RVshare Person 2 Person RV Rental Review

RVshare Person 2 Person RV Rental Review

RVshare Person 2 Person RV Rental Review

When it comes to rentals, there’s more than just rental cars and homes. Nowadays, you can rent an RV or motorhome to hit the road without worrying about where to sleep.

If you’re an RV owner, renting your RV when not in use is also a smart idea. It’s a source of income.

But with so many RV rental companies out there, what are your options, and which one is ideal for you? Three of the popular RV rentals in my mind are Outdoorsy, RVshare, and Cruise America.

If you’re torn between these options, I’ll share the details and help you choose the one to do business with.

Read on!

RVshare Rental Review

RVshare is one of the popular peer-to-peer RV rental companies. It’s a marketplace connecting RV owners and renters.

RVshare provides a safe, secure environment for both parties to connect and transact the RV rental business.

The platform was founded in 2012 by Mark and Rachael, both RVing enthusiasts. They created the platform to bring RV owners and renters together.

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How RVshare Works

RVshare is considered the Airbnb of RV rentals or VRBO on wheels. The platform works as a middle person between renters and RV listers.

It gives RV renters a platform to find high-quality RVs based on their specific needs and budget. On the other hand, it allows RV owners to earn passive income from their “property” when they’re not using the RV.

On a superficial level, RVshare’s modus operandi seems relatively simple. And it’s true to some extent; the process is easy and accessible for users. However, it can also get complicated, especially on the operative end.

RVshare’s operation is more than just connecting renters to owners. Other salient features include insurance policy, management services, and even roadside assistance and security.

RVshare Locations

RVshare is available only in the US and Canada. However, the company has thousands of locations spread across the US and allows you to rent directly from RV owners.

Originally, the marketplace was only available in the US, but in November 2017, they expanded their operations to Canada.

The expansion transferred all the RVshare benefits and features to the Canadian market, including insurance and bilingual customer support.

RVshare RV Variety

RVshare isn’t endowed with RV variety as much as its competitor, Outdoorsy, but they still have plenty of options to choose from, especially if you live near a large city or urban area.

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They’ve a decent selection of rental RVs all over the US, but as I mentioned, the selection is much better in large urban areas.

Some of the rigs you can rent from RVshare include:

  •         Travel trailers
  •         Pop-ups
  •         Fifth wheelers
  •         Class A rigs
  •         Class B rigs
  •         Class C rigs

It’s also easy to find some interesting options, such as pickup trucks, teardrop campers, off-road trailers, etc.

RVshare Rentals Rate

Generally, the RV rental rates on RVshare as listed as price per day, much like a hotel room or Airbnb. It’s great, especially if you’re planning your trip on a budget.

RVshare claims to have rentals as low as $10 per day, but realistically, it is challenging to find such rentals. A quick search on most basic rental rates will start from $100 and above.

The rental rate varies a lot and is usually set by the RV owner. However, it mostly depends on the type of RV, amenities available, features, mileage, RV condition, etc.

Fee Structure

In addition to the rental rate, RVshare, like any other marketplace service, usually charges for every transaction.

The transaction fee varies depending on whether you’re a renter or an RV owner.

Listing is usually free, but RV owners are usually charged a commission for every booking. The commission is usually a percentage of the rental fee.

The exact percentage usually varies from time to time, and it isn’t posted on the platform. The “service fee” is used to maintain the RVshare website, pay workers, and cover roadside assistance.

Visit RVSHARE – RV Rentals P2P Rentals

Generally, though, the commission is approximately 25%.

Along with the service fee, RVshare also charges a post-trip fee. It’s a 10% fee on all overages and wastes dump fees.

To avoid fee confusion and everything, I suggest you review your rental agreement before booking. Ask any question if need be because you might be surprised at how many fees you may incur if you don’t clear up everything.

RVshare Insurance

In my opinion, RV rental insurance is as important as the RV you pick.

The good news in RVshare has an awesome insurance policy for renters. It includes a comprehensive collision coverage policy and is usually in your rental agreement.

The total insurance cost, however, depends on the RV you pick. But, there’s usually a $1,500 deductible with the standard RV insurance policy.

My only issue with the RVshare rental policy is they don’t indicate the insurance they’ve partnered with. So, if you feel uncomfortable with this arrangement, you could consider adding commercial insurance coverage to your standard RV policy.

Booking and Renting on RVshare

The booking and rental process on RVshare is relatively straightforward. Their website is seamless and clutter-free.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to booking on RVshare:

  •         Search for an RV: Enter your trip details to rent an RV. Enter basic stuff like ZIP code, destination, size, and travel date.
  •         Narrow your selection: Use the available search filters to narrow down your selection. For example, choose between drivable and towable options, price, cancellation type, etc.
  •         Contact the owner: Once you establish the right model, reach out to the owner to start working out the rental process. It’s also time to assess the RV and ask any questions.
  •         Sign contract: If everything checks out as planned, you can sign a Digital Rental Contract. Depending on the owner, you might also sign supplemental agreements. Be sure to go through them thoroughly before appending your signature.

From there, discuss the pickup and drop-off location. You can then head out and enjoy your RVing lifestyle.

Now, before you return your RV, you need to prep it. For example, you should empty the waste tank and fill the gas tanks.

Understand failure to do this will attract a fine. You must also return the RV at the agreed time and location.

RVShare Experience

It’s intimidating to rent a stranger’s RV, but RVshare makes the process easier and hassle-free. While there’re bad experiences periodically, it’s not different from Airbnb or hotels.

The brand has a positive review on most review platforms, and this is a good sign. However, individual RV owners may have different scores, so filter and pick only those with positive reviews.


  •         Decent variety of RVs
  •         Pet-friendly and smoke-friendly rentals are available
  •         Standard insurance
  •         Available across all 50 US states
  •         Cancellation policy
  •         Free to join


  •         Not many options are less populated areas
  •         Doesn’t list the insurance they’ve partnered with

Visit RVSHARE – RV Rentals P2P Rentals

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