The Top 10 Side-by-Side Manufacturers

The Top 10 Side-by-Side Manufacturers

Utility Task Vehicles, also called UTVs, are four-wheeler vehicles made for traveling on off-road locations. They are usually two-sitter vehicles. UTVs are called side-by-side there are typically two to six seats placed side-by-side to each other. 

UTVs are versatile vehicles and used for both works as well as recreation. UTV’s are often used by farmers for works such as land mowing, tilling, and plowing the field. These jobs are done by attaching various tools at the back of the UTV.

UTVs are used in golf courses, and for these functions, they take up a speed of around 30 – 50 mph. However, UTVs are at their best when they are driven on rough terrains for recreational purposes. 

At the Dark Rally, people from all over the world come to Saudi Arabia to drive their UTVs over the gorgeous sand dunes. Such powerful UTVs can reach the speed of 80 mph.

In this article, we shall discuss the different manufacturers that have gained a considerable reputation in making side-by-side vehicles. There are many such automobile companies that manufacture side-by-side UTVs, and most of them pretty incredible. 

Nonetheless, the reputation of each company needs to be taken into account if you are planning to get a side-by-side vehicle for yourself. Here is a list of some manufacturing companies that we shall talk about in details:

  • Polaris
  • Honda
  • Arctic Cat
  • Yamaha
  • Can-Am
  • CF Moto
  • Kawasaki
  • Kymco
  • Bobcat
  • John Deere

Every company tries to make their product unique to attract potential customers. These manufacturers often push the boundaries of their vehicles and introduce new features in them. Others use the tool of strong public relations to present themselves as reliable sellers. Let us look at what these manufacturers offer us in some details:


Polaris is the producer of several different kinds of automobiles and continues to expand its range. In case of UTVs, they manufacture both utility and recreational ones. They, in fact, produce a third hybrid UTV, too, that’s a combination of both utility and recreational vehicles.

Polaris produces some amazing UTVs. Not only do consumers who own the UTV for recreational purposes or specific jobs appreciate their products, but Polaris is also praised by the military.

They have been producing Side-by-side vehicles for the army since 1980. These vehicles are made exclusively for the army personnel. For example, the MRZR-D, which uses diesel but is basically a type of RZR, is an incredible military ATV.

Nevertheless, in the past few years, the reputation of Polaris has suffered due to multiple complaints and recalls to get the vehicles repaired. Many vehicles had been found defective, and some were reported to burst into fire when started.

The highest number of such complaints were received probably in 2015. Polaris leads the market of manufacturing side-by-side recreational vehicles. Share prices of their market are held high they usually retain their position above their competitors. 

The recalls and complaints have no doubt affected Polaris, but they are gearing up for even better performance in the coming years. ‘


Honda initially made their reputation in the world of cars and two-wheelers, but in recent years, they have established themselves quite well in the world of UTVs. They established the Honda Pioneer line of UTVs that is pretty amazing. 

These side-by-side vehicles are the hybrid kind — a combination of utility and recreation. The models of Honda UTV are affordable as well as stylish. They come in a few different models. One of the models has a seating capacity of 5, which is unique for UTVs.

Honda claims to be focussing on the power and efficiency of their vehicles now. So the Pioneer is the only line available for now. The vehicles are truly efficient and powerful. The wheels are able to absorb the shocks and capable of carrying weights. 

The bed at the back is wide and can be detached from the vehicle to unload it. Honda’s Pioneer line, therefore, makes a great impression on potential buyers, and if you are looking for a goof UTV, do consider Honda. They won’t make you regret it. 


Arctic Cat

Well known in the field of off-road vehicles and is hence loved by people who prefer the outdoors. They are well-reputed for making good vehicles. In the field of UTVs and ATVs as well, Arctic Cat has established themselves well.

Edgar Hetteen, who was also the co-founder of Polaris, created Arctic Cat. Hotten’s legacy is still carried on today, and Arctic Cat is living up to it. They were the first ones to start making exclusive UTVs for farmers and ranchers. These vehicles turned out quite amazing and are used by many farmers today.

Above all, Arctic Cat produces eco-friendly equipment and especially focuses on a clean and green environment. It is absolutely understandable for UTV producers to emphasize environment-friendly equipment because the environment is what their product harbors on.

If there weren’t any lush green field or the rough, rugged terrains to drive on, UTVs would have made no sense. Hence, the environment matters the most, and we appreciate this thinking.

Apart from that, Arctic Cat has produced a great line of side-by-side car models, which offers its customers plenty of choices. They are continuing to make the lives of their buyers easy by manufacturing amazing utility as well as recreational UTVs.


Yamaha’s style of capturing the market has been interesting. Want to know how? They have placed recreation and sports separately and made UTVs for both purposes separately. 

The utility UTV line of Yamaha is called Viking. Viking has several different models, and The Viking Ranch Edition has a seating capacity of 6 people. It is designed for heavy ranch work and is capable of bearing all the rigors of the job.

Yamaha has also proved to be customer friendly and incorporated new features in their models that will make working easy for the users. A new roll cage is put in, and the roof is enlarged. Several other changes are also made, showing how Yamaha always keeps itself open to adaptations.

Above all, all the vehicles by Yamaha look amazing and efficient. Also, Yamaha also incorporated power steering in the UTV first. They are hence the leaders in the UTV world in a few ways.


Can-Am probably manufacturers the best looking stylish UTVs in the world. Their models, the Commander and the Maverick, are both aesthetically pleasing as well as powerful vehicles.

Can-Am continuously pushes its limits on producing better UTVs. They have several models you can choose from. The Maverick is a sports model, and the Maverick Trial is designed so that it can travel to all kinds of places. IT has a small and slender body, due to which it can be driven through narrow spaces.

The Defender is a simple and user-friendly utility side-by-side vehicle, while the Commander is an entire package of adventure. 

The amazing looks and designs of the vehicles raise the value of Can-Am in the market. The Defender, in fact, are perfect vehicles for hunting, with which you can drive through trick forests. Can-Am continues to manufacture great UTVs and offers the most stylish and powerful vehicles. 

CF Moto

CF Moto is a Chinese company that has grabbed a good market in the United States. They are an enduring company that has stuck to their name even while going through a rough patch in the business. 

CF Moto might not be producing the best UTV in the market, but they are yet to grow and discover their full strength. They offer you a number of useful accessories with their vehicle for no extra cost, which is rare. It is hard to find an automobile company, let alone UTV manufacturers, that give you extra accessories without charging large amounts of money.

The UTVs made by CF Moto is more fun and pleasure vehicles than hard-core utility ones. They cannot take the rigor of heavy farm or ranch work. Instead, you can use them in the fields or on the beach. If you are a beginner in the UTV world and buying a UTV for the first time, you might want to consider CF Moto.

They are light, easy to use, and look pretty cool.


As evident from the name, Kawasaki is a Japanese company and produces irresistibly affordable UTVs in the market. They may not look the best, but they are strong and efficient. Their model, Mule Pro, is a utility vehicle, and it is their best product so far.

 Their sports and recreation model, the TERYX, has not really impressed many people. The Mule Pro has some UTVs that can accommodate six people and is considered a good vehicle for tough jobs. They are also compact and small in size so that you can fit them in small spaces.

Mule Pro also offers diesel UTVs. Kawasaki is a reliable company that focuses more on strength and utility overlooks. Their vehicles can run on rough lands and are efficient enough to get your job done. 

However, most of their vehicles are big and too heavy for amateur users, which may be counted as a disadvantage.


Kymco produces UTVs that are kind of all-rounders. You might also call it a jack of all trades that can do all kinds of things but none of them too well. However, they are good vehicles to run on rough terrains and won’t let you down if you are using them for recreation.

Some models of Kymco are good utility UTVs. The UXV 700i LE Prime Edition is one such example. It also comes with electronic power steering. The UTV also contains an expandable bed and a 2500 lbs winch. It also looks pretty cool.

Although Kymco UTVs aren’t the gorgeous ones in the market, they are strong and useful enough to get your job done. They are reliable and enduring. You can drive them across the rough terrains with utmost ease and comfort, and isn’t that basically what you’re looking for? 


Bobcat has arrived in the market from their background in construction machines and therefore mainly manufactures utility vehicles. Their expertise in the field shows from the machines they produce. 

The Bobcat 3400 is a unique and amazing UTV for utility purposes. It makes working on the farm and hauling easier than anything else. 

Bobcat UTVs are hence widely recommended by farmers. They are built by keeping in mind people who do not care for fancy stuff but prefer efficiency and power. They are great for carrying loads and makes operating the vehicle easy even if there is a huge weight on its back. It can be hence told that Bobcat has excelled in making workhorse UTVs.

It is, however, not recommended to the ones looking for a side-by-side vehicle for sports or pleasure trials. If you are planning to drive on rocky paths with large rocks all around, Bobcat is probably not the UTV for you.

John Deere

Once again, a good utility UTV manufacturer, John Deere, works great in farmlands. Their model, the Gator, has captured the utility market in the United States extensively. It makes all kinds of works easy, whether it’s farming, golfing, or haybale rides. They have also kept in mind the safety of the users and designed the vehicles, respectively.

John Deere also makes Gators for the military and is used by the army in the USA and Canada. The Gator has different models too. Most of them are useful for farming and can be seen in many farmlands across the USA. They come in a green color signifying their utility in farming.

They are affordable as well as reliable vehicles. Better not use them for sports or simple fun rides. They are meant for work, and they do it well. John Deere is probably the most well-known UTV manufacturing company in terms of workhorse vehicle production. 

Most people who own a John Deere love it and recommend it highly. It has been recognized as one of the world’s most ethical companies in 2018. John Deere doesn’t try to come off as something they are not. They have almost monopolized the field of farming UTV production and have stuck to it.

Suzuki Motor Corporation

When it comes to automobiles, Suzuki probably has its name shining the brightest. Over the years, they have widely manufactured motorcycles, marine vehicles, and power products. In the field of side-by-side UTVs, too, Suzuki has started to manufacture some great models. Check them out if you’re looking for recreational UTVs at affordable prices.


Some other companies doing good in the field of UTV manufacturing are BRP Inc., Textron, Hisun Motors, etc. 

Side-by-sides has become the biggest trend and the hottest statement in the sports world these days. However, utility UTVs are as important to look out for and actually come with more features and sometimes even better performance. 

Machines that are used for loading and unloading jobs, along with the ones used in ranches, usually come with a straddle seat, steering wheels, and pedals for better control.  They have a speed of around 30 mph. They weigh around 1814 kg and have a minimum capacity of 159 kg. 

As mentioned earlier, sports UTVs have a higher speed and lesser weight. The Yamaha Wolverine model has a double-wishbone suspension and reliable, resistant wheels. IT has a sitting capacity of two and a powerful engine of 708cc.

The CF Moto Z Force is also a trustworthy vehicle with an extremely powerful engine, huge horsepower, and fuel injectors. It has a great pick-up of 0 – 37 mph with 3 seconds.

It is also important to keep in mind the protection and safety aspects when you are driving a UTV, especially for sports. Side-by-sides comes with a rollover protection design. Most of the vehicles also have a hard and resistant roof, windshields, and cab enclosures. 

It is important to check the safety measures such as seat belts, foot barriers, shoulder and hip barriers, arm barriers, etc when you are buying a UTV. These are some of the voluntary standards according to the American National Standard for off-road recreational vehicles. They have been asked to be made compulsory by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2016.

So choose from the list of side-by-sides we have brought and decide on which is the best for you. There is nothing better than having a gorgeous and magnificent side-by-side UTV and driving it through the rugged terrains of Saudi Arabia at the Dakar Rally or even going for a trial with friends in the rough terrains of North America. Just make sure to have all the safety measures at the reach of your hand. 

Like any other fancy thing you are planning to purchase, UTVs are subject to extensive research before to hit the store. Read up all the information carefully and look up the statistics of each manufacturer before you decide on a particular company. 

Do not go by just looks or style. Efficiency is important to get your job done. Similarly, if you are up for buying a UTV for farming or hauling, be careful about the power and load-carrying capacity of your vehicle. Machines that excel in their job are definitely the ones you prefer. 

Looks, however, is not to entirely disregard, and companies work hard to bring you the most aesthetically pleasing models of automobiles all the time. So don’t waste time, read up, research, and buy your own beautiful UTV. Don’t forget to recommend it to your friends if you love it. I hope our article helps in your search for the perfect side-by-side car.

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