7 Best Pontoon Boats with Bathrooms

7 Best Pontoon Boats with Bathrooms

7 Best Pontoon Boats with Bathrooms

People who are thinking of purchasing a pontoon boat are overwhelmed by the number of options and models. A boat’s bathroom should be a priority, as it will be used for at least one day.

This article will cover the top ten pontoon boats that include a bathroom.

Other aspects may be considered.

There are big and small ones. Based on the most popular tastes, I covered a wide variety of options.

Although not all pontoon boats on this list come with a toilet, most have enough room or the ability to install one if they don’t have one already.

Continue reading to find out which pontoon boat is best for you.

Top Pontoon boats with bathrooms

Sun Tracker Party Hut 30 Regency Edition

Price: $29.995+

The Sun Tracker Party Hut Regency edition is a relatively cheaper pontoon boat with a bathroom. A separate changing area is located at the head of the boat, which provides privacy to users. A portable toilet is located behind closed doors on the boat, so privacy is assured.

Each tank can hold 6 Gallons of freshwater or wastewater. There are two sinks and a stove available.

Pontoon boats can hold up 14 people and are 31 feet in length. As the name suggests this boat is ideal for hosting summer parties with your friends.

You can adjust the sofas and armrests at the front of the boat. You will find plenty of storage underneath the sofas.

Sun Tracker Party Hut Regency Edition includes a sundeck, which can be used as an additional floor. Your guests can sunbathe, chat, and enjoy cocktails.

Even though it is not very powerful, the boat can be converted into a sleeping bag that allows you to camp overnight.

There are some special features on the boat.

  • Lowrance 3500 digital depth finder
  • Sirius-ready AM/FM CD stereo
  • MP3 jack
  • Four 60-watt speakers
  • Motor 90hp Mercury 90 ELT
  • PROP 3-blade aluminum

Southland Mistral

Southland MistralAlthough the Southland Mistral is an excellent boat on this list, it doesn’t come with a bathroom. You will need to contact dealers if you want to add a bathroom. This will increase the cost a bit, so be aware.

Southland Mistral provides a 3 gallon water tank and a 5 gallon waste tank, if you opt for a toilet. The toilet will come with a pump-out mechanism.

Southland Mistral offers many layout possibilities. You can also customize the boat with multiple color options. This seems like a great deal.

You’ll find ample storage under the sofas, as well as plenty of space for people to move around on the deck. You can remove the tables and install fiberglass dash panels.

Let’s take a look at some of these features.

  • Two 12 Volt Adaptors and two Switches
  • Radio 200 watts
  • Aluminum railings anodized
  • Marine-grade carpet
  • LED lights
  • Fuel gauge, Speedometer, Trim gauge, Tachometer, Voltmeter
  • 25 gallons fuel tank

Additional features, such as side keels or drink holders, can be added to vehicles.

Contact the dealer for a quote.

Manitou 2020X-PLODE

This pontoon boat features a porta-potty.

Manitou 2020XPLODE pontoon boats are among the most sought-after on the market.

First, there are nine color options to choose from. There are many floor plans to choose from and the lounges can be designed to provide maximum comfort.

The pontoon boats are made from aluminum or stainless steel. It measures 24 feet in height and can support up to 13 people (1,835lb).

On the sofa, you will find two tables as well as adjustable cup holders.

  • Auxiliary, USB port, 12 Volt outlet
  • Starboard extended chaise longue chaise longue
  • Fuel tank 43 gallons VToon
  • Twin engines
  • Aluminum powder coated with LED lights
  • Liftgates

Call the dealer to get a quote for a Manitou 2020XPLODE. Manitou 2020XPLODE used is available for $120,000

Premier 310 Dodici

Price: $243,791

Although the Premier 310 Dodici has no separate bathroom, it does have a washbasin and a toilet.

This luxury pontoon boat provides exceptional service to its customers.

It is 31 feet long and can hold up to 22 people. Thanks to the three 300hp Evinrude ETEC G2 motors, the boat can reach 30 mph in just 3.8 seconds.

It comes with a countertop and bar table, sink, sink and sofas. The seating arrangement allows for maximum comfort as well as plenty of movement.

It is capable of producing a maximum power output of 900 horses and a fuel tank volume of 1200 gallons.

  • 42 inch center tube
  • Nosecones enhancements
  • PTX Tube System
  • Display on the touch panel that displays GPS, engine stats, and stereo
  • Helm made from custom-molded fiberglass
  • Average displacement is 3975lbs

Bennington Q Model

The Bennington Q model does not have a separate bathroom, but it has ample storage space to store a porta potty.

The pontoon boats are equipped with high-quality furniture like a quad-bench configuration. This configuration holds storage compartments. The large area has two lounges with many sofas and barstool chairs.

You can change the exterior or interior color to match your taste. The deck is spacious and provides plenty of space for people to move about on. You have many options, so you can choose the layout that suits you best.

The Bennington Q Model has elegant, sleek, comfy, and elegant design. It is without a doubt the most well-known pontoon boat on the market.

Contact your local dealer for more information.

Harris V270

Price: $210 327

Harris V270 is another. luxurious pontoon boat that offers a secluded bathroom with full privacy.

The toilet compartment can be found below the central part of the deck. The bathroom features a sink, a showerhead and a pump-out toilet.

The Harris V270 is small at only 29 feet. However, the boat’s equipment makes it up.

  • Push-button lighted switches with high-end features
  • JL Audio stereo
  • LED lighting
  • Movable armrests
  • There are tons storage options below the deck
  • Powered boarding ladder
  • Raymarine screens 12 inch and 7 inch

You can also add many additional features to this boat.

Cozy sofas wrap around deck’s sides and rear. A table can be added to the boat.

To ride the bike, it also has a 400-horsepower Mercury Verado fourstroke engine. boat up to a speed of 45mph. It can reach speeds of up to 20 mph in as little as 6.88 seconds. This is a great indicator about the boat’s power.

The fuel capacity is 60 gallons, and the water capacity is 24 gallons.

Harris V270 can hold 12-14 people. With all features, it weighs in around 7000lbs.

(HRV) Hybrid Recreational Vessel

Because of its interior design and build quality, the pontoon boat could be described as an apartment floating in the water.

It includes a bedroom and a bathroom. This half-boat, half-cruiser can comfortably accommodate 10 people. There is plenty of space inside the cabin to convert into sleeping areas.

The Hybrid Recreational Vessel is powered by solar panels, wind turbines, propane and other renewable energy sources. This boat is a game changer and might be the most advanced watercraft on the planet.

There are many options available, some of which you will find below.

  • 110v shore power outlet
  • Aluminium decking for the Underdeck
  • Fiberglass
  • Insulation: Styrofoam 2” thick
  • Lauan plywood panels
  • Vinyl covering
  • Water pump to flush the toilet, wash the sink, or shower.
  • 12V power range hood

The boat weighs 6800lbs, a bit on the lighter side considering the appliances and other features it offers.

It can hold 34 Gallons of fuel, 37Gallons of freshwater, 50 Gallons water, and 50Gallons of wastewater. The deck is made from pressure-treated wood with LED lights at the front railing.

The Hybrid Recreational Vessel allows you to travel comfortably and also relax. This luxury pontoon boat is very expensive and offers many luxurious features. For the exact price, contact the dealer.


These are the top 10 pontoon boat models that have a toilet. These boats are luxurious and large and provide a stunning sight.

All the models above offer comfort to customers. These models can be tailored to meet your specific needs, and they are well-worth the price. To find the perfect match, call your dealer today

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