Can You Rent An RV One Way?

Can You Rent An RV One Way?

If you are traveling on a budget, then renting an RV to get from point A to point B might be the way for you. But what about if your travels take you in one direction?

The question of whether or not it’s possible to rent an RV only one way has come up recently with people who’ve had their minds set on taking trips that go in just one direction and aren’t sure how much it’ll cost. If this sounds like something you have an interest in, then you’re in the right place.

Can you rent an RV one way? Yes, you can. Most popular RV rental platforms such as RVShare, Outdoorsy and Cruise America all offer one-way RV rentals. The only downside is they tend to cost slightly more than a regular RV rental or levy a small surcharge of between $200 and $600.

How much does it cost to rent an RV one way?

If you’re looking to rent an RV one way, it’s important that you know what kind of budget you need. The average cost per day varies depending on the age and class of the Rv. Typically prices range from $175-$275/night (10+ years or older); $350-450 for newer models) to a more economical price between $100 – 200/night ($200-700 night for newer models).

For one-way rentals, a surcharge of between $200 and $600 is likely to be applied.

RV rentals are an affordable option if you want a lot of space but don’t have enough money in your pocketbook! The price ranges depend heavily on what kind and how old it is – generally speaking, when they’re cheaper than most hotels after 10 years+, then that’s probably not too shabby because sometimes

Traveling with an RV is a great way to experience the sights and sounds of new places. When you rent your RV, it’s important to ask if they allow one-way rentals or not. One-way RVs are ideal for those who come from different regions than where their destination lies.

However, be sure that this type of rental is open before inquiring about it at your location of choice as some may only offer roundtrip mileage options instead.

Does Cruise America do one-way rentals?

Yes, Cruise America offers one-way RV rentals. The advantage of using Cruise America for this sort of rental is that they do a pre-inspection of the RV to make sure it is up and running for your trip. This way, you know in advance if there are any problems with the vehicle before you set off on your adventure!

How much does Cruise America charge for their one-way rentals?

Cruise America has three tiers of pricing depending on where you pick up and drop off from as well as how many miles were driven during the rental period. The rates range between $200-$800 per day or $1000-$3000 per week. Like most companies though, this will depend on when and where you rent an RV from them so be sure to check out all prices before making a commitment.

Does RV Share do one-way rentals?

RV Share offers a range of one-way rentals on a number of popular routes across America, including:

Other options are available, just take a look at the full list of options here.

Does Outdoorsy do one-way rentals?

One-way rentals are a possibility. But it depends on the owner and their policies, some may opt to allow one-way for an additional return fee and pick up themselves.

Essentially one way RV rentals are not facilitated under the Outdoorsy platform. But we can’t deny the possibility of a one-way RV rental.

The easiest way to find out is to contact the owner individual owner and ask them.

Should You Book Early To Secure A One Way Rental?

Booking early with a one-way RV rental is not always necessary.

If you are planning a trip with an open timeline, then booking early does have some advantages.

An earlier reservation will give you more options and flexibility!

You may be able to find deals for last-minute reservations that would otherwise not exist if the owner was in need of their vehicle back sooner than later.

I would still recommend planning ahead and booking early for a one-way RV rental at least as far in advance as you would need to book with two-way rentals.

But if your timeline is flexible, then waiting until the last minute can be worthwhile!

Why Should You Book A One Way RV Rental?

A one-way RV rental can be a great option for those who don’t want to commit to returning an RV to its original location.

It’s also perfect for people that are limited on time and can’t afford the time it would take to return a vehicle.

Booking a one-way RV rental is easy and most companies offer this service at a small charge.

In addition, some people will book a one-way rental because they need an RV only long enough to move houses before heading out west again. If you’re not looking for anything permanent, then renting by the day might be your best option as opposed to buying.

Tips on Renting an RV:

  • Shop around for a deal (the more expensive ones may have nicer amenities)
  • Check with friends or family members about renting their RV as this will often save money; however, make sure it’s clear what kind of condition the RV was in when being rented out last time because some might not be in very good shape anymore and could break down while driving.
  • Check what’s included in the rental agreement:
  • Does it include a generator, propane tank, and tires?
  • What is the mileage limit? (some charge extra for miles driven)
  • These are just some of the things you should look out for when renting an RV. This article will hopefully help clear up any confusion as to whether or not someone can rent an RV one way!


If you’re planning to head out on a road trip and want the flexibility of exploring new places along the way, then one-way RV rentals are perfect for your needs. Just remember that they tend to cost more than regular RV rentals or come with a small surcharge in some cases. When it comes time to return your rental vehicle, make sure to thoroughly inspect all parts before driving off the lot so as not to be charged additional fees due to damages incurred during use.

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