for these limitations with other features. It is a durable rod and will be around for a considerable time. 

If your budget is tight, this rod is great to take along on a boat ride with you. This rod will help you catch fishes just fine. Eagle Claw series is not new to the market. It has occupied the market space for some time now. It came around back in the 90s and had been going strong ever since then. These rods are sold in stores for $18 and $25 online. At these prices, these rods are a real steal. 

The blanks on this rod are made up of fiberglass, which makes it less sensitive than others. But being made of fiberglass also ensures its durability and therefore constitutes them as a good choice when one is faced with bigger Kokanee Salmons. For a trolling rod, it is pretty effective. 

The rod’s color scheme is usually prominent yellow along with white, which might lack aesthetics. But all that is overlooked because of its lightweight. All in all, this rod is fifty-fifty. It might not be the best there is, but it does have features common with top-tier rods. What it might lack in perceptivity, it catches up in durability. 

Lamiglas CGR762L Tournament Kokanee Special Rod

I got to know about this rod from a buddy of mine. This is one of his favorite Kokanee rods for trolling. He bought this in January as he was just about prepping for the Kokanee trolling season starting April. He was the one who suggested that I search for this rod online. My search leads me to the conclusion that there are many admirers of Lamiglas CGR7262L Tournament Kokanee Special Rod.

Many reviews attested to the durability of this rod and how it possessed sturdy structural support and, when coupled with a downrigger, works excellently. There was one review that strongly claimed that once you start using this particular rod, there is no going back to the others. 

I was still skeptical about recommending this rod and so decided to dwell on researching about this rod more. As I went deeper, I found out that quite a few people faced problems with this rod, one of the main ones being that it broke easily. The pattern that I noticed was that the break occurred in the same spot for everyone who gave this rod a scathing review. The rod’s design itself is beneficial as it is a two-piece rod, but its lack of structural integrity makes its functionality nil. 

Overall, it reads like a good catch on paper. Priced at $115, choosing it might end up being risky, and because of that on this list, it is placed last. 

Best Ice Fishing Rod

There are many methods available to catch kokanee salmon, and ice fishing is just one of them. The activity of Ice fishing takes place during the winter season when the water bodies are all frozen, and one can slide right across the surface. 

A small cavity is drilled in the frozen lake for fishing. Then with the help of an ice rod, one drops a line. Ice rod is the miniature model of a fishing rod which’s purpose is to suspend the hook inside the cavity. 

An excellent Ice rod, in my opinion, is a rod that is the 13 Fishing Whiteout Rod by Thornebros. The rod is valued at $32, which is a standard price for ice rods, Of course, some rods are less expensive, but they offer lower quality as well. The more expensive one also doesn’t always ensure or guarantee quality. 

13 Fishing Whiteout rod is a small rod that is very perceptive and catches even the slightest disturbance in the water. The blank is made of carbon, ensuring durability, and is highly sensitive. The rod is comfortable to hold and has a black colored design, which seems sophisticated. The rod is not one to break easily, and as far as complaints are concerned regarding its durability, there aren’t any. 



Which bait to use while fishing for Kokanee Salmon?

The best and the most effective bait for a Kokanee salmon is shoe peg corn stuck on the hook. Other than that, the lure is an effective bait for trolling as well as jigging. In winter garlic treated corn will help one in catching several Kokanee salmon, more than other methods. 


Downrigger Rod. What is it? 

It is a rod that can bend at exactly ninety-degree along with the pressure it puts on the line. Downrigger rods are specially designed, keeping in mind the downriggers. They can still be used easily and effectively for different forms of fishing as well. 



When one goes out to fish the Kokanee Salmon, several things should be kept in mind. For achieving success in catching this particular fish, one needs to take into account things like the size, durability, sensitivity, pressure levels put onto the line by the rod, the grip, and if it really matters to you, the aesthetic makeup of the rod. 

Besides keeping in mind, the technicalities of the rod, one should also research the lake, the weather, the density of Kokanee’s in a particular area, the type of bait that should be used, and the kind of setup one needs to put down. 

There are different types of Kokanee rods, some are specific to one particular action others are multi-purpose. Your choice is dependent on the kind of activity you want to indulge in, whether it is purely for leisure or does it include a commercial aspect, or if it is being used for competitive purposes.

Keeping all these things in mind, one should make a sound decision that is comfortable both to your pocket and to your level of skill and ability when it comes to fishing. It is important that one notes down the pros and cons of their top choices and makes a decision that is sound, and logic-based.

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