The 5 Best Archery Ranges in New York City

The 5 Best Archery Ranges in New York City

New York City is not only famous for the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, or even the Times square. The American icon attracts thousands of people with its renowned entities that are a sight to behold.

The museums, green spaces, theatres, etc., are other places that pull residents as well as tourists. But as it turns out, NYC has one of the best spots for you to practice your archery. Yup, you read that right.

Although, it is not surprising, as the city is the capital for business, commerce, history, etc., leaving you with tonnes of options. As we all know, New York City is vast in area, it surely has so much out there.

Since archery, as a sport, is common among people in the USA, aspiring archers can practice their shooting skills at these ranges. And obviously, it adds a wonderful experience to a traveler’s journey. Visiting New York City for the first time and going to these ranges will double the fun of your adventure.

Best 5 archery ranges

To save you some time for research before trying out these places, I have narrowed down the top five archery ranges. Among hundreds of spots to exercise your aiming skills, these five are definitely your best choices.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you should know about these places if you live in or visit New York City. They can definitely help you develop your skill-set and prepare you for competitions. Here is the list:

  • Gotham Archery
  • Pro-Line Archery Lanes
  • Victory Archers
  • Queens Archers
  • The Floyd Bennett Field Archery Range

You can read about them in brief below.

Gotham Archery

Oh, I know what you are thinking. I mean, we all think about Batman when we read or hear the place named Gotham! Well, at least now we know how he mastered his aiming. Okay, superheroes aside, this is a dream place for archers for shooting practice.

The archery range has a magnificent interior with the right amount of lighting and decoration. With its 3D target range, you can practice on 3D objects such as fishes, deers, and even dinosaurs! Who would want to shoot on paper targets now, huh?

Apart from the 3D hunt, it proffers lane rentals, where you can hold a private session. And to develop your skills, they have classes for kids and adults. They also have axe classes that are available only for people above 16 years of age.

Axe lessons also include knife throwing. The target is the same as the archery, only the weapons are different. Don’t worry, even the amateurs can expand their skills with Gotham Archery’s intermediate classes.

They hold regular tournaments for the members, which is a great way to test oneself and compete with others. The Gotham Archery has featured in popular magazines like Vogue, Huffington Post, Business Insider, etc. It makes it one of the best archery sites in the world. Their prices for the 3D hunt, which only available on the first Saturday of the month, are $35.

You must have your own equipment to enjoy the fun of this amazing 3D hunt. The archery class cost about $45 per person, and lane rentals are for $16 per hour. You can even organize birthday or office parties at their premises. No one can stop you from hitting the bullseye, now.

Manhattan and Brooklyn are the only two branches of this archery range, which are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Since we have the Batman factor here, you may be looking at the greatest archery place. Who knows, you might see him there or the whole Justice League! That would be cool, though. So grab your equipment and AIM!

Pro-Line Archery Lanes

As the name suggests, Pro Line Archery Lanes is a place for professionals. It has been in NYC since the 70s. With a highly-skilled staff, this archery range remains on top of its game. Some of them are even a part of the United States’ national team. And who can train or guide you better than these professionals, right? They mainly focus on their Olympic style shooting, which is one other reason for their extensive popularity.

The place offers various leagues like target and hunter’s league, which can train you for competitive shooting. For the young and aspiring archers, they have a youth program that helps them enhance their skill in Olympic style shooting.

You might be looking at some future gold medalists once you enter this spot of their archery range. For beginners, they have a hunter’s safety program, which is useful for those who want to apply for a hunter’s license. Since hunting is a popular activity, these lessons can be worth your time.

The Pro Line Archery Lanes has 20 indoor lanes, built on an indoor range. The entry fee for an adult is $20 and drops to $15 for kids, assuming you don’t have your own equipment. If you do, the price will be $13 and $10, respectively.

You can also buy their equipment and accessories for your bow. Moreover, you can order Pro Line t-shirts from their website. This range resides in the center of Queens, in Ozone Park. So whenever you visit NYC, stop by the Pro Line Archery Lanes to experience professional training with some bigger names in the sport. With professional guidance, you might be able to enter bigger tournaments.

Victory Archers

Now this one is not just an archery range but a club. And don’t forget clubs allow their members 24*7 access to their facilities. Yes, once you become a member there, you can play and practice shooting any time you like. So even if it’s 3 in the morning, you will not have to wait for archery sites to open.

The Victory Archers will be there for you. Located in the southernmost borough of New York City, Victory Archers is the most popular archery place. With a standard 20 yard range, it offers shooting lessons, hunting lessons, and children’s lessons. They have 12 lanes on the range that are enough for a crowd to practice.

For beginners and amateurs, this is the best place to improve their skills in archery. What makes it the best is its instructors. According to the members and regular customers, the instructors are great and friendly in nature. These sorts of guides will keep your morale high, and you will enjoy training with them.

They will interact with you and guide you at every obstacle you face. From correctly holding the bow to improving the shot accuracy, these professionals can help you master every skill of archery.

It turns out to be an excellent place for those who want to begin their career in archery or join an archery club to keep in touch with the sport. Their weekly practice lessons and leagues can help them better themselves in less time. Lessons, tournaments, and leagues are enough for you to be a member of the Victory Archers.

Queens Archers

This is a place you wouldn’t want to miss while visiting New York City. Whether you are a professional or a newbie in archery, Queens Archers can promise you a great experience. For starters, it has been around for over 30 years, training people to master the exciting skill of arrow shooting. It is a delightful place to hang out with your friends and family.

Queen archery has vouchers for their customers that may come in handy on dates or family outings. They even have groupons that can help you go in groups at a significantly lesser price. For groups, they provide group classes, which are much better than going solo. Although if you really want to master the skill, you can train alone too.

It costs 15$ per hour if you have the equipment. However, the price doubles if you rent it.

They have two types of memberships. The silver one costs $100, and the platinum membership costs about $1000. To add more fun to your experience, they organize tournaments every Tuesday and Sunday, which has an entry fee of $15 only.

You must have your own equipment to enter for the Sunday tournaments, but rentals are available for the Tuesday one. You can make reservations by e-mailing them the timings and other details. Their Junior Olympic Archery Development program costs $40, and you must be under 18 years old.

They will provide you with the equipment if you don’t have your own. They also have a USA Archery Adult Achievement Program that may get you certificates and USA archery pins. Depending on your performance in the tournaments.

With a range of over 20 lanes available at ease, Queens Archers hold beginner classes and target leagues to keep the fun intact. Only the kids above nine years of age can take their lessons under parental supervision. You can also purchase bows and arrows from their pro shop. Their workers will surely help you pick the most suitable bow for you.

A coaching lesson comes free if you purchase a bow, which is quite a fair bargain. The shop not only sells but also repairs your damaged equipment. And if you purchase the equipment from the shop, they will repair it for free, if damaged in the future. FREE! They have their own apparel, which includes t-shirts and jerseys for men, women, and kids. What now? You need more reasons to visit this amazing archery range?

The Floyd Bennett Field Archery Range

Imagine you are practicing your shooting as the mesmerizing sound of the ocean reaches your ears, and the cool breeze blows, gently touching your face. Fascinating, right? Well, stop imagining and go to the Floyd Bennett Field Archery Range. That’s right.

You can practice with the magnificent sight of the Atlantic Ocean. This keeps getting interesting. I mean, you can flood your Instagram with pictures of you firing arrows as the ocean lays behind you. And you can set your own targets as long as you remove them after use. Trust me, outdoor archery has never been cooler.

Since the field is a part of Gateway National park, there are other activities to enjoy as well. You can camp, fish, hike, swim, and of course, practice archery. Their outdoor range has 8-10 shooting targets and a platform from where you can aim and shoot.

You can buy a permit that costs only $50 for an entire year. They do not provide any types of equipment, so you better be prepared with your own. So whenever you want to spend a shooting session in peace, you should visit here.

Summing up

So what’s holding you back now? Pack your equipment and reach one of these spots to have the best shooting experience of your life. You can even visit their websites to know more about them.

It is always good to have more knowledge about the place you are visiting since you don’t want to waste your money. But you won’t find a better recommendation than the above. One thing is sure that a day at one of these will be a day well spent.

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