10 Best Gas Mileage Class B RV

10 Best Gas Mileage Class B RV

It is important to know the gas mileage of your vehicle so as to calculate how much you will spend on gas especially when traveling for a long distance.

RV owners usually travel long distances. After all, what’s the use of camping in your city or neighborhood? It makes no sense. 

Because RV owners usually travel long distances, it is always important for them to know their gas mileage. 

In this post, I will reveal to you the best gas mileage Class B RVs. These are Class B vehicles that can go the longest distances on a gallon. 

Generally, Class B motorhomes have the best gas mileage when compared to Class A and Class C motorhomes. Therefore, by revealing the best Class B motorhomes below, we reveal the motorhomes that are perfect for long-distance travel. 

Without further ado, here are the best gas mileage Class B campervans.

Top Class B RVs With Excellent Gase Mileage

Roadtrek SS Agile (25 mpg)

The Roadtrek SS Agile can travel 25 miles per gallon. Not many motorhomes can travel more miles per gallon. So if you want to tour the country using a motorhome and you want to spend the least amount of money on fuel, this is the motorhome you should get.

Roadtrek has been building motorhomes for about four decades. So the company clearly knows what customers like. The SS Agile model is the smallest model currently on the market. It is built on a Sprinter 144 chassis and has plenty of features and amenities. 

The most notable things about it include a pullout bed, a big kitchen, an outdoor shower, and a solar power system.

Winnebago Revel (18 mpg)

This Winnebago campervan can travel 18 miles per gallon. It has a great fuel economy for a vehicle that has plenty of features and amenities.

The Revel has a rugged look and build. In addition, it is a 4 wheel drive making it ideal for off-road camping. 

In the back of this RV is a big bed. But you can raise this bed during the day to increase the motorhome’s living space. 

The top features of this vehicle include a solar power system, a big fresh water tank, a well-designed kitchen, and a wet bath.

The only drawback is that this motorhome has a starting price of $175,000.

Airstream Interstate 19 (17 mpg)

This Airstream machine has an impressive gas mileage of 17 miles per gallon. Because Airstreams are some of the lightest RVs on the market, this gas mileage is not surprising.

The Airstream Interstate model is available as a 19 feet long motorhome and as a 24 feet long vehicle. The 19 feet long one is called Interstate 19 and it goes for about $165,000. It is one of the most luxurious class B vehicles.

Inside it has a leather sofa. You can convert this sofa into a big queen bed by simply pushing a button. You can increase this sleeping area by folding down the seat on each side of the sofa. So if you want good fuel economy plus great sleeping space, this Airstream is what you should get.

Other notable features inside this vehicle include flip-up kitchen counters, a beautiful wet bath, and Italian cabinetry.

Coachmen Nova (18 mpg)

On the highway, this motorhome can go as many as 18 miles on every gallon. It is a very special RV that you can go long distances on just several gallons.

This vehicle is built on a RAM Pro Master chassis. It has a rear wet bath, a solar power system, a roof rack, tables, a fiberglass enclosed shower, and solid hardwood cabinetry. It also has a full kitchen.

Carado Banff 2018 (15 mpg)

This RV is one of the best-designed Class B RVs on the market. It has got space to sleep and lounge plus a full kitchen (a kitchen with all the standard equipment). It also has a bathroom located near the back door. The bathroom comes with a sink that can be folded away and an ergonomic toilet.

While this Carado motorhome is compact, it is also very practical. It comes with plenty of storage space. 

The location of the toilet in this RV is not the best according to some people. This is because when you open your back doors you will see it immediately. However, it is not so bad compared to not having a toilet at all.

Ogavans (18 mpg)

Ogavans is a short form for Off Grid Adventure Vans. These are vans built in the United States to provide comfort and handle off-grid terrain perfectly well.

There are three types of Ogavans on the market – the Vagabond, the Summit, and the Rambler. Basically, to get a van conversion from Ogavans, you simply need to get the van you want to be converted and pay about $35,000 for the conversion and choose the style you want.

So if you want a customized campervan, this is the van to get.

As is the case with most Class B vans, this Ogavans van comes with a wet bath. You can easily clean up in total privacy inside this machine after a long day of adventure.

It also comes with a big kitchen with plenty of counter space and a number of overhead cabinets.

Other notable features in this campervan include a bathroom with a toilet and a shower. The bathroom does not come with a sink.

The vans that you can convert into an Ogavans van include Mercedes, Ford, and RAM vans.

Fleetwood Irok (15 mpg)

This campervan can go 15 miles per gallon. It is a Class B campervan that is pretty modern and luxurious. 

It costs about $90,000 and has plenty of entertainment features plus upgrade options. It is a vehicle that has all the standard features you would expect plus additional luxurious features.

Like most motorhomes, this motorhome comes with a wet bath. The wet bath is quite well-designed and modern. Among other things, it has a modern toilet paper holder, a modern sink, and modern ceiling lighting. 

The bathroom is also hygienic as it has doors instead of a curtain as is normally the case. The doors can be easily cleaned.

Winnebago Travato (22 mpg)

Winnebago is a renowned manufacturer of stylish motorhomes and the Travato is one of their latest RVs. This vehicle can go up to 22 miles per gallon. This makes it one of the most fuel-efficient Class B RVs on the market.

If asked to describe this RV in one word, the word would be contemporary. This RV is very modern with modern features and amenities. The bathroom inside this vehicle deserves a special mention. It is spacious and it comes with a wet bath, a toilet, a sink, a shower platform made of bamboo, a storage area above the toilet, and a storage area under the sink.

The freshwater capacity for this campervan is 21 gallons.

Coachmen Beyond (18 highway)

This Coachmen motorhome does 14 miles per gallon in the city and 18 on the highway. In other words, if you want to conquer the open road and drive for long distances, you can cover around 18 miles for every gallon. 

You will have to spend $110,000 to get this Coachmen motorhome. For the hefty price you will get a bathroom with a shower, a toilet, a sink, a backup camera, a power awning, and a side screen door.

American Coach Patriot (20 mpg)

This is a fancy small RV with a toilet and a shower. Because it is small in size, it can do 20 miles per gallon. Therefore, it is one of the few motorhomes you can travel long distances with without costing you a fortune in gas.

It has quality components and technologies making it one of the most luxurious RVs on the market. This luxurious RV goes for about $153,000. It is up to you to decide if it is worth the money. Many people agree it is.

This motorhome model is available with two-floor plans. For one floor plan, the fresh water tank is 32 gallons. For the other, it is 21 gallons.

Other notable features in this Class B include an ECO charging system and a Mercedes chassis.

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