9 Best Small Motorhomes – Compact and Comfortable

Best Small Motorhomes

Motorhomes are a great way to travel and see the world, but they can be expensive. Luckily, there are some smaller motorhomes that provide plenty of comfort for less money. The best small motorhome is one that meets your needs and has space for you and all of your belongings!

The best small motorhome is one that meets your needs and has space for you and all of your belongings!

So, there are many compact motorhomes on the market. The following list highlights some of the most popular ones:

The Top Small Motorhomes

1. Forester Class C Motorhome

This compact, comfortable model is perfect for those looking to relax on the road with space to spare. The Forester’s interior features a fold-out sofa bed that converts into additional sleeping quarters during the night as well as a table that can seat up to four people comfortably.

We especially liked Forester’s large exterior storage compartments and built-in furniture. The two rear seats, for instance, are both power recliners that fold down into a bed and the table between them converts to an additional sleeping space during the night as well. There is also plenty of overhead cabinets and countertop space in this model!

The Forester motorhome class c’s bedroom is equipped with a bedspread, memory foam mattress, and an optional closet.

The bathroom has a shower skylight, composite toilet for your convenience; both the interior and exterior designs are great for seamless driving through any terrain or accommodation of up to six people!

It features a fiberglass roof that will withstand heavy rainstorms (and maybe even hail), wardrobes made from durable Cedar-lined material in order to keep all clothes fresh like new each time you arrive at your destination.

The Forester Class C Motorhome is a beautiful recreational vehicle that boasts LED lighting for both the interior and exterior, an electric patio awning with high-end appliances like running boards and roofs.

This RV has built-in touchscreen displays to control GPS navigation, music channel selection, or DVD Player operation – all you have to do is touch it!

2. Coachmen Leprechaun

Coachmen Leprechaun is a small, fun unit. It has plenty of power for the average driver and it can accommodate up to six people in three different sleeping configurations: one bedroom plus loft with queen-sized bed; bunk beds in living area; or rear fold-out sofa sleeper – perfect for friends who want to share! Watch TVs outside on your own private patio while preparing dinner over an outdoor barbeque grill.

We especially liked the outdoor space in this model and found the bunk beds to be a great option for kids. Plus, we loved that you can remove the sofa bed if it’s not needed or wanted – making extra room!

The Leprechaun Class C is the perfect camper for any adventure. It comes with an exterior TV compartment, which has a receptacle and coax connection in addition to a sleeping area that includes curtains and safety netting, as well as bath amenities including a power shower ventilator system, skylight style shower head/faucet on-demand water pump- all of these features, are sure to make even the most difficult camping experience memorable!

The Leprechaun Class C RV has an output power and slide room awning, a residential queen bed, stunning door inserts in specific areas with reclining passenger and driver seats. It also features smoke detectors for safety as well as carbon dioxide sensors to monitor the air quality inside of your home on wheels!

3. Gulfstream Conquest

Gulfstream Conquest is a great option for those who want to have enough space and comfort while maintaining the size of a small RV.

This model features bunk beds, an additional couch that converts into another bed, kitchen amenities including stovetop and oven with microwave oven, bathroom with shower/bathtub combination or stand-alone showers (depending on what you prefer), one door refrigerator which can be upgraded to two doors depending on need.

It also comes in three different floorplans: 28 ft., 31ft., 32 ft. The Gulfstream Conquest has many options available such as sunroofs for all models; triple-pane windows; roof-mounted A/C units and an outdoor entertainment area.

We especially liked the layout of this model, its compact size, and ample storage space.

Conquest Class C is the one for you if you need a versatile motorhome with a quality interior. It comes in many sizes and styles to accommodate your weekend trip or countryside destination travel needs, so it’s perfect whether it’s just for two people on an adventure away from home or more than six adults looking to spend time together while traveling!

Conquest has unibody construction as well as built-in features that offer durability and long life. You’ll find twelve different floorplans available which come fully loaded – they’re suitable for everyone from those who are simply seeking a comfortable place of rest during their travels up to large families who want all of the creatures comforts at hand when they explore new destinations abroad.

The Conquest Class C is a great camper for any family. It features electric awnings, LED interior and exterior lights, safety chains, a smoke detector with a fire extinguisher as well as vinyl flooring and laminate countertops on the inside of your home away from home! Window shades are also pleated to keep light where you need it most when heading out into nature’s beauty at night time or early in the morning before dawn breaks over the horizon line.

4. Jayco Melbourne

Jayco Melbourne is the best small motorhome for anyone who wants a comfortable campground experience. This compact, lightweight RV has everything you need to spend your time in style and comfort while on the go! Live out your camping dreams with this easy-going camper that will not disappoint!

The Jayco Melbourne comes complete with all of the amenities needed for an enjoyable trip: refrigerator, microwave oven, gas stovetop with oven and range hood, water heater (electric), three air conditioners – one 12000 BTU Dometic rooftop unit and two 8000 BTUs through-wall units; many TV hookups including DVD player as well as satellite dish system receiver w/built in antenna.

Jayco Melbourne is a versatile and fuel-conscious RV that offers an amazing off-the-grid experience. It has many features which make it easy to travel with such as the 3.6KW generator, outside shower, spacious cab-over bunk bed for your partner or guest of honor!

This vehicle also comes equipped with frameless windows so you can enjoy nature from every angle in comfort plus much more when considering all Jayco vehicles offer keyless entry into the cabin area along with backup camera monitors and privacy curtains between sections inside each motorhome design.

The Jayco Melbourne is a luxurious RV that can be customized with Waterville, Pinehurst, or Muirfield paint. Its exterior décor will wow you and the keyless carb entry makes it super convenient for when you’re on the go!

Swivel passenger seats make a conversation easy in this spacious vehicle while heated holding tanks keep your living space warm all winter long. Frameless windows offer incredible views of nature as does its electric patio awning to enjoy late into those summer nights together.

The camper storage area has tons of room so there’s plenty more where these luxuries came from! This is the perfect getaway home away from home no matter what type of adventure awaits just around the corner.

5. Winnebago View 24J

The Winnebago View 24J is a small, but surprisingly roomy RV. The exterior styling features curving lines and the interior offers plenty of amenities such as double kitchen sinks, stackable washer/dryer set up, king-size bed, and stainless steel appliances.

We especially liked the king-size bed that comes with a memory foam mattress, and we found the microwave/convection oven to be very convenient.

The Winnebago View 24J is an excellent option for anyone willing to commute in a smaller RV. It has everything you need along with some great amenities such as stainless steel appliances and a stackable washer/dryer set up. If you are looking for comfort, this might not be your first choice but it does offer plenty of space overall so long as you don’t mind being cramped at times. We recommend checking out the rest of our list if this sounds like too much of a trade-off!

Winnebago View 24J has a top bunk bed above the driving cabin. The fold-out beds provide campers with much-needed seating flexibility in their small space, and there is an infotainment section consisting of a stereo system, subwoofer, two speakers as well as DVD/CD player that allows for relaxing nighttime entertaining before getting to sleep.

It also features a powerful turbo-diesel engine which makes it economical yet robust on the road while you have all your belongings at hand during travel time!

This Winnebago View 24J has a variety of features that make it an ideal RV for the active family. The exterior is equipped with tinted coach windows, LED lights, and a soft vinyl ceiling to keep you cool in the summertime heat!

There’s also a powered patio awning for when you want some outdoor space but not too much sun. This cabin-style recreational vehicle includes cab-over bunk beds so there will always be room if any extra guests come over during your adventure trip!

6. Thor Chateau Class C

The Thor Chateau Class C is a spacious, stylish, and comfortable small RV. It has two full-size beds that can be placed as singles or pushed together to make up the queen-size bed with an optional king bed available for an additional cost. The Thor offers contemporary living quarters with a kitchenette including a microwave oven, fridge/freezer combo unit, convection stovetop range, and sink.

We especially like the large windows that create a feeling of openness and allow for an abundance of natural light while looking outside.

The Thor Chateau Class C is a great choice for those who are seeking to travel in style. The RV comes equipped with amenities like central heating, air conditioning, satellite TV, DVD player/radio with Bluetooth capabilities, power outlets at every seat plus USB charging ports, and more!

The modern and stylish motorhome is designed with a selection of floor plans to suit different needs. There are 12 options from which you can choose, some more budget-friendly than others. The exterior has an attractive design while the interior includes state-of-the-art appliances in its fully equipped kitchen area.

Thor Chateau Class C is the perfect escape for those who love to be outside. Boasting a slick and durable exterior, you can enjoy all day on your patio without getting too hot or sweaty! You’ll find 3-point seatbelts for passenger and driver safety while driving on our residential vinyl flooring–just one of many great features that make Thor an A+ choice!

7. Roadtrek SS-Agile

This small motorhome offers all the amenities you would find in larger RV’s but on a smaller scale which makes it ideal for those who need to travel great distances or live full-time within confined spaces without sacrificing any essentials from their lives!

This is a smaller motorhome that has been sized down to provide the ultimate in off-grid travel. The adventurer comes with all of the features and amenities you would find on larger RVs including an oven, full kitchen, bathroom, and even living room area!

The adventurous traveler will also get great joy from this small RV as it offers touring “grade” suspension for those long trips or bumpy roads. The gas mileage isn’t bad either at 11 MPG which means more time exploring fun destinations instead of wasting your precious vacation hours stuck behind the wheel!

SS Agile prides itself in being the first small motorhome with many features which allow it to be used anywhere. With a Mercedes Sprinter Chassis wheelbase, this vehicle allows room for comfortable RVing and has large windows that provide access to natural light.

SS agile also offers security features such as locking doors and an alarm system so you can feel safe on your journey no matter where you are going! The flexible four-floor plans make traveling easy because of its spacious interior while still providing everything you need from storage space all the way down to lighting options for when night falls outside.

The SS is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a spacious campervan. It has ample storage space and five seats, with two to spare! The galley on the van is well-equipped so you can cook up your favorite dishes while camping in style. With its clean exterior and crisp interior design, this vehicle will have everyone oohing and ahhing over it as they pass by.

8. Thor Four Winds

The Thor Four Winds has a lot of room for you and your family to enjoy.

We especially loved the living room and its comfortable seating area.

The kitchen is a good size, perfect for cooking your favorite dish or two with family.

There are also plenty of storage areas to keep all of your belongings safe and secure.

The Four Winds Class C is a Thor Company motorhome that has premium features for comfort and fun. This vehicle’s kitchen boasts laminate countertops, wastebasket, sink, and gas cooktop to provide the perfect balance between these two key factors.

The windows in this RV offer privacy shades so you can enjoy your time inside without being bothered by outside distractions or intruders breaching your space with their sightlines.

Great kitchen appliances make for a more enjoyable cooking experience. With an LED lighting system and cherry cabinets, the cab-over bunk is perfect to store all your belongings in one convenient location. Denver mattress beds are accompanied by storage under them with Cherry cabinetry that matches nicely for added convenience of roomy counter space and cabinet use!

9. Coachmen Freelander Class C

This Class C motorhome sleeps up to five people and offers floorplans with either a queen or bunk bed. It also has an outdoor kitchen, power patio awning, full bathroom, plus many other features!

The Coachmen Freelander model is the best small motorhome for those who want plenty of amenities in their rig without spending too much money. You can find one that suits your needs so you can be comfortable on both long road trips and overnight stays at home towns near popular tourist attractions.

The price ranges from $14000-$18000 depending on what kind of extras you choose to add onto it – but still significantly cheaper than larger models! This coach comes equipped with all sorts of conveniences that are sure to make your experience more enjoyable.

The Freelander is equipped with many amenities that will make the car much more comfortable for you and your family:

  • Queen bed in the main bedroom (which also includes a TV)
  • Bunk beds in the second bedroom
  • Outdoor kitchen with sink, stovetop, refrigerator, microwave, table, and chairs; plus A/C and heater!
  • Full bathroom – including toilet, shower stall, and combo tub/shower unit! Plus an LP tank to power it all on board. You’ll never have to leave the house again when staying at home towns near popular tourist attractions!
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