How To Do an RV Bedroom Renovation in 3 Steps

How To Do an RV Bedroom Renovation in 3 Steps

How To Do an RV Bedroom Renovation in 3 Steps

Remodeling an RV bedroom makes many RVers break out a cold sweat. But it shouldn’t be scary.

In fact, it’s fun, and there are a lot of ways you could transform your dated little space into some amazing.

I’ll share how much difference simple changes can make in an area that can hold a little more than your bed.

RV Bed Upgrade

The bed is the first upgrade you should focus on in your RV bedroom. It’s your spot for rest, relaxation, and recharge. It’s also the most prominent thing in your bedroom.

Granted, it’s easy to think there are limited options for the RV bed, but far from it.

Here’re the main things to keep in mind when upgrading your RV bedroom:

Bed Style

There’s a wide range of bed styles to consider for your RV, but your RV lifestyle should inspire the ideal style.

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Three of the most popular styles are:

1. Single sleeper

A single sleeper bed is also known as a folding bed. A big benefit of these beds is they can easily fit into your RV wall, freeing up much of the coveted RV floor space.

Some of these beds also have dual functionality and can transform into a sofa. They’re perfect when RVing alone and need some extra space.

2. Crew beds

Aptly named the crew beds, this style is perfect when you’ve multiple people on board.

Some of the popular styles of beds n this category include stacked bunk beds and overhead bunks. They’re perfect for accommodating multiple users while saving on space.

3. Traditional

The traditional bed is your typical RV bed. It’s an OEM bed.

However, these beds aren’t close to your home bed. They’re generally shorter and smaller and come with rounded corners.


Every time I get a new motorhome, the first thing I usually do is replace the mattress. The truth is most RVs will underwhelm you with their bedding.

Most of the bedding is thin pads on plywood, and it seems brutal just laying on them for a few minutes. They’re worse than carpet on a concrete slab.

And here’s the thing, I’m by no means a mattress snob or anything. My home mattress isn’t fancy either, and I occasionally crash out on my couch. I can pretty much sleep anywhere.

The problem with OEM RV mattresses is they are trash, and hard, even when they use the brand one. It’s a difficult experience sleeping on one, especially if you’re used to a plush one at home.

Foam Topper

If you’re disappointed with your RV bed, I suggest a foam topper until you get a new RV bed. I like the cool-jell memory foam because it doesn’t get too warm and keeps my sweating in check.

One thing to understand is that RV foam toppers are a band-aid. You need a decent base to use a topper, and if your RV mattress is crap, it’ll eventually sag or sink after several uses.

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RV Mattress

My most common suggestion to RVers having issues with their OEM RV beds is to buy a new mattress and save the cost of a topper.

A new mattress is much more comfortable, and you’ll sleep like a baby when you get one. And depending on the size of your RV, you could even fit a standard queen bed. Talk of luxury!

Custom RV Mattress

From experience, most foam shops make custom mattresses. And the good thing with custom RV beds is they make one according to the firmness, density, color, and material you want.

You can even order layers like gel foam or memory foam.

In all our RVs, we’ve ordered foam mattresses because they’re ultra-light, and this is handy if weight is a concern or you just don’t like wrestling heavy mattresses.

Bedroom Curtains and Blinds

The debate between curtains and blinds is usually the basis disagreement in my RV.

I’m a curtain person because they bring style and comfort to the bedroom. They’re also much easier to maintain, cheaper, and easily changed when I want to.

On the other hand, my partners love the ease of the blinds.

Either way, the bedroom windows are one department you can upgrade without much effort.

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RV Bedroom Curtains Vs. Blinds

Your RV’s size and capacity should be your guide when picking between the two.

Roller blinds could be the perfect upgrade if your bedroom size is small. They’re smooth, unobtrusive, and give the vibe of a bigger space. They also make your RV windows look colossal, tall, and spacious.

On the other hand, if your RV bedroom is generally spacious, the curtains will provide a warm, cuddly feeling.

Curtains are also perfect when you need a reasonable play of regular light. I like the thermal curtains because they make a huge difference in the room’s temperature and are perfect when battling the summer heat. It keeps the sun’s rays out.

Whichever shade you pick, it should have room-darkening properties. It’s important to seal or block light in your RV bedroom.

Personally, the darkened curtains usually help with random lights in the RV parks or at Walmart. They’re also handy if your dog is always barking at strangers when going for a walk through the park.

And if you’ve kids, these darkened curtains will plunge a glaringly bright room into the perfect darkness, so your kids won’t wake up at 5:30 am.

RV Bedroom Closet Storage

RV bedrooms are generally tiny, so you need to consider the storage possibilities.

It’s unlikely you’ll fit an entire wardrobe into your RV bedroom, but you could use some clever storage solutions to expand your space.

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One of my go-to storage hacks is using hanging accessories. Adding hooks or a line of tight, sturdy wire across your RV bedroom will provide a brilliant space to hang your belts, scarves, tops, purses, pants, and even skirts.

However, before installing the hanging line, ensure it’s up to the task and that it can handle your load and everything.

Hangers are yet another space-saving hero in an RV bedroom. Hangers are pleasant for storing items that don’t need folding, such as bras or tank tops.

The hangers are great, where there’s not a lot of space to play with.

A slim shoe cabinet is also a handy space-saving measure in your RV. I find it more convenient and clutter-free than throwing shoes on the closet floor.

You could also make out of your storage wall space or back doors. Attach a rack, shelve or any other vertical storage space of your RV wall or back of the door and use it to hang items such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even shoes.

I also like putting plastic bins and drawers under my RV bed. The binds are handy for keeping my room clutter-free and storing away clothes.

But the most important RV bedroom storage tip is the organization doesn’t stop after remodeling. It’s important to clean and declutter your bedroom at regular intervals.

Downsize and eliminate stuff you’ve not been using, as they’re likely to distract you from the style and function of your RV bedroom.

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