Top 8 Archery Ranges And Clubs In Salt Lake City

Top 8 Archery Ranges And Clubs In Salt Lake City

The city is named after the famous Salt Lake that is known around the globe. Salt Lake City is situated in Utah. Salt Lake City is the center of history and commerce for Western America. 

The city has a plethora of tourist spots and museums, which are ideal for sightseeing. 

Salt Lake City also conducts regular concerts to attract tourists and locals. Temple Square, the most popular icon in the history of Latter-day Saints, is located here. 

This place is ideal for people who want to know more about the history of America. However, Salt Lake City is not limited only to tourist spots and attractions. 

It has some of the most exquisite archery ranges. Archery is quite popular in Salt Lake City, and we have chalked down the best archery ranges in Salt Lake City.

Top Salt Lake City Archery Ranges

Humphries Archery Center

Humphries Archery Center is one of the most impressive archery ranges in Salt Lake City. It is the blend of an archery pro shop and an archery range. 

This center is situated in three different locations around Utah. You will find Humphries Archery Center in American Fork, Payson, and Salt Lake City. 

Humphries Archery Center in Salt Lake City comes with an indoor range of 20 yards. This archery range also provides a tuning or youth range of about 10 yards. 

It comes with a retail facility and pro shop to enable customers to purchase archery equipment. The retail outlet of the Humphries Archery Center offers some of the best bow brands. 

This center also provides equipment to parties and other such events. 

You can also find TechnoHunt in their range of facilities. Customers are fond of Humphries Archery Center because of its exclusive archery facilities.

Easton Salt Lake Archery Center

The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center is a dream place for all archers. If you are in Salt Lake City, you must visit this place. 

This archery facility has a large space and comes with an exquisite collection of archery amenities. You can choose from various services and facilities. It is the ultimate place for any archer.

This archery center provides you with both outdoor and indoor ranges. The indoor archery range offers a pretty big space with –

  • 12 lanes with a space capacity of 70 meters
  • 20 shooting lanes with a 50 meters space capacity
  • 10 lanes with a space capacity of 9 meters

The range is very spacious, covering a shooting distance of about 90 meters. It also allows 64 targets at once in the outdoor range. The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center also facilitates tune-ups.

This place has sufficient space to conduct seminars as well as further education for students. It also features a kitchenette for the esteemed archery coaches, a locker room, a room for medicine, and an observation deck. It is one of the largest archery ranges in Salt Lake City.

The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center offers an affordable range for public shooters. You can get admission for as low as $5 to $10, which depends on the time of the week and day. 

You can also get equipment for rent at about $10. People who want an annual membership can get it for $595, whereas quarterly memberships cost $175.

Salt Lake Archery

Salt Lake Archery is more than your regular archery range. It is also an online store for archery equipment with an extensive collection of services. 

The facilities, services, and amenities of the Salt Lake Archery will fit all archers. This place is mostly an outdoor range and facilitates target practice. 

The Salt Lake Archery provides you with 3D shooting ranges that will cater to both adults and young people. This place also allows open public shooting for people who don’t belong to the range of staff. 

It is also open to the public who have failed to buy passes. Day passes are available at $6. 

You can purchase equipment rental for a price of $5. This place also provides group and private archery lessons that can be availed at 25 dollars per person. 

However, this fee isn’t inclusive of the range of entrance costs and equipment rentals. 

If you are looking for an affordable archery range, then the Salt Lake Archery will be ideal. You can rent equipment as well as practice archery here.

Jakes Archery

Situated in Orem, Utah, this place is an integration of an archery range and pro shop. The Jakes Archery may be small in size yet offers an impressive collection of archery equipment. 

You will also find a vast array of archery services for equipment set-up and archery maintenance.

Jake Jacobson, the founder of the archery store, is popularly known for his extensive experience in shooting and bow-hunting. He also offers group and private archery lessons to archers to want to get better at the sport. 

You can take part in the shooting by paying a fee of approximately $9. However, if you fail to bring your own archery equipment, you need to pay a fee of $12.75. 

People can also take part in group lessons by paying 10 dollars per person. 

If you want a conformable, cozy place to learn and practice archery, you need to check out the Jakes Archery. 

Wilde Arrow Archery

Wilde Arrow Archery is another masterpiece of archery range and pro shop. This place facilitates only indoor shooting along with a vast array of archery equipment. 

Adults can avail of the indoor range at $8 throughout the day. In contrast, young people need to pay only $5. 

If you wish to shoot only at paper targets, you need to pay an entrance fee of $2. The indoor range of the Wilde Arrow Archery is pretty big, occupying a space of 30 yards. 

You will find both 3D targets and paper targets here. This archery range holds bow shooting leagues for all levels of archers. 

They also conduct classes for those who are beginners as well as pros for a charge of 20 dollars per individual. 

Wilde Arrow Archery offers a unique collection of equipment and bows at their pro shop. You will also find a classy menu of archery tune-ups and services. You won’t regret coming to this place!

Datus Archery Club

If you are looking for an exclusive archery club, then this is it! It is one of the best places for archers as well as their families. 

The name DATUS is for Devoted Archers True Utah Sportsman. If you want to be a part of a reputed archery club, then you can try the Datus Archery Club. 

This place is incredibly family-friendly, and this might be the ideal place for you! Whenever you join this place, any family member under the age of 18 years will also gain automatic membership. 

You will have access to the 3D shooting courses and indoor range upon joining this club. 

You can avail of a free entry for any family member into a target league. You can also get a discount on a single entry for the 3D shooting league.

Timpanogos Archery

Timpanogos or Timp Archers is another reliable archery club in Salt Lake City. This club has been in existence since 1946 and has incredible knowledge in the field of archery. 

It is an exclusive archery club, but you will love it once you are here. 

The Timpanogos Archers club welcomes all ages of people and all categories of archers. Single archer membership, as well as family membership, are available in this club. 

The club regularly conducts various shooting leagues, events, and fundraisers for several NGOs. The club offers various shooting styles and archery courses.  

This archery club is famous for its outdoor 3D ranges and courses. Archers love to come to this place for the unmatched 3D shooting experience here. 

If you are on a quest for the best archery club, you can stop by this place at least once. 

Stick Flipper Archery

Situated in the Lake Shore, Utah, the Stick Flipper Archery has been dominating the business for 35 years. With vast experience and industry knowledge, this place offers an excellent opportunity to all archers. 

They operate in two different locations with two varieties of ranges. 

The first archery range occupies an area of 35 yards and is an indoor range. You will find here 3D targets as well as a Big Shot system. 

Many archery ranges don’t offer this facility, so it is worth checking out this place. The Big Shot System allows you to hit at anything and everything. 

The second type of range is an outdoor one and comes with bag targets. You can hit the bag targets at a shooting distance of about 100 yards. 

Archers can get access to the paper targets and outdoor range at 5 dollars per person. At the same time, the Big Shot and 3D shooting courses cost around 10 dollars per archer. 
If you want to improve your bow-hunting and shooting skills, you can also opt for the membership packages. 

The pro shop of Stick Flipper Archery also comes with many popular brands of archery equipment. 

This place has several professionals and experts to assist archers with their needs. This store can provide an unparalleled archery experience to all archers from across the globe.

Final Thoughts

Consider these top 8 archery ranges if you are on the lookout for one in Salt Lake City. If you are unsure of which archery range or club will suit your purpose, you can check these places out. 

Our guide will give you a fair idea as to what Salt Lake City can deliver to the archers. 

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