Top 11 Archery Ranges in Denver, Colorado

Top 11 Archery Ranges in Denver, Colorado

For archery lovers, a city with a large number of archery ranges is just like a dream. Denver, Colorado, also known as the Mile High City, is a place that has a wide range of archery ranges to choose from. Is it so easy to pick the right one from them? It is obviously no. You cannot try everything. So, here are the top 11 archery ranges located in Denver that can definitely take you to your dream Colorado archery range. Check out the facilities and the range offered at such places.

Archery in the Wild

An archery shop with an archery range can be the best combo for an archery enthusiast. The Archery in the Wild is a similar place located in Longmont, Colorado. It is an exclusive archery pro shop that has an attached indoor archery range. It is one of the great ranges to try in Colorado. 

The proprietor runs this shop with his wife. He is a passionate archery fan providing every facility to other archery lovers. The owner organizes several archery events and competitions. If you want to actively participate in this game, then you can surely visit this destination.

The length of the archery range is around 20 yards, and every bow style (except crossbows) can take part in all competitions. Thus, you can stop by this location and give it a try to show your archery skills.

No Limits Archery

No Limits Archery is the biggest archery range present around this area. It is a formidable opponent of all the ranges available around it. This indoor archery range includes eight vast lanes at 30-40 yards’ distance and 38 lanes at a distance of 20 yards.

It is established in Denver proper. The outdoor range offers the targets at a maximum distance of 100 yards. For the summertime, this archery range provides something special to its customers. A 3D range of 20 targets is opened for the daylight hours during this period.

An interesting thing about No Limits Archery is that it furnishes several learning lessons for those who want to expand their skillsets for this game. It also organizes workshops, shooting leagues, and summits for expanding knowledge about archery and implementing them properly on the field.

Bear Creek Archery

Bear Creek Archery is an archery range located in Englewood, Colorado. It is a professional shop of archery range that provides customers with top brand archery products. It sells premium quality equipment so that you can perform well on the archery field.

The archery range is located indoors and has 16 shooting lanes that reach a maximum length of 20 yards. A pro shop is also present near to this range. It is equipped with expert bow technicians to help you in achieving the best experience. All you have to do is to take your bow to the range and start shooting professionally.

Bear Creek is a complete place for archery, and you can attend classes and participate in tournaments and other teams. Thus, you can go for this archery range if you want to have high-quality bows in your hands.

Barr Lake Archery Range

Trying shots of archery in an amazing range and that too at free of cost is an opportunity that many people wish to get once. Barr Lake Archery Range is a range that fulfills these expectations and offers an impressive archery range. You have to just obtain your park pass for using the range without any restrictions.

This outdoor range includes 12 lanes having target shots at a distance varying from 10-100 yards. It has a lane that is reserved especially for broad-heads and is created for this purpose only. The range also includes a three-dimensional target area having 10 lanes in the form of turkey, deer, and dinosaur targets.

The combination of all these things aims to deliver the ultimate fun. You can also experience this leisure with your bow and the beautiful picturesque scene of Barr Lake Park. Hence, if you are looking for a wonderful site with proper facilities, then go for Barr Lake Archery Range.

Quick Draw Archery

Another combination of archery range and the pro shop is located in the city of Littleton in Colorado. Quick Draw Archery is such a place at which an individual can experience the pleasure of playing archery. It provides you with benefits like events, competitions, shooting leagues, classes, and more.

Quick Draw range can satisfy your desires that you expect from the best archery range. The indoor range has a total of 24 lanes in which the distance between targets varies up to 20 yards.

In case you don’t have your own equipment, then you can take them on rent for a minimal fee amount. Thus, it also eliminates the need to carry the equipment to the archery range.

Empty Quiver Archery

Now, moving to another exciting archery range located in Broomfield, Colorado. Empty Quiver Archery is a spot for archery fans, and anyone can give a try in this range, irrespective of the level and experience they have. It also has a pro shop attached to the range.

In the shop, you will find professionals who can guide you in purchasing the best equipment based on your skillset. It is a quite large archery range. The indoor range has 38 lanes in which you can target up to a distance of 20 yards.

Empty Quiver Archery also runs different archery events and programs. It has target leagues, classes for newbies, three-dimensional shoots, an interactive program for youth, and more. Even, Empty Quiver Archery claims to provide the best experience to its customers because of its helpful staff.

High Altitude Archery

High Altitude Archery is present in Longmont, Colorado that provides the learning facility, and is also a pro shop. It is an archery learning center that can help you in improving the existing skills. It doesn’t matter whether you have prior knowledge or not. Anyone can become a part of this range. They can take you to the next level of archery.

The archery range has 37 lanes and is allocated into three distinct practice areas. The standard distance available is around 20-meter and adjustable distances of 10-15 meters so that anyone can practice on them as well.

High Altitude Archery Range organizes several events, tournaments, and lessons for beginners and professionals. It helps everyone, especially those who have just started playing or want to grab additional information about various archery techniques. In short, High Altitude Archery can make you fully prepared for the archery field.

Fort Collins Archery Association Range

The Fort Collins Archery Association Range or FCCA is a group or can be said as a club of archery enthusiasts and bow-hunters who want to enhance their skills and enjoy this game. The association is operating for the last 25 years and working continuously to improve the abilities of a beginner archer.

The range is not limited to some members and events but allows the general public to make use of it. This facility is not common and may not be available with other archery ranges. It is present outdoor and is very large in terms of dimensions.

You can get 51 targets for practicing shooting, which is quite a huge number. The range also has additional 22 targets on a walking course. If you also want to try hunting, then it has a broad-head pit on which you can practice such skills.

These facilities don’t end here. It further has restrooms and a picnic area. It simply means that it allows you to bring your family to this archery range and have a great pleasure time.

Rocky Mountain Archery

Rocky Mountain Archery is another pro shop and archery range of Colorado. It is located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. It is not wrong to say that it is a complete store that offers everything from hunting equipment to target shooting. It welcomes all archery enthusiasts to take advantage of its different facilities and events.

It has two indoor ranges, one is the main range, and the other one is a side range. The former one has 28 lanes with targets at a distance of 10 yards suitable for learners and 20 yards’ distance for professional archers. The side range includes five lanes of a maximum of 20 yards for personal learnings.

Rocky Mountain Archery, hence, is an archery range that serves you with every kind of service and product. Thus, you can avail of everything at this range in Colorado.

Archery School of the Rockies

Situated in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Archery school of the Rockies is a premier center of education. This center is the best place for those who are determined to get good. There is a provision of membership in this center whereby it provides unlimited access to the facility series, which includes instructions from teachers as well. 

Archery School of the Rockies has an indoor facility spread in around 13750 square feet area wherein it composes two ranges having 59 lanes being laid down at a distance of 20 yards. Along with this, there are two permanent 3D structured ranges of 35 yards at the archery school of the Rockies. 

Hence, if you are seeking training in sports and wants to have serious learning, then Archery School of the Rockies is where you should shelter your aspirations.

Archery Games Denver

If you look at Archery games Denver, then it is more of a game center than an actual range center. This fun-filled game center is located in Arvada, Colorado. The game center is designed to provide indoor facilities that are spread over about 3300 sq. feet. This allows you to enjoy and experience the fun of different obstacles to jump over or hide in. 

There are many competitive and exhilarating games set up at Archer Games Denver from where you can choose one. The arrow shooting game is a safe option to take. If you are worried the edged arrow might harm you, then you are worrying for nothing since they are designed in such a way that they won’t harm you even if they hit you. 

Along with this, the players are made to wear masks. Therefore, if you are looking out to have a recreational and quality and fun-filled time with your family, friends, then nothing is better than Archery Games Denver.

Final Words

Colorado is a state that has several archery ranges offering various facilities and lanes with varied target dimensions. The number of archery ranges doesn’t end here, but these are the best archery ranges that can surely accomplish all your desires. Thus, you just have to take your car to a specific archery range and enjoy your day there.

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