Best Type of RV Repair #1 Fix Your RV On Site

Best Type of RV Repair #1 Fix Your RV On Site

If your RV needs repair and you want to have someone come out and fix it for you. This is where the mobile RV repair services of an on-site RV repair company can be invaluable.

These companies are equipped with all the tools they need to make sure that your vehicle is fixed quickly, without having to drive your camper down a highway or through busy city streets.

And while most on-site RV service providers will charge by the hour, there are some who offer an estimate up front so that you know exactly what you’re getting into before any work begins.

RV owners are not always able to securely move their trailer to the repair shop.

My experience has taught me that it is safer and more convenient to find someone who can repair mobile RVs near me than chance driving something that may or may not be in excellent working order.

Finding someone who can diagnose and repair your RV may be really beneficial.

A mobile mechanic is an excellent choice, particularly if you want to avoid traveling.

Larger RVs, travel trailers, and fifth wheels may not be serviced by all repair and maintenance businesses.

They may not have enough room for your RV, or you may have difficulty maneuvering it onto their lots.

There may be numerous alternatives available depending on where you are seeking RV repair services.

Furthermore, some mobile mechanics offer various types of maintenance than others.

We will assist you in locating the best mobile RV repair service in your area so that you get the most out of your mobile mechanic service.

We’ll also provide some recommendations to assist you to discover the best mechanic for your specific requirements.

How do mobile repair services work?

A mobile RV repair service will come to your home to repair any mechanical issues with your RV.

They will bring all of the tools necessary to fix it, if you are unsure what is wrong with it.

Mobile RV mechanics are there to assist you with RV maintenance and repairs.

This makes repairs accessible in a variety of settings, including your home, a campsite, an RV park, or on the side of the highway.

How do I find a mobile repair shop near me?

Today, we are more inclined to use the internet to search for any RV-related product or service.

To be honest, you will find at least one or two results when you Google “mobile RV repair near me”.

However, you might need to be creative to find mobile mechanical services in certain locations.

Here are the best ways to locate mobile RV repair services close to you:

  1. Internet Search
  2. Ask a campground manager
  3. Contact a local RV dealer or RV parts shop
  4. Get tips and advice from fellow campers

These are just some of the most common strategies to find mobile RV repair in your local area. There are many nuances, so let’s get into them before we move forward!

Searching the Web

You can find mobile repair services on the internet.

You can search for “mobile RV repair near me” but there may also be other terms.

You may also try these secondary search terms

  • “Mobile mechanic near me”
  • “RV mobile mechanic near me”
  • ‘RV handyman near me’
  • “Mobile repair service near me”

These terms will help you to expand your search and locate more mechanics in the area.

You may also be able search for these mechanisms on other platforms than Google.

You can search for these services on platforms such as Yelp and Bing. This will allow you to see user reviews about the service provided by these mechanics.

Asking for Campgrounds

Managers of campgrounds and other staff often help RVers and campers locate essential services.

They may also be local residents and workers.

These people often have practical experience with the quality work offered by mechanics.

Asking a staff member or manager at a campground can help you find mobile mechanic services in your local area, and which one offers the best quality service.

Contacting a Parts or Dealership

Every mechanic who offers mobile service must source his or her parts. They often source their parts at a local RV dealer or parts shop.

This creates a long-lasting relationship between the mechanics and the parts shop or dealership.

These stores often have recommendations for mobile repair services in your local area because mechanics are able to keep parts and dealerships in business.

Chatting with other people

Each owner is responsible for general maintenance and repairs at one time or another.

It can be difficult to know which mobile mechanics will be worth your time and easy to find.

However, some RVers may have previous experience with mobile RV repair services in their area.

Asking fellow RVers and campers for help can be a great way of finding a mechanic who will deliver on their promises.

Mobile Repair Services

It is important to understand that these mechanics may not offer the same services as traditional repair shops.

Before you allow them to come to your RV, make sure that they provide the service you need.

These are the most common mobile RV repair services that you will find among these mechanics.

General Mobile Repair Technicians

This person is the RV mobile mechanic who can do it all. This person is skilled in all aspects of general and repair maintenance.

General technicians tend to work only out of their mobile vehicles so are familiar with RV repairs.

This is usually the type of mechanic that you should seek if you require mobile repair services.

Mobile Repair Specialists

Mobile mechanics who market themselves as specialists will usually specialize in one or two types repair, just like their name.

These mechanics are more focused on one type of repair than a general technician, so they offer a better service.

They will charge a premium for their services.

If you have a problem that a technician cannot fix, a specialist will likely be needed.

Local Repair Shops or Dealers Can Make House Calls

Sometimes, house calls may be possible for a limited number of people at the RV dealership’s traditional mechanic shop or repair department.

These services are often provided on request and are normally reserved for emergencies only.

These services can be very helpful in getting your RV on the road again and/or avoiding major mechanical problems. However, they are usually the most costly.

The Benefits of a Mobile Repair Service

Sometimes, it is better to hire a mobile mechanic than take your RV to a traditional repair shop.

These are the benefits of mobile RV repair before you decide to start your RV and drive to a brick and mortar mechanic shop.


A mobile RV handyman is a great option because they will come to you.

These services are super convenient, and they also offer a variety of other benefits we will also mention.

Lower Risk

You won’t need to transport your RV to allow a mobile technician to inspect it. This will reduce the chance of further damage to your RV and its components.

This allows you catch signs that are small before they become bigger mechanical problems.

Savings: Time and Money

You can save time and money by having an RV handyman visit your location.

First, you won’t need to spend time or burn gas driving your RV to a mechanic.

If your car has problems that are not familiar with, you don’t want to take on additional risk.

This can save you money in the long-term by not having to make costly repairs due to the fact that you missed the warning signs.

Quality Of Service

You may have seen the service area at your local mechanic shop. It can be chaotic with many vehicles moving in and out and loud noises.

These distractions can make it more likely that your technician misses a step or doesn’t recognize an issue that is larger than it should be.

Mobile RV servicemen will travel to you and they’ll focus their full attention on your RV.

This can help reduce distractions and in many cases, improve the quality of your service.

Negatives of Mobile Repair Benefits

Mobile mechanics are not equipped to perform all types of maintenance or repairs.

Before you do a Google search for “mobile RV repair near me”, please be aware of some of the disadvantages of hiring a mobile mechanic.


Mobile mechanics are not like traditional mechanic shops and must charge enough to cover the cost of fuel they use to drive as far as their clients need.

Mobile RV mechanical services are often more expensive than going directly to the shop.

Some technicians will charge a flat fee to travel to your location regardless of how far you are from them. Some others will charge per mile for travel.

This fee is added to the cost of labor and parts when you pay for mobile mechanic services.

Repair Location

Sometimes, RV parks and campgrounds might not allow repairs to be done on-site.

Although this is mostly handled on an individual basis, many campgrounds don’t want to have their property become a temporary maintenance area for RVs that break down or are injured.

It is important to assess whether your area is suitable for a mechanic to come and repair your vehicle.

You’ll need to move your RV otherwise. After that, it might be a good idea to take it to a mechanic shop.


There may not always be an RV repair service available, depending on where you live.

Even if you do multiple searches for the same terms and use different platforms to search, the truth is that repairmen who are mobile don’t offer service everywhere.


What is the cost of a service?

A typical service can cost between $220 and $528 depending on whether the service is First, Intermediate, Annual, Premium, or Premium. A service should be done every 10,000km or every 12 months, depending on which comes first.

How long is it to become a Tech?

Do people come to you for help with their car or household problems? You might consider a career in RV service tech if you have the desire and the talent. We’ll teach you how to become an RV technician after high school in just 12 weeks.

What is the cost of a Nrvta?

The five-week session costs $8,538. It includes five exam and two certification exams.

What is the value of Nrvta?

Students can choose to pay $399 per week. Limit 25 students can participate in each session. Participants who have completed the entire course may return to the course for a refresher or to take the entire course again at no additional cost.

Is it expensive to fix them?

It can also be expensive to maintain and repair your home.

Your RV’s wear and tear will determine the cost of maintenance. Mobile Homes Parts Store reports that many people who owned RVs spent $500 to $1,000 per year on maintenance. Some RVers spend several thousand dollars per year.

Are RVs subject to a lot of maintenance?

The cost of an RV’s annual maintenance varies depending on its type. Because they are more expensive than Fifth Wheels or Travel Trailers, a Class A or B motorhome will be more costly annually. You must also include the cost of maintaining your trailer.

Is it necessary to add antifreeze to my RV?

Antifreeze doesn’t have to be added to your tanks. To protect your valves and seals, add one quart of RV Antifreeze to the tanks after you have emptied them. You will need to drain the water from your pipes so that only antifreeze remains.

Can you live in a winter home?

Although many four-season RVs have thermal packages that provide extra insulation, this is still not sufficient for RVing in extreme cold temperatures. Put your RV in a jacket if you are camping in extreme cold. No matter how well-insulated they claim to be, RV windows can lose a lot of heat.

Can RV antifreeze be put in my freshwater tank?

You should not pour antifreeze in your fresh water tank and let it run through your water pump. This is a wasteful use of antifreeze, and it will make your water system less efficient. The antifreeze will not work as well if there is still water in the tank.

What is Level 2 Inspection?

To become certified by NRVIA, Level 2 Inspectors must pass an exam. This is after completing a 5-day hands-on course. They are able to pull fluid samples and conduct more detailed testing to determine an RV’s roadworthiness.

What is a technician?

A recreational vehicle technician is responsible for diagnosing and fixing problems in recreational vehicles, including flooring, electrical, and furniture repairs.

What does it mean to be a motorhome technician

Technician for Caravans and Motorhomes

Repairs of caravans and motorhomes. Service of motorhomes and caravans. Fitting accessories to caravans or motorhomes. Inspection of caravans, motorhomes and other vehicles before delivery.

What is the IA certification?

RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association), licenses and certifies RV manufacturers. Only licensed RV manufacturers can make a certified RV.

Is insurance available to cover water damage to a campervan?

Comprehensive. Comprehensive RV insurance covers nearly all damage to your vehicle that is not caused by an accident. Comprehensive coverage policies cover everything, including water damage, hail, fire, and hail.

What is the cost of replacing an RV water tank?

An RV gray water tank replacement can cost anywhere from $100 to $1000, depending on how small the tank is and how DIY it was installed. Professional installation costs more for larger tanks or unusually shaped tanks. Depending on the difficulty of the tank, an RV technician may cost from $200 to almost $1000.

How often should your vehicle be serviced?

For RV owners who use their vehicle less often, the maintenance schedule may differ slightly. It will take longer for your vehicle’s mileage to reach its maximum, so make sure to inspect your RV at least once every six months.

Is it difficult to maintain your garden?

Regular maintenance is necessary for RVs. This can be costly and time-consuming. You wouldn’t allow your vehicle to go unmaintained for too long without changing its oil from time to time. (… What would you do? There are many other issues that could go wrong with your rig.

What is the cost of full-time living?

The total cost of full-time living is approximately $20,000

The initial budget estimate for our monthly expenses was between $2500 to $2800. We are extremely happy with the fact that this lifestyle has been possible at a much lower cost, which is around $2000 per monthly (not including taxes and health expenses).

What happens if your RV isn’t winterized?

You run the risk that your RV will be severely damaged if you don’t winterize it when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Water freezes when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

What length of time can a camper be winterized?

Andy, many thanks. There are many examples of winterized RVs that can go for 2-3 winters without any problems. The antifreeze does evaporate but more slowly than water. To protect the seals, 2 cups can be placed in the toilet bowl. It might take 3-4 months for it to evaporate depending on how hot or cold it is.

Do I need to winterize my car?

To prevent RV damage, you should have your RV winterized prior to storage if you are going to be outside temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Cracks can occur in tanks if water heater water freezes. This can result in costly repairs.

Is it too cold to be a snowman?

An RV is not suitable for temperatures between -19oF to -25oF (-28 Celsius and -31 Celcius). Low temperatures are extremely dangerous for RVs, and frostbite can occur in a matter of minutes.

Can RV pipes freeze in a single night?

Your RV pipes will freeze faster if the temperature drops to below freezing. If the temperature drops below freezing, it will take approximately 24 hours for your RV pipes to freeze.

Is it possible to use an RV toilet in winter?

You can use your RV toilet during freezing temperatures for short periods. One option is to purchase a four-season RV, or modify one to deal with sub-freezing temperatures. This is something I have done with great success. This requires a coach that has heated and enclosed holding tanks.


A mobile RV mechanic service may be the best option if you are in remote areas.

This type of mechanic is preferred by many RVers because they don’t have to pay the extra time or money to transport their RV to a traditional maintenance shop.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a mobile service to fix a problem or general maintenance to keep your road trip dreams alive.

We hope you have learned these things and more. As always, we wish for you safe and enjoyable RV travels in the future.

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