8 of the Best Short Bed Truck Campers

Best Short Bed Truck Campers

It’s a great way for people to travel. Truck campers allow you to travel where you want and when you want without the need for reservations or hotels. There are many truck campers on the market and it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. This blog post will discuss 8 options for short-bed truck campers that provide ample space for sleeping and enough storage for your camping gear.

An RV is the best way to camp and enjoy the outdoors. You don’t have to rent an RV if you already own a pickup truck. A small camper can fit in the bed of your pickup truck (a shorter bed).

Slide-in campers differ from RVs in that they attach to vans or vehicles rather than being their own units on wheels like an RV. However, this type of unit offers some advantages not available to larger units. This makes it a great choice if you want more flexibility whether it’s camping season or another day at work.

Pickup truck cabs can be a little wider than short-bed campers. They are a bit taller than a pickup truck’s cab, and they are more obvious towards the bed’s end.

This may make them less attractive to others but it also improves their space and comfort. This allows you and your friends to get a good night’s rest while out on the town.

These campers are very cost-effective and easy to operate. These campsites can easily be transported to any location you desire. They can also be attached to your pickup truck with less effort than changing a tire. For those who are brand new to RVing, short bed truck campers make a great choice.

Short Bed Truck Campers

Adventurer 80RB

The ALP’s flagship model, this small camper van, has been in production since 2013. It has enjoyed steady growth and a sales rebound. It has been praised by enthusiasts across the country.

The ALP Explorer is a large box-shaped vehicle that weighs in at 2,648 pounds (2.6 tonnes) dry. A unique Tru-Composite Construction is used to build the ALP explorer. This construction consists of high-quality fiberglass covered in wood. You can also get all-season tinted, thermopane windows. This is a great option for a 1-ton truck.

The floor plan measures 8 feet 9 inches and includes a north/south queen bed, large wet tub, and double-door wardrobe. There is also a large kitchen with double-door refrigerator and a 7-foot-long double-door refrigerator. You will also find plenty of storage space. This all-season camper boasts the most storage space in its class thanks to the large holding tanks. The camper comes with a 42 gallon freshwater tank, 25 gallon grey water tank and 22 gallon black water tanks.

The interior is enhanced by maple hardwood cabinets. Additional basement storage is provided by a slide-out storage tray. The propane heater can be powered by up to two 20-pound propane tank. It comes with a 4-gallon DSI heater, which is the most basic for most campers.

The Adventurer89RB retail and market prices are $25,648, making them affordable.


* Can be used to accommodate large numbers of people.
* The interior is fully lit.
* Provides simple entertainment.
* Spacious and luxurious interiors.
* There are a set of windows and an awning.


* This only fits long-bed trucks.

Palomino Backpack HS-8801

We also have the Palomino H-8801 Palomino H-8801 in the Forrest River. According to the company’s website, numerous customer and enthusiast reviews online, the camper with a small bed can be carried easily on an 8-ton pickup truck. But it is unlikely considering the 3,400 pound (3.4 tonnes) weight when fully loaded.

It features a single-piece rubber top and an aluminum frame. A stunning gel gloss fiberglass exterior is also included. Black accent details are included. The 9-foot long floor layout can accommodate a north-south queen-sized mattress, a wet bathroom, a kitchenette/dinette, and refrigerator. The freshwater tank in this camper holds 31 gals. The rest of the tanks are tiny. They can hold 8 gallons greywater and 7 gal black water.

Included are an external battery charger and 55-amp converter/charger as well as a convenient battery disconnect button. Many users have complained about the model’s poor workmanship and subpar components over the years.

The short bed truck camper can be modified in many ways. This affordable short-bed truck camper can be yours for just $18,435.


* Offers a wide range of storage options and a staggering number.
* A dinette that can be transformed into a 7-foot bed.
* Press the button to activate an electric roof lift.
* North-South Cab Overused for Easy Entry/Exit and Storage
* Compatibility with a Half-ton if perfectly matched


* The stability of the table could possibly be improved.
* Does not have a toilet or a shower.
* Doors and the cab-over hamper openings may be small.
* Some materials and seems could have better lining.

Northstar Arrow 8.5 U

According to Northstar, an Iowa-based company, a wood-framed camper with short beds is more elegant than one covered in fibreglass. Each screw has been placed correctly on this camper.

Many features and conveniences are available to make your life on the road as easy as possible. The cab-over sleeping platform has a queen-sized bed that runs north-south. It also has an 8-foot-eight-inch-wide floor layout.

The small bed truck camper is light and compact. The only problem with this model is its tiny battery compartment.

The Lance 865 MSRP can be purchased for as low as $25,969.


* This design is non-slide and avoids any slide-out weight, maintenance or potential problems.
* The design is non-basement keeps the weight, height, center of gravity, and overall weight down.
* The dry bath design is an absolute knockout – it comes with an optional flush toilet, fan and a fan.
* Impress the chefs with the large kitchen area and expansive kitchen counter.
* The camper boasts an incredible amount storage.
* Superior fit, finish, materials
* Superior overall quality.


* Mismatched 41-gallon fresh tanks and 20-gallon gray tanks
* The thermostat is too close the main heating vent.
* The dinette table is too small and could make it more comfortable.

Arctic Fox 865

Oregon Northwood’s first arctic fox catalog featured it. The first edition was published in 2008. They resumed selling this small-sized bed truck camper because of popular demand. Due to the demand for campers that are not sliding,

It is worth noting that the camper is quite heavy, even with the slide outs. Fox Package is an optional option, which adds 559 lbs to the total dry weight. This adds 4,200 pounds to the total dry weight of the camper (4.2Tonnes). This extra weight is not a problem as you still get great value for your money.

This camper van is massive. It measures 9 feet 4 inches in length and has a cathedral-arched ceiling. This camper’s water tank capacity is the highest of any short truck camper. It holds 34 gallons total freshwater, 32 greywater gallons, and 31 blackwater gallons. It has a lot of insulation and a propane heater that can generate 20,000 btu heat so you can camp there.

Additional amenities include a 6-gallon DSI hot-water heater, a 100-watt sun panel, a Landing Step and a 7-cubic foot two-way refrigerator. The truck camper can be ordered in either a long-bed or short-bed configuration. It can be used in all seasons.

The all-weather Arctic Fox 865 may be hired for as low as $31,115.


* This is a fantastic, non-slide floorplan; the interior feels like a slide out model.
* Camper feels spacious thanks to the panoramic rear view and arch ceilings.
* The fiberglass one-piece wet bath is large and high-quality.
• Excellent storage possibilities throughout the unit.
* Excellent overall fit, finish, quality, and design.
* A single rear wheel compatibility is possible, but it is highly recommended to have a dual.


* A large kitchen sink can eat up valuable counter space.
* A very high entry step into the bath.
* There is not enough space for a kitchen trash can.
* It is difficult to climb or descend the ladder to reach the cathedral arch roof.
* The accuracy of four-light tank sensors and monitors is well-known.
Fox Value Package can confuse customers about price and weight.

2020 Lance 650

Things have changed dramatically since Lance Campers was bought by the REV company. The Lance 650, which is their newest model and also their most recent, is their best. It’s worth noting that they make more models per year than their competition.

The result of our efforts in making slide-in campers lighter, more durable, the Short Bed Truck Camper. It can be mounted on a truck half-ton with a bed of either 5′ or 6. With basic features loaded, it can support a weight of 1,903 pounds (1.9 tonnes) in wet conditions.

It is made of high-quality aluminum which makes it both strong and lightweight. The windows are made from radius acrylic thermopane. This is very strong. One-piece PVC makes the roof lighter and easier to install and take down for campers.

You will find basic appliances and technologies such as a ducted heating, tankless water heater and Bluetooth-enabled music systems.

Lightweight plywood cabinets are also a great option for keeping all your travel items organized. To make life easier when you are out in the woods you can also use the keyless entry function.

All this at a low price of $25,969.


* Base carpeted and well-constructed.
* includes innerspring and memory foam mattresses.
* A spacious and well-designed bathroom.
* The kitchen is fully equipped with all the essential amenities.
* Perfect for complete living.


* It is not available in all colors.

NuCamp Cirrus 820

Ohio-based company was the first to hit the short-bed camping market. NuCamp is known for its innovative and sleek designs. The brand is known for producing high-quality products. NuCamp Cirrus 820, one of their most popular models, is one of the latest.

It measures 18 feet 10 in height and weighs in at 2,540 lbs (2.5 tonnes). It measures 7 feet 7 inches high and 7 feet 2 inches wide. It can easily be stuffed with three strong, tall adult men. The metal frame and tinted dual-thermopane double windows with glass are class-defining. The Froli modular sleeping system is superior to many of the box spring mattresses that are available in short-bed truck campers.

You might also enjoy the big cab upstairs which has a queen-sized bed, bathroom and large kitchenette. You will also find a twin battery compartment as well as a generator compartment. Hydronic central heating may be used in winter. It has a lot of storage, as well as LED interior illumination.

The cirrus 82o is available in white or silver and comes with ten design options and colour choices. The price for the cirrus 82o is $31,842.


* Use appropriate LED lighting to enhance illumination
* Small but offers lots of storage space.
* Ergonomic sleeping system.
* All the necessary amenities for comfortable living.
* Lavish floor plan with stylish design.


* It may be necessary to add counter space.
* The bath sink weighs very little.

2018. Four Wheel Camper Hawk

This is the ideal entry-level camper for anyone new to RVs. You won’t regret it if you want to save money on your travels. It has great amenities and comforts for road life, at a lower price.

All full-size trucks can use the Short Bed Truck Camper. It can carry a maximum weight of 1,827 lbs (1.8 tons) with all standard features loaded. It measures 6′ 6″ in width and 6′ 9 inches tall. It has plenty of room for personal items or sleeping arrangements.

Because of its low profile design and light ply and aluminum frame construction, it is the lightest short-bed truck camper. Although it does not have many amenities it can still house four adults. It includes water tanks, LED lighting and storage cabinets.

This camper truck has a short bed and is only $18,995.


* Lightweight, solid profile
* Optimal storage space design.
* Can be used to accommodate up four adults
* Cost-efficient.
* Strong and weatherproof construction


* Some older Hawk models may not be compatible with modern truck models.
* Does not have an overhead cabinet system.

Bigfoot 25C9.4SB

This beautiful camper was destroyed by the 2008 global financial crisis. It was saved by Grant Bilodeau, who purchased it in 2010. Bigfoot is now a major player on the Canadian market.

The Bigfoot Bigfoot 25C9.4SB is 1.5-inch thick with insulated walls. It weighs 2,980 lbs (2.9 tonnes). Fibreglass clam-shells are very strong and come in a range of trim and design options. The floor plan measures 9 feet 6 inches in length.

All the items in this package include a large u-shaped space for eating, a fully equipped kitchenette, a 6-cubic fridge, porcelain toilet and a propane furnace with 30,000 BTU. A three-burner stove is included, as well as two 20-pound propane change tanks. As options, you can also get integrated stereo music, a battery disconnect switch, nightshades and a 32-gallon greywater holding tank.

At only $40,390, the Bigfoot 25C9.4SB offers incredible value.


Superior strength is possible with a 2-piece molded fiberglass structure
* Superior Interior and Exterior fit, finish, and overall quality.
* The unit offers exceptional storage potential.
* Well-placed 110-volt, USB, and 12-volt outlets in the dinette.
* Bright Floor Plan that is light and airy to avoid slipping.
* Durable construction.


This camper has a MSRP of $41,475, which is quite high.
* Compatibility with short bed trucks is possible, but it requires careful matching.
* The optional microwave is not compatible with the stainless interior design.

What to look for in a Short Bed Truck Camper

These are some of the things to keep in mind when shopping for a short-bed truck. There are many options on the market and it is easy to get lost. This can make it more complicated for inexperienced drivers. These are the top things you should consider when searching for the right short bed truck.

1. Pop-Up Truck Camper, Hard Side or

Two types of pickup truck campers can be classified: hard side or pop-up campers.
Pop-up truck campers come with a roof that can lift and lower to the top. To get the vehicle started, lower the cab to the driving position. You can raise the camper to the camping position if you plan to use it.

Hard side truck campers have roofs that are fixed and have a strong sidewall. They are then permanently raised to their camping position. These campers provide many benefits such as better insulation, greater sound isolation and more storage. These campers are larger and can be used to house amenities like slide-outs, dry bathrooms, and couches.

2. Dimensions

Truck campers can be difficult to move if they aren’t connected to a vehicle. Before purchasing a camper, it is important to have enough storage space. You can either keep your camper in the garage or cover it with an awning. This will protect your camper against weather damage and help you save money on future repairs.
Avoid leaving it on the ground. Your home may be infested by termites or rodents. It is best to keep it on a solid floor. This will save you money and time in the future.

3. The length of your bed

The length of the truck camper’s bed is a crucial factor to consider when buying a truck camper. When building truck campers, this is an important consideration. Both camp sites for long-bed trucks and short-bed vehicles are available.

Campers such as Bigfoot can be transported in both a short- and long-bed truck. You must also consider the truck’s maximum weight. This is not the same weight as the truck’s ability to tow. The payload weight can be found on the driver’s side door or in the owner’s handbook. The internet can be used to determine the weight of your payload if everything fails.

4. Wet or dry Bath

Are you looking for a Wet Bath, or a Dry Bath. What is better, a dry bath or a wet one? These are crucial considerations to take into account for both comfort as well as cost. Your camper will not have a bathtub. There won’t be any toilets or showers. The only option without a shower is the toilet.

A wet bathtub is essentially a tub that has a sink and toilet. A wet bath requires a toilet, shower, and sink. The complete layout of a wet bathtub is contained in one stall. A wet bath works in the same way as a bathroom with a shower. This is common in most homes.

Dry baths can be used in the same way as wet baths but must be dried after taking a shower. Their walls are neither waterproof nor resistant to water. It acts as a wicking agent and causes the inside of the camper to rot. You can continue using the toilet and sink as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Short Bed Truck Camper

Can a pickup truck weighing half a ton be towable by a campervan or van?

The answer to this simple question is “yes”. This all depends on the pickup truck’s total payload rating. This rating will affect the vehicle’s weight as well as the size and dimensions of any camper it may have. A 2015 Ford F-150 short-bed truck measures 154 inches in length. It is a heavy-duty truck with a payload capacity up to 2,799 lbs (2.8 tonnes).

For most half-ton pickup trucks on the market, this weight is too much. A pickup truck can haul 1,600 lbs (1.66 tonnes) of payload. This is too low to camp in short-bed truck campers, such as the Northstar Vista.

Modifications will be required for even the Ford F-150 pickup truck. You will need to replace your tyres, shocks, springs brakes, and springs. These improvements will help you to support the weight of your camper.

How do you determine the payload rating of your pickup?

Placards attached to posts may indicate the truck’s payload rating. It is also found in the glovebox on the certification form.

The truck’s Gross Vehicle Mass Rating (GVWR) is used as the kerbweight to calculate the payload rating.

How can you stop pitching and swaying while driving a truck equipped with a camper?

Torklift Use stable loads and a swingbar if you experience severe swaying, tipping or tipping when turning corners. These springs have many applications. Stable loads can be used to manipulate the overload springs. The vehicle will remain level by using a swaybar that moves the axle and frame.

Most modern trucks come with a front swaybar. When transporting a camper van or other goods, a swaybar must be installed at the rear of your vehicle. Truck owners must install a stronger swaybar to increase truck stability when carrying campers.

Can a truck camper trailer tow a boat or wagon?

Yes. Towing is a valuable asset when you own a truck camper or other vehicle. However, you should check the truck’s towing weight and payload rating. A hitch extender is another option, since most campsites extend beyond a vehicle’s tailgate.

Excellent hitch extender with a length of 18-24 inches is available.

Is it possible for a long-bed camper van to be placed on a short-bed car?

It is usually not possible and it is not advised. It would cause your vehicle’s center of gravity to shift back to the rear axle. The Northwood Wolf Creek 855 hybrid is suitable for both long and small vehicles.
The storage capacity of short-bed truck campers is greater than that of long-bed campers. The size of any camper that can be attached to a vehicle is limited by weight restrictions.

Is it necessary for me to remove the truck’s tailgate prior to installing my camper?

The tailgate must be removed from any camper that is more than the vehicle bed. It is a smart move, even if your camper isn’t in your vehicle’s bed. Every ounce you can shed makes a difference. As you can see, campers and tailgates are heavy. It’s easy to take off and it will cost you less than taking your tailgate off of the rail pebbles.

Final Thoughts

Short bed campers, campers and other RVs can be rented to allow you to see more of the country. These RVs offer more than the basic necessities. These RVs offer all of the modern conveniences that you may have lost. Short bed truck campers can be very inexpensive, as you can see.

Campers are extremely affordable, with no one costing more that $46,000. Although there are many wonderful locations and things to see and do in the wilderness, you won’t find a nice hotel or B&B. You don’t need to stay at a bad motel or hotel if your truck is with you. With your family and friends, you can enjoy the natural beauty that nature has to offer. You can have both the natural beauty of nature and modern comforts, such as plumbing, TVs, and kitchens.

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