10 Class B For A Family of 4

10 Class B For A Family of 4

Recreational vehicles cost a lot of money. Therefore, many individuals often think hard and do a lot of research before buying one. The only problem is that while there are a lot of RVs on the market, finding one that perfectly suits your needs and does not cost too much is often very difficult. 

Nevertheless, you are in great luck if you are looking for a Class B recreational vehicle that is perfect for a family of four. The reason why is that we have done the research and listed the ten best Class B for families below.

Class B RVs are small, fuel-efficient, easy to drive, and relatively cheap compared to class A and class C RVs. They are perfect for a couple or a small family. In the list below are all the top class B RVs that sleep four or more people.

Coachmen Nova

Coachmen are one of the top manufacturers of RVs in the world and this is one of their top products. 

The Coachmen Nova is a converted Ram Pro Master 3500 extended van that is built to make you feel at home wherever you decide to set up camp.

In terms of length, this RV measures approximately 21 feet long. Its height is 9 feet and its exterior width is 7 feet. In short, what am trying to say is that you will not be complaining about space inside this vehicle even if you are a tall guy.

One of the most interesting features of this vehicle is that its walls are insulated. In fact, it is one of the best insulated Class B RVs. In addition to being insulated, this vehicle also has a powerful furnace. You and your family will never feel cold while camping in this machine. 

Other interesting features include a water heating system, a powerful Coleman AC for hot summers, a big fuel tank, an off-road suspension system, and a subscription to Sirius radio.

Of course, in addition to everything aid above, four people can sleep comfortably in this RV.

Pleasure Way Ontour 2.2

This is one of the most expensive class B RVs. It costs more than $130,000. So buying it is kind of the same as buying a luxury sedan or SUV. While this RV is expensive, it does compensate for its hefty price with superior quality features.

The camper is 10 feet tall and nearly 22 feet long. So it taller than and longer than the Coachmen vehicle I reviewed above. It is built on a Ford Transit 3500 chassis and it has a powerful V6 engine. 

When driving to your camping location, all four of you will be safe because it has four seat belts for four people. At night, all four of you will have a comfortable sleeping area. Based on these facts, you can see why this is one of the best class B machines for a family of four.

Several features inside this RV make it feel like home. They include windows with privacy shades, vinyl flooring, maple cabinet doors, and a full-size wardrobe. Like class B above, this vehicle is also insulated. 

Unlike ninety percent of Class B RVs, this one comes with a LED TV. You can watch sports, news, or whatever else you like watching while camping far away from home. The TV has a Blu-ray player and several USB ports.

This vehicle also comes with an enclosed shower, a stainless steel sink, and a foot flush ceramic toilet.

Roadtrek E-Trek 

Built on a Sprinter chassis, this class B is massive and at the same time easy to drive. In fact, it drives just like any big SUV. 

According to RV aficionados, this RV is for those who love quality, technology, and the environment. You most probably like all these things but the only thing that may dissuade you from buying this vehicle is its price. It goes for about $180,000. But this price is fair considering the construction of this vehicle and its many quality features.

Large windows, ground effects, and clean lines characterize the exterior of this RV. On top of the RV is a massive solar panel that is supposed to provide you with clean power when you are camping. No need for a noisy generator. 

The exterior of this RV also includes a retractable awning and a spare tire.

This Roadtrek camper has an interior that makes it perfect for camping. The interior includes a complete kitchen with all the amenities you need to prepare a quick meal. It also includes a spacious bathroom with a toilet and a shower.

There are also several sleeping areas perfect for a family of four.

The safety features in this RV also deserve special mention. They include high beam assist, collision prevention technology, lane-keeping technology, and blind-spot monitoring.

Winnebago Solis

This is one of the top-rated Class B RVs in the United States. It is not only beautiful but also perfectly designed for a fun, memorable, and luxurious camping experience.

The Solis has a retro rooftop extension to allow you and your family to take in everything that your camping site has to offer.

In terms of space, this RV is around 20 feet long and 7 feet wide. In short, it is a big RV. It also has four sleeping zones for four people.

Probably the feature that makes this Class B stand out from the rest is its pop-up roof. One or two people can sleep in this zone at night. There is a bigger bed for two more people.

Despite being a Class B camper, the Solis has several seating options. They include a dinette and a sofa that can be converted into a bed at night. The dinette has belts for safe travel. Therefore, when traveling to your camping destination, everybody will be safe in this RV.

In contrast to most Class B RVs, the Winnebago Solis comes with a solar power system to provide you with power when you are camping off the grid.

One more thing that must be mentioned about this RV is that it is fully insulated.

Coach House RV – Arriva V24

This RV is a great option for small families. The reason why is that it has sleeping areas for four people and it is big enough to make sure no one feels crowded even when everyone is in its living area.

With a V6 engine (3.0L) capable of delivering great torque, this vehicle can take you virtually anywhere with motorable roads. Moreover, it has a big fuel tank which means you do not have to stop frequently to fuel up when going camping. This will save you plenty of time. Furthermore, this Coach House RV has cruise control that makes driving easy especially on highways with little traffic.

This RV also has many features that make it feel comfortable. They include a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living area. In terms of specific features, one of the most interesting ones in this trailer is its air conditioner. The air conditioner is powerful and it can make the trailer to feel really cool in just a couple of minutes. 

So if you love going camping in the summer like many people, you do not have to worry about excess heat in this recreational vehicle.

ModVan CV1

Sold at $65,000, this is one of the most affordable new campervans in the United States. It has five seating areas with seatbelts and four sleeping zones.

This campervan comes equipped with a 2-burner proper stove, overhead cabinets, a sink, a refrigerator, a furnace, an AC, and a toilet.

On top of this vehicle is a 300-watt solar panel. It is part of a solar system that can provide power to some of its electronic components if you decide to camp off the grid.

Inside, this RV measures 6.5 feet tall. This makes it tall enough even for tall people.

Fleetwood Irok 

This Class B RV is relatively small but feature-rich and powerful.

As you would expect, this RV has a kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen has all the standard kitchen equipment while the bathroom has a toilet, a shower, a sink, and a mirror. 

This campervan also comes with satellite pre-wiring, air conditioning, heating, and so on. It is also fitted with an outdoor shower, a power awning, and window shades.

The engine powering this Fleetwood machine is a 280 horsepower V6 engine.

Serenity Leisure Class B motorhome

This is a class B campervan for the elite. It costs about $150,000 and it is one of the best RVs for luxury camping. 

The van is built on a Sprinter chassis and has a powerful diesel engine that can take you anywhere you want.

I really love the multimedia entertainment control system inside this vehicle. It has a touch screen that makes it easy to control everything about it.

Like the typical Sprinter vehicle, this motorhome has several top driving technologies including automatic braking, traffic signal assist, lane assist, and cruise control. It is also lightweight and very aerodynamic. Its lightness makes it a very fuel-efficient RV.

Four people can sleep comfortably in this RV.

Its other notable features include a legless awning, entry steps, a skylight, LED lighting, and plenty of storage areas.

Hymer Aktiv

This is a European motorhome. It is built in Germany but sold worldwide including to people in Canada and the United States.

It can sleep four people in total – two on its big queen bed and two on a dinette that can be converted into a bed.

It comes with storage under the bed, an entertainment system, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The bathroom comes with a toilet and a shower, while the kitchen is a full kitchen with all the standard kitchen features.

Other features include a two-burner proper stove, a powerful microwave, a small refrigerator, heated seats, and a big freshwater tank.

Pleasure-Way Tofino

This is the last vehicle on this list and at the same time, one of the greatest class B RVs ever made.

It is spacious and has a pop-up top that makes it even more spacious. Popping this campervan’s top will reveal a bunk bed where two people can sleep. This is this vehicle’s second sleeping area. The first is a big bed for two.

The interior of this vehicle includes a storage area, a folding seat, and a kitchenette. It is minimalist to enable you to focus on enjoying the camping experience.

Standard features in this campervan’s kitchenette include a countertop, a refrigerator, a sink, and an induction stove.

The bunk bed has a USB port for charging devices and a controller for interior lighting.

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