Carbon Express Maxima Red Reviews 2021

Carbon Express Maxima Red Reviews

Carbon Express’ Maxima Red arrows are quite awesome, and everyone knows it. These arrows are available in most of the shops. They are among the best-sellers that you can find in the market. With high-quality arrows like carbon express maxima, it is not surprising.

You will surely love these arrows as they make your shooting experience better. You might have other opinions since everyone wants arrows that suit them best. What matters is that the arrows offer better performance and look good on you. The Maxima Red promises that with a lot of features.

The black-red color combination adds an excellent effect to the arrows. If your equipment has the same blend, it would look even more amazing. However, red-black looks great on everything, including the archery equipment.  

Features of Carbon Express Maxima Red

An arrow-like Carbon Express Maxima Red sure comes with a lot of features. These features make it better than other arrows.  

Dynamic Spine

Feradyne’s Carbon Express Maxima Red has a dynamic spine that is better than other arrows available in the market. It makes the arrow fly better.

There is a red zone, made up of carbon material with higher flexibility, between the silver bars. You cannot easily bend the arrow from any of the ends, but its middle does because of flexibility. It allows the arrow to start spinning as soon as it leaves the bow.

The flexes will stay within their red zone when you shoot the arrow, which starts spinning sooner than any other arrow would. It improves your accuracy as well as the consistency of your shots. I would recommend the Maxima arrows, as it will increase your success ratio for sure.  

These arrows might be expensive than other carbon arrows, but their accuracy makes it worth every single penny. So, giving it a shot won’t hurt you much.  

Red Zone

The red zone allows the arrow to flex while in mid-air. It takes the hunting experience to the next level as the arrow flexes at its red zone and improves performance. The broadheads amplify the flexibility effect while the arrow is in flight.   

Broadhead Accuracy

Broadhead helps to move the arrow’s front-of-center weight forward, increasing the flexibility after you launch it from your bow. The arrow shaft’s stiff front end shifts the arrow flex in the middle, i.e., Red zone.

It also reduces movement at the front and maintains the consistency of the broadheads that act like wings of the arrow.  

Best Tuning Arrow

The Maxima red covers a 40-92 pound bow taking only two spine sizes that manage its dynamic spine. It is difficult to find the right length arrows that are powerful, but Feradyne’s Carbon arrows can make the task simpler.


They check Maxima Red Arrows for straightness through lasers, and it shows an outstanding measurement of 0.00001 inches. The highest measurement for the straightness of these arrows is +/- 0.0025.

Nock Collar

All Maxima Red arrows have the Carbon Express’ exclusive nock collars. The nock collar also protects the shaft from powerful impacts. It keeps the arrows from splitting or breaking into two pieces.

The nock collar prevents the arrow from blowing up on someone’s face. So, if you ever see an arrow doing that, you would get why nock collars are important. The carbon fiber feels like they made it for the arrow shafts only. You have to be careful because it can hurt you if it explodes at launch.  

Carbon Express Maxima Specification


The Maxima arrows come in two different sizes—250 (8.11 GPI and 400 spine), 350 (9.07 GPI and 350 spine). A smaller number means the spine of the arrow is stiffer. A larger number indicates a flexible spine.   


The Carbon Express’ Maxima arrows only come in a length of 31.5 inches. A longer length would indicate a weaker spine. The ideal range is 30-33 inches. So, Maxima arrows are a perfect choice if you look at their length.   


The 250 size arrows have a diameter of 0.295 inches, whereas the 350 size arrows come with a 0.300-inch diameter. The thicker an arrow is, the stiffer it will be.  

Straightness and weight tolerance

Maxima Arrows have maximum straightness of 0.0025 inches. Professionals use arrows that have straightness in the range of 0.001 to 0.002. So, these arrows are good for the experts in the field. The Maxima arrows have a weight tolerance of ± 1 grain.

Carbon Express Maxima Highlights

Here are few other points about Maxima arrows to notice. These are some advanced features you will find in the Carbon Express’ Maxima Red.   

Launchpad precision nocks

The Carbon Express Maxima Red arrows come with Launchpad precision nocks. These nocks promise a controlled release of the arrow, better alignment of the shaft, and accuracy with each shot.  

Dynamic spine control

Carbon Express constructs Maxima Red arrows with hi-tech carbon material, which manages the dynamic spine in such a way that makes broadheads fly better and shoot more consistently.

Diamond weave

The outer layers of the Carbon Express Maxima Red arrows are 100% diamond weave carbon. It keeps the arrows stiff and guarantees unparalleled spine consistency.  

My Recommendation

The Maxima red arrows are, without a doubt, the best shooting arrows. You will need the best bow and arrows for your shooting sessions, and The Carbon Express Maxima are the best you can get. I would recommend giving these arrows a shot and see for yourself how good they are.  

You might have been using the same old and cheap arrows. It is time to make a change and buy the best ones available in the market. They are smoother, stiffer, and more powerful than many other popular arrows. To top all of that, they offer high accuracy and consistency rate.

Carbon Express produces the best arrows at reasonable prices. Once you use the Maxima arrows, you will realize that they are worth more than their actual price. So, it is better to buy them now and enjoy them before the price goes up. They may even get sold out if you don’t hurry.

Even my dad has been using them for so many years. I have never seen him complaining about it once. These arrows are so great that he and even I will use them for longer than we expected.   

Related Questions

Which type of arrow is better: aluminum or carbon fiber? 

An Arrow made with carbon fiber is better and more popular for its lightweight and durability. People usually buy these for better shot accuracy. Aluminum arrows, on the other hand, do not last long. Their only advantage is that they are a bit cheaper than carbon fiber arrows. Carbon arrow is an ideal pick for most archers.

Do arrows made with carbon fiber shatter inside the target animal? 

The carbon fiber might shatter if you don’t use the arrows with strong nock collars. If you use the appropriate shaft and broadhead, then carbon fiber arrows are less likely to shatter even in the prey animal. These arrows are rigid and won’t hesitate to drive through the animal’s body.

So if you want to become a Bowhunter, the Carbon Excess Maxima arrows are perfect for you.

How to choose an arrow?

To choose the best arrows for your shooting sessions, consider the following factors:

  • The type of material—wood, carbon fiber, aluminum, or fiberglass—you want. 
  • The spine and length of an arrow depend on your bow. You need to figure out the draw length and pull weight of the bow. 
  • The pattern of shaft you want. Select from black, wood grain, camo, etc. 
  • Your preferable style of an arrow. 
  • The weight of arrows is an important aspect. Bowhunters choose a heavy arrow, whereas target shooters prefer lightweight ones to shoot longer distances.  
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