10 Best RV Heaters For Boondocking

10 Best RV Heaters For Boondocking

Boondocking is simply camping out there in the wild in isolation. It is a practice that is also referred to as wild camping and dry camping. Boondocking enthusiasts believe it is a way to truly relax and isolate oneself. They also believe it is a way to reconnect with nature.

While boondocking is re-emerging in 2021, it used to be much more popular in the past when RV camping companies and RV campsites were not very many and very popular. 

It is important to note that while boondocking is perfectly legal in many states across the United States, it is illegal in some jurisdictions.

If you are planning on going wild camping, it is important to carry a heater with you. This is true even if you have a heating system in your RV. Acquiring and having a heater in your RV will help to ensure your vehicle’s internal temperatures do not go too low. This is especially true at night when temperatures tend to plummet. 

Why does someone with a heating system in their RV purchase a heater? Well, sometimes heating systems are inefficient and sometimes they do not cover all rooms as effectively as they need to. 

Without further ado, here are the best heaters for boondocking

10 best heaters for boondocking

Camco 57351 Olympian Wave 

This heater has a flat design and it is capable of giving out plenty of heat to keep you warm and cozy even during winter. It has two outputs – a minimum output of 4,000 BTU and a maximum output of 8,000 BTU. So if you simply want to turn a chilly evening into a warm and comfy evening, you go for the 4,000 BTU output setting. If you require more heat, the upper setting is just perfect.

This Camco heater is powered by propane. 

One of the best things about this heater is that you can mount it on one of your RV walls. This makes it perfect for use in compact RVs where space is always an issue. If you do not want to mount it, you can set it to stand alone.

Another great thing about this heater is its safety shutoff. It is designed to prevent accidents.


  • Safety shutoff protection
  • Silent operation (no fan or blower)
  • Mountable and portable
  • Maximum output 8,000 BTU


  • Some of its parts can get very hot

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 

Like the heater reviewed above, this is also a propane heater. It has a maximum output of 9,000 BTU, which means it is powerful enough to warm up even big 30 feet or 40 feet rigs. 

Featuring a patented design, this heater is perfect for warming up both vehicles and tents.

Unlike many heaters that can deliver 9,000 BTU like this one, this heater is not very big in size. This makes it ideal for use even in small campers.

This camper can be connected close to a propane gas tank or connected to a remote supply. 

A handle on top of this heater makes it easy to carry around. One more thing that must be mentioned about this Mr. Heater product is that it has a long limited warranty of three years.


  • Solid warranty 
  • Swivel-out regulator 
  • Hold-down handle 
  • Powerful maximum output 
  • Durable construction 


  • Can get too hot 
  • Not great for sleeping 

Mr. Heater F215000 MH4B

This is the second Mr. Heater product on this list. Just like the product above, it is a wonderful heater. However, it is much less powerful than the above Mr. Heater as it is a 3,000 BTU machine. It is perfect for warming up camping tents and small RVs. However, it is rated as 95 square feet which means it can theoretically warm up big RVs.

One of the best things about this propane heater is that it is indoor-safe. It offers odor-free heating and can easily be moved even when on. Moreover, it has a sensor that detects oxygen depletion and, therefore, provides protection against carbon monoxide poisoning.

A one pound propane cylinder (the cylinder is sold separately) will provide you with more than six hours of heating. 

This Mr. Heater has a single on/off button. This makes it easy to operate. 


  • Easy to operate 
  • Does not require setting up 
  • Cannot easily tip over
  • One year warranty 
  • Indoor safe


  • Gas cylinder sold separately 
  • Requires four-foot clearance (each side) to work efficiently

Mr. Heater 2F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy Heater

This is the third Mr. Heater on this list. It is the most powerful one by far because it is an 18,000 BTU heater. So if you have a massive motorhome or trailer that you want to warm up nicely during winter or in any other season, this heater is what you should get.

The heater is 450 square feet rated. 

In addition to having an output of 18,000 BTU, this heater has two other settings – 9,000 BTU and 4,000 BTU. 

In case this heater is tipped over, it has a sensor and automatic shutoff to protect you.


  • Powerful heater 
  • Ergonomic handle for easy carrying
  • Cover for easy storage
  • Has three heat settings
  • Automatic shutoff 


  • Has a part that gets extremely hot
  • Not for overnight heating

Caframo Limited True North Space Model 9206CABBX Heater

This Caframo heater is perfect for heating trailers, motorhomes, fifth wheels, and camping tents.

Unlike the heaters reviewed so far, this one utilizes electricity. This means you can never suffer carbon monoxide poisoning because of this heater. It also means you do not need to buy propane cylinders every now and then to keep this heater going.

In case you are wondering, this unit can be plugged into any standard 120V outlet. You do not need to power it using some special type of outlet or voltage.

This heater has a thermostat. You can adjust this device to make the heater start automatically when the temperature reaches a certain level.

There are five heat settings with the highest setting delivering 5,125 BTU heat. 


  • Electricity powered heater
  • No carbon poisoning
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Plugs into the standard outlet
  • Five-year warranty 


  • Manual controls

Suburban NT-30SP Furnace

If you have a small or mid-size recreational vehicle, this is the heater you should get. To be exact, it is not really a heater – it is a furnace. And it is not just any furnace but a powerful 30,000 BTU furnace. The kind of heat you can get from this portable furnace is sufficient to make you forget it is freezing or snowing outside your camper.

The design of this Suburban machine is in such a way that it is much safer than many propane furnaces/heaters with the same design.

If durability is what you seek, you will really love this furnace. This is because it is extremely durable.

This propane gas heater can provide an output of 30,000 BTU direct discharge or ducted.


  • Extremely powerful furnace
  • It has a cover for storage 
  • CGA and UL approved
  • Compact design


  • It can get very hot

Lasko Ceramic Model CD09250 Heater 

This is a very modern heating unit. It is a ceramic and has eleven settings including three super silent ones. Its silent settings plus its automatic shutoff when it overheats makes it the perfect heater for overnight heating.

Not many heaters are much safer than this. It can shutoff not only because of overheating but also when left on for too long. Moreover, its exterior does not heat up making it safe to touch. It is definitely quite user-friendly.


  • Very safe heater
  • 1,500W output 
  • Three-year warranty 
  • Safe-to-touch exterior 
  • Does not require assembling


  • Manual controls

Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater Wall Mounted

Several things stand out about this machine.

First, it does not require any standing room because you have to wall-mount it. Therefore, if you have a tiny motorhome or trailer with very little room, you should get it.

Second, it is very easy to install. And there is no risk of you tripping over its wires when you install it correctly.

Third, it is Wi-Fi compatible. This makes it possible for you to control using a special smartphone application or using your tablet or laptop. It is certainly a breeze to control.

Lastly, it is regarded as safe to use in indoor settings including inside RVs.


  • Wall-mounted heater
  • Easy installation
  • A breeze to control
  • Wi-Fi compatible


  • Not extremely powerful

De’Longhi Space Heater Model EW7707CM

This is a space heater – an oil-filled one to be exact. It is extremely energy efficient and it helps cut costs by automatically adjusting power settings while maintaining desirable temperatures. 

It is one of the few heaters that don’t actually require maintenance. No need to refill it or do anything else. You simply plug it in and you will be able to heat up your RV anytime of the day.

This De’Longhi heater comes with a thermostat for automatic adjustment and optimal temperatures.


  • Energy efficient 
  • No need for maintenance
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Three-year warranty


  • It can get quite hot
  • It is expensive                                                                                                          

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater 

This is the second Lasko heater on this list. It shows the superior quality of products made by Lasko.

It is impressive in terms of its build and performance. 

Its build includes a design with a maximum output of 1,500W and two noiseless temperature settings.

In contrast to most heaters, this Lasko heater comes with a remote that makes it very easy to control. It also has an eight-hour timer.


  • Very safe heater
  • Overheat protection 
  • Noiseless settings
  • Remote control


  • Can get hot
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