Outdoorsy Person 2 Person RV Rental Review

Outdoorsy Person 2 Person RV Rental Review

Outdoorsy Person 2 Person RV Rental Review

Outdoorsy is yet another per-to-peer RV rental. It’s probably the biggest and main competitor to RVshare. In my opinion, it’s one RV rental brand that truly gets the magic of the road.

Both work using the same business model, so it’s easy to consider Outdoorsy as also an Airbnb of RV rental.

Outdoorsy is a little younger than RVshare and was founded by Jeff Cavins and Jennifer Young in 2015.

However, the Texas-based rental has grown bigger, more established, and probably the most prominent P2P RV rental.

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How Outdoorsy Works

Outdoorsy is a P2P RV rental and usually acts as a middleman, connecting RV owners and renters.

Renters looking to try the RV lifestyle without committing to buying their RVs find Outdoorsy a resourceful platform. RV renters can view the listed RV locally or at specific locations.

Renters can pick the RV from a specific location or allow the RV owners to deliver the rigs to a convenient location.

On the other hand, RV owners with their giant rigs sitting idle in their garages can list them and rent them out to the general public to rent. It’s just like Airbnb but on wheels.

Usually, all Outdoorsy rentals include insurance and roadside assistance, so the renters can always enjoy peace when RVing.

Outdoorsy RV Rental Locations

Outdoorsy usually describes itself as a global RV rental entity, but honestly, much of its presence is in the US.

They’re a community of over 15,000 RV owners in the world, including locations such as Europe and Australia. But the bulk of their operations is usually in the US.

Outdoorsy makes it easier to rent an RV near you that you can pick, have it delivered, or a one-way rental.

In the US, finding an Outdoorsy rental is always easy, and you can expect to find a couple of listings in your locality.

Outdoorsy RV Variety

One of the selling points of Outdoorsy, at least in my opinion, is the huge variety of rental trucks.

I mean, last time I checked, Outdoorsy had over 50k rentals across the US. It’s perfect because you can always find a rental available in your locality and just about anywhere you plan to RVing.

Based on experience, many renters hardly encounter challenges when finding long-term or short-term RVs to rent. It also goes for the smaller and unknown locations that RVshare doesn’t cover.

However, the choices are a bit limited for the locations far away from urban areas. Otherwise, in most urban areas, you can rent a wide range of RVs including:

  •         Class A, B, & C
  •         Truck and van campers
  •         Pickup trucks
  •         Pop-up trucks
  •         Unique trailers, such as vintage trailers

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Outdoorsy RV Rental Rates

The Outdoorsy RV rental rate is charged per day, as with most RV rental services. Of course, the amount per night varies depending on different factors, such as the type of RV, amenities, features, season, and time of the year.

The minimum per-day rental is usually $10, but you’ll hardly see such deals.

Along with the RV rental rate (per night), Outdoorsy also charges you other “service” fees. Usually, these fees are used to maintain the platform and pay the workers.

Usually, the maintenance fee is approximately 20 to 25% of the total RV rental cost.

Understand that membership is free, but renters and RV owners are charged a commission or fee when they close the deal.

Some extra fees will also cater to other things like extra mileage, late return, unreasonable dirt, damage, dump fees, etc.

In a classic setting, it’s hard to escape some of these fees. The thing is, you shouldn’t rack up any additional costs and related charges. Read the fine print in the rental agreement, and ensure you understand everything about the extra fees before you strike a deal.

Outdoorsy Insurance

 One thing I like about Outdoorsy is its insurance program. They’ve three insurance tiers to keep you safe and always protect your interest.

Their highest-tier cover includes up to $1M for liability and $1M for comprehensive and collision. In short, this tier covers anything that could go wrong in your next RVing trip.

The Outdoorsy rental insurance coverage covers vandalism, theft, damage, accident, collision, and more.

However, I recommend renters go through the insurance rental agreement and read the fine print. For example, though Outdoorsy covers damage, many damages, especially caused by negligence on the renter’s side, aren’t covered.

Also, if the renter causes damages exceeding the security deposit, they must pay Outdoorsy.

Booking and Renting on Outdoorsy

Renting on Outdoorsy is as easy as 123.

The rental process starts by browsing through the existing options. The Outdoorsy browsing system is intuitive and lets you look for an RV suiting your needs.

You simply enter your rental location and date and hit enter. The first step is to weeds out RVs that may not interest you.

Next, refine your search using the available filters. Here, you need to consider the RV type, specifications, conditions, mileage, type of kitchen, entertainment setup, customer rating, and everything else.

Once you’ve identified your preferred RV, it’s time to book. Click the “book” icon, and viola. Some RVs have an “instant book,” while others need you to go through an approval process from the owner. It’s typically less than 24 hours.

Once you make the booking, enter the payment details. At the same time, you can reach out to the RV owner to make picking and dropping arrangements.

You must also sign a contract before the keys are handed over. Ensure you go through the rental contract policy to avoid surprises later.

Outdoorsy Experience

Generally, most users have a pleasant with Outdoorsy. Booking is easy, picking up and dropping is seamless, and the experience is generally nice.


While the quality of RVs varies depending on the owner, most are of decent quality.


  •         Friendly Outdoorsy community
  •         Huge variety of RVs
  •         Different cancellation policies
  •         Technical assistance
  •         Great insurance


  •         Lacks consistency in RV quality
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