10 Best Off Grid Travel Trailers

Best Off Grid Travel Trailers

Off-grid travel trailers are great. Many of them are the perfect home away from home. They allow you to enjoy home luxuries regardless of where you are camping.

The very best ones have several key features. They have great storage to allow you to carry all the supplies you need, off-road tires to enable you to handle difficult terrain, and better suspension to handle difficult terrain.

Compared to off-grid motorhomes, campervans, and fifth wheels, off-grid travel trailers are cheap. 

In this post, you will discover the best off-road travel trailers. These trailers are perfect for off-grid camping because they have been specifically designed for off-grid camping.

Without any delay, here are the best off-road trailers.

Top Off-Grid Travel Trailers

Cargo Camp 5×10

This trailer is built by a company based in Texas. It has a simple and yet highly functional design. 

Because of its simplicity, it is a relatively cheap trailer. So unlike most off-grid trailers, it is one of the few that is not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

While this is not an all-out off-grid machine, it is perfect for off-road camping in places with relatively flat terrain. 

What is so notable about this vehicle is its clean look. It does not have a lot of stuff inside but it has all the standard features you would expect in an off-grid camper including LED lighting, USB charging sockets, a wooden table with two opposite benches, and a bed that can only be set up when the table is folded. 

This trailer also comes with massive windows for panoramic views of the outside.

One more thing worth mentioning about this trailer is that it comes with an awning to provide shade in case you decide to spend some time outside during the day.

Dinky Dub Camper – Dinky II (Dub Box USA)

This travel trailer has the classic VW microbus look and it is loved by many for traveling off-road and getting to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

The trailer is lightweight enough to be easily towed even by some minivans. And it is compact enough to store in a typical garage when not in use.

One of the things that make this camper one of the best travel trailers for off-road camping is that it has a kitchenette. The kitchenette includes a two-burner stove, a sink, a big fresh water tank, and a pop-up area to increase the height and luxuriousness of the vehicle

To make sure you have great fun when camping off-grid with this vehicle, you should buy off-road tires and carry plenty of water in big water bottles as its freshwater tank has an eight-gallon capacity.

The Timberleaf Pika

So far, the travel trailers covered above are travel trailers that many individuals have successfully camped with off-grid. None of them is as true an off-grid camper as this Timberleaf camper.

The Timberleaf Pika is a true off-grid camper. While it is small and lightweight, it is designed to handle off-grid conditions and to provide you with the perfect space for camping wherever in the wild the night finds you.

The lightness and compactness of this travel trailer make it very easy to tow. You can literally tow this vehicle even using some powerful sedans. However, you should strongly consider getting a truck or a 4 by 4 SUV if you want to go off-grid camping.

This vehicle is perfect for two people. And while its standard version does look like an off-road beast, there is an off-road package you can purchase to ensure this vehicle comes to you as a true beast for off-road camping.

The package includes new suspension, new all-terrain tires, rock armor, electric brakes, and a special articulating hitch. This package allows you to tow this Timberleaf virtually anywhere you want.

Inside this vehicle has a thick double mattress for relaxing or sleeping. It also has many pockets for storing stuff such as books, maps, and electronic gadgets.

This Timberleaf model is insulated to keep you warm and has a fan to cool you off in case of too much heat.  A special skylight inside this trailer allows you to star gaze while protected from the outside elements.

Taxa Mantis Trailer

This is the perfect off-the-grid camper for solo travel, a couple, or for a small family of four. This is because it is spacious and has everything you need for a classic off-the-grid camping experience.

The exterior of this machine looks really edgy and tough at the same time. It makes this vehicle feel like a true off-road monster (which it is). The machine weighs around 2,200 pounds despite being an impressive 18 feet long. 

According to the manufacturer of this RV, four adult people can sleep in it. This is impressive considering its size. The sleeping zones include a queen bed at the rear and two bunk beds for adults at the front.

What is even more impressive about this RV is that it does not feel crowded or cramped. This is because of the pop-top that provides more headroom and makes it feel quite spacious.

This Taxa vehicle also comes with a wet room (toilet and shower), a full kitchen, a roof rack, and plenty of storage space. 

Notable features include a steel chassis, all-terrain tires, a 2-burner stove, a large awning, a laminate countertop, a 20-gallon freshwater tank, a trash can, and a furnace.

C.A.R.P Expedition Trailer (Apache Model)

There are two C.A.R.P Expedition travel trailers – the Apache and the ANZA models. They are some of the toughest and most adventure-ready campers in the world. Built by Mark Weseloh, they are easy to tow because of their compact size and look very impressive because of their rugged design. 

C.A.R.P Expedition trailers are made in such a way that you can use them to camp in a local park or to travel deep into wild territory for real outdoor camping adventures.

The trailers have a minimalist design. They only include necessary features to push you to enjoy nature more and make memories in the wild rather than spend a lot of time inside once you arrive at your destination.

The Apache model is as tough and as badass as the similarly-named US military helicopter. It has a special tough exterior coating that makes it one of the most durable off-road campers.

Its other features include all-terrain wheels and tires, an exterior galley hatch, two entry doors, permanent vents, LED lighting, a queen mattress, carpeted walls and ceiling, and an interior galley.

From the above, it should be easy to tell that this is one of the top off-grid campers.

The TerraDrop

Built by Oregon Trailer, this is one of the best designed and best-equipped travel trailers for off-grid and off-road camping. 

It is a vehicle that you would not expect to have any trouble handling even deep ravines and muddy potholes.

The most notable off-grid features in the TerraDrop include big off-road wheels, well-distributed weight for easy towing, a comfy double bed, an electric fan, and a kitchenette area in the back.

Sherpa Trailer (Adventure Campers USA)

This camper looks rugged and very manly. It feels like a travel trailer that is built to withstand the toughest off-road and off-grid conditions out there.

It comes with a pop-up that makes it feel very spacious, aircraft construction that makes it really tough, a special suspension that makes it very off-road capable, and a solar power system to power your off-road adventures.

Bruder Expedition Trailer

This special expedition trailer looks like a moon landing spacecraft from NASA. It is absolutely one of the best off-road vehicles currently on the market. The vehicle is made in Australia and sold worldwide. 

Unlike the other off-grid campers reviewed so far, this one is bigger and much more luxurious on the inside. 

It has plenty of storage areas, four sleeping areas for adults, an interior kitchen, an exterior kitchen, powerful suspension, and so much more.

Other features include air conditioning, cabinetry, a big TV, fold-out tables, and a wine holder.

Airstream Basecamp 

Known simply as the basecamp trailer, this trailer can be towed by virtually any mid-size SUV. It has multiple off-road and off-grid features include big wheels, wheel flares, a big fresh water tank, a kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. 

You can upgrade this vehicle’s off-grid capabilities by purchasing the solar power package for green energy.

Jayco Jay Feather Micro

This is the last off-grid trailer in this list but definitely not the least. It is a formidable off-grid trailer designed to provide maximum comfort. So if you want to camp off-grid in comfort, this is the vehicle you ought to get. 

Its off-grid features include a solar power prep on the rooftop, reinforced wheel wells, big wheels and tires, and a massive 55-gallon freshwater tank. You will find it difficult to get another off-grid trailer with a massive 55-gallon water tank.

This vehicle also comes with a roof rack for carrying things like bikes, surfboards, and so on.

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