15 Best Pop Up Truck Campers

15 Best Pop Up Truck Campers

15 Best Pop Up Truck Campers

The pop-up camper truck is a great option for those looking to venture into the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. The trucks are fitted with campers that can be set up in minutes and come equipped with all of your basic needs, including running water. There’s no need to worry about space or power because these hybrid vehicles have everything you would expect from an RV but require less gas than a normal vehicle!

The pop-up truck camper is an economical and fuel-efficient option for anyone who loves the outdoors. The half-ton trucks are designed to be weight loading friendly, which makes them perfect for this type of unit because they have a low center of gravity. You can take these almost anywhere you want with enough ground clearance – even over difficult terrain!

There are many benefits to owning a popup camper, but there are also some downsides. Unlike hard-sided campers, the popup unit can provide you with an easy solution for weekends away or extended family holidays during the winter time because it is easily stored in your garage and “winterized” by taking off all exterior parts before storing them inside.

The negatives of this type of truck camping include not being able to fit any form of bath aside from a portable cassette toilet which may be unpleasant on weekdays when nature calls; however their comfort level changes drastically at weekend getaways where most people wouldn’t mind incurring these small inconveniences as long as they’re living out their outdoor fantasies!

There are many limitations to consider when purchasing a popup truck camper, and one such limitation is that they usually don’t have huge water tank capacities. This means you need to think about the possibility of refilling the water tanks or finding clean sources on your trips out into nature; otherwise, it might be an unfortunate turn for those camping in their new purchase!

The pop-up camper truck is a relatively new concept, and it seems that most manufacturers are trying to outdo one another in features. However, when you look at the amenities offered by different campsites across North America you’ll find they vary greatly. This article will help you navigate the maze of these trucks’ claims made by their manufacturers as well as what other campers have found important with regard to RV facilities

Our Recommendations

Model Price Weight Best for
Raven Pop-up Truck Camper $18,995 1,040 lbs Solo Travellers
Grandby Truck Camper $19,500 1,200 lbs Couples
Swift Model Truck Bed Camper $19,000 935 lbs Small Families
Leentu UTE Camper Pop-up $6,999 240 lbs Budget Travellers
The Phoenix Minimax $37,000 1,180 lbs Luxury Camping
Bundutec Wild $18,600 1,610 lbs Full-time Timers
Alaskan 6.5 Cabover $29,000 1,390 lbs Cold Weather
Outfitter Caribou Lite 8 $16,720 850 lbs Freezing Temperatures
AT Overland Summit $10,000 335 lb Adventurers
Four-Wheel Camper Hawk $18,995 1100 lbs Bathrooms

15 Best Truck Campers for Sale

1. Raven Pop-up Truck Camper

This pop-up camper is designed for adventure. It’s low profile and cab-over design allows it to be light weight, making it easy to tow behind your car or truck.

Pop open the Raven Camper in under a minute and you’ll have nearly 7 feet of headroom! The sleek lines are perfect for two adults looking explore new places together with enough room left on deck if they can’t agree on where exactly that might be–the conversion couch bed will sleep one person comfortably.

When folded up, this marvel weighs just 1,040 lbs so its an excellent option no matter what size vehicle you’re driving around town in search of adventure!

2. Grandby Truck Camper

Grandby Truck Camper

Granby Truck Camper is the perfect camper for those who want something small and lightweight but still have a large living space. Overcab thickness increases when it’s in down position at just over 10 inches, providing an even more spacious interior while maintaining efficiency.

Constructed using aluminum which improves fuel economy with its weightless design, this durable truck camper will last many years of continuous use if taken care of properly!

Starting at $19,500

3. Swift Model Truck Bed Camper

The Swift by Montana is a small pop-up camper truck that’s extremely light. It weighs in at just 935 pounds and can be easily towed with any pickup, SUV or van. This little wonder will go anywhere your vehicle goes!

Fuel economy should also be good because the size of this tiny tent trailer doesn’t leave much room for fuel usage–you’ll have to fill up every 400 miles if you’re going on an extended trip!

The couch/bed convert may not seem big enough for three adults but it does come standard with plenty of storage space inside so don’t worry about getting cozy during those cold nights out camping – all gear has its place when living in such close quarters together night after night (or day).

4. Leentu UTE Camper Pop-up

Leentu’s UTE Pop-up Camper is a great choice for truck owners who need an off-road camper that won’t negatively impact their pick ups day to day utility or payload.

These uniquely styled ultra-lightweight designs are made of honeycomb core composite structural panels, coupled with fatigue and corrosion resistant 5052 aluminum alloy, delivering a robust solution perfect for when you’re on the go! With Leentu, set up time takes seconds – no more fussing around trying to get your gear inside before nightfall!

A comfortable sleeping space means two can enjoy this adventure together without feeling claustrophobic thanks to its spacious interior design.

The UTE Camper is the perfect pop-up camper for those who are looking to camp off of road. The 240 lb weight makes it one of the lightest, aerodynamic truck cabs currently on sale in today’s market and this has a positive effect on fuel economy because its low profile design doesn’t compromise handling or performance. It also means that owners can carry all their gear without compromising how they drive or what kind of gas mileage you’ll get out of your Tacoma Long Bed model!

The Leentu UTE is a slide-in unit that sits on top of the bed rails. This allows you to keep functionality within your truck’s interior while still being able to take advantage of its space when needed or desired. The perfect solution for those who need transportation in their city and also want some customization options!

The Leentu UTE is a customizable camper for truck bed. It features an interior dimmable LED, weatherproof tent construction with reinforced roof and sidewalls, locking door hardware as well as upgrade options including solar power or color-matching windows to the exterior of your truck cabins in order to create that perfect outdoor escape on wheels!

The basic package includes a 3-season waterproofed high-density foam mattress with washable covers while upgrades include higher quality mattresses made from ErgoComfort -the same material NASA uses in their spacesuits. The all-new Camper also comes equipped with side access doors that can be used when camping next to your vehicle.

5. The Phoenix Mini max

The Phoenix Mini max

The Phoenix Mini Max is the cheapest model at $37,000 and deserves to be the top-ranked in this review.

The Phoenix Mini Max is a great choice for anyone looking for a camper van. The Mini Max is the most stylish mini camper available today. It has a 7-foot floorplan and a 60×80 inch best. This truck runs east to west. It is comfortable and luxurious, ensuring that the driver and his companion have a restful night’s sleep.

The pop-up truck camper has a bathroom located on the driver’s side of the vehicle and a large dinette ensuring entertainment and dining indoors when required. It is made from aluminum with a dry weight of 1,180 lbs. This allows the owner to bring more items for extended vacations. The camper’s lightweight construction is combined with insulation high-density foam for weather resistance. For structural integrity, the unit is covered in one-piece fiberglass.

Additional features include an 18-gallon water tank that is large enough to last for several days even with young families. The Thetford cassette toilet is used in the pop-up camper. It has an 8-gallon grey-water holding capacity. A useful 1.9 cubic foot domestic refrigerator is also included in the standard package for this pop-up truck camper.

Birch is the standard interior cabin color. Pre-ordering is possible for other colors and options. The wood laminate’s finish is in a durable clear coat.

There are many other options available, including a solar power unit, rear ladder to access, roof racks and low-power air-conditioning for hot summer nights.
A custom paint job can be done on your truck to make it the coolest camper in town.

6. Bundutec Wild

Pop up truck camper


This camper could easily have been number one at an incredible price of $18,600. Although this unit is more affordable than the number one, I feel it offers great value and provides a greater sense of quality than the Bundutuc wild.

Some cool features the Bundtuc Wild offers is a full wet bath with an enormous water holding tank making bathing a viable proposition for the campers. This camper is perfect for those who are looking for a camper van with a bathroom.

The camper’s aluminum skin is a great feature. However, I worry about its long-term appearance after only a few years. (I always think about resale value). Some buyers may prefer the gray color of the wild to the standard white offered by many manufacturers.

It weighs in at 1,610 lbs, which should result in increased fuel economy. It is very aerodynamic and looks great overall.

The 7-foot floor plan provides enough space to accommodate a decent-sized bed and cooking facilities. Although the mattress is slightly smaller than the first choice, it is sufficient for the size of this camper. You can store the bed in handy under, which is useful for longer trips.

21 gallons of freshwater storage capacity are available. This provides ample water supply for washing and drinking. Non-potable water is served by a 17-gallon gray tank. Novakool has provided a beautiful refrigerator for the Bundutec Wild. It also includes a large range of service options, including a stainless steel sink with drainer.

Bundutec Wild includes a variety of fly screens that will keep out any tiny insects that can cause havoc during summer camping. You also have the option of a wraparound awning or solar panels, as well as a quiet-running boiler system.

This camper unit is a great deal and worth looking at if you’re in the market to buy a pop-up camper.

7. Alaskan 6.5 Cabover

Alaskan 6.5 Cabover

Look no further if you’re looking for a camper that has been tested and proven reliable. The Alaskan 6.5 Cabover is priced at an amazing $29,039. The camper is on the market since 2015, and it has received excellent reviews from its owners. This camper is the only one in this review that has canvas sides. But, it’s not a deterrent to owning this superbly designed camper.

The Alaskan 6.5 has a patent-pending pop-up design that can be operated by hydraulics. This unit is strong and will last many years. The hydraulic support system lifts and lowers all sections of the roof, making it easy for the owner. The unique opening system ensures that there will be no canvas snags or pinches.

The Alaskan 6.5 Cabover is an eye-opener. Maple cabinets and wood-lined ceilings greet you, as well as a luxurious leather dinette.
This camper is for those who like large countertops. This camper has ample storage and plenty of worktop space. There is ample overhead storage to store all your items while you are away from home.

The camper is 1,390 pounds. It has a freshwater tank that holds 15 gallons. A refrigeration unit is also available. You will also find a 5-gallon propane tank making frequent re-fills a think of the past. The unit has Hehr windows and a full size door, so you won’t have to bend or contort in order to get into the Alaskan Camper.

When buying a camper, it is important to consider whether the unit can be serviced or repaired in the event of an emergency. You can trust this camper manufacturer, Alaskan campers, to be in business for many years.

As with all campers, you can expect a comprehensive range of accessories and add-ons. The Alaskan campers have a furnace that heats up to 20,000 BTU to keep you warm during cold nights. The camper also includes a Thetford cassette toilet. Other accessories like solar panels and power inverters can be purchased allowing you to have one of the very best campers available.

8. Outfitter Caribou Lite 8


The price for this compact camper is only $16,720 This camper is affordable at only $16,720. However, it has plenty to offer camping enthusiasts. This could be the unit for you if you’re looking to upgrade from a tent, or if you just want to get into camping.

This budget camper offers a strong composite housing, it so strong you can walk on the roof. Weight is often associated with strength and rigidity. This unit weighs in at 850 pounds, making it one of the lightest campers its size.

The campers manufacturer used high-quality insulation to insulate the caribou.

You won’t believe it, but this camper has a queen-sized bed. This camper’s vault provides a pull-out queen-size bed that can be pulled out from the over-cab vault. It is designed to provide a peaceful night for campers.

Caribou lite has a 24-gallon freshwater tank, and a 5-gallon propane container for long-lasting propane gas. To complement the features of this budget camper, you can buy a 5-gallon toilet.

There are many accessories available, including power inverters and solar panels. Roof racks can be a great addition. The Caribou also fits the Yamika rack and the air conditioner unit.

You are mistaken if you think this camper is cheap and targeted at a specific market. The camper is perfect for use on and off trucks. It also comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty on the camper housing.

The Outfitter Caribou lite is a great choice if you’re looking for a camper.

9. AT Overland Summit

This unit is very affordable at less than $10,000. The old saying “You get what you pay” is true here. Let’s look closer at this camping unit. All campers are not created equal. This is often because they have different needs. Budget campers can be relevant in the market and fill a niche for some buyers.

This basic camper is ideal for those who are a loan camper, or as part of a hunting team. It is simple to use, easy to operate and functional in certain ways if you are only looking to sleep in it.

A mid-sized truck will accommodate a six-foot bed, while larger trucks such as a Tacoma can hold a 6.5 footbed. The functionality of the unit seems to have stopped at this point.

Would I consider buying this camper? The camper would be a good option for someone who is a hunter, or just someone looking to get away from the daily grind of life. Although it’s not extravagant, you can share the camper with other animals.

10. Four Wheel Camper Hawk

The camper is affordable at $18,995. This camper is lightweight and ruggedly built, making it ideal for modern half-ton pickup trucks. It is made of durable aluminum and will last a long time with careful care.

The Hawk comes with a 20-gallon freshwater tank that can be used for both drinking and washing. The Hawk’s queen-size bed provides comfort for the driver and his passengers. Kitchen is well-equipped with quality cabinets and sinks. You will find plenty of storage space for long vacations. Standard equipment includes a useful 1.7-cubic foot refrigerator.

Wooden interiors provide a cozy and warm feeling for occupants. They are durable and can withstand knocks and spills.

Manufacturers of hawks offer many floor plans to fit your needs. These floor layouts can include different locations for the sofa, dinette, or other items. Depending on your requirements, you may opt for an outdoor shower or toilet.

Solar panels can be installed to supply all the electricity that you need while on vacation away from civilization.

The Hawk’s fixing system will secure your camper to your truck if you want to go off-road. Four invisible anchor bolts secure the camper with an invisible securing system.

Would you buy the Four Wheel Camper Hawk for your family? This camper is well built and provides all the amenities needed for vacations. The Hawk is a well-constructed and sturdy camper that should be considered by every potential buyer.

11. Hallmark Milner 6.5

The Hallmark Milner6.5 is a classic camper, and it has been in existence since 1969. It has been providing quality workmanship to its customers for 50 years. Milner 6.5 costs just $27,000 but isn’t the most expensive camper.

The molded fiberglass frame is strong and durable. It also provides an exterior that can withstand the elements. This unit is a one-piece and requires very little maintenance, if any. The Milner 6.5 is light because of Hallmark’s construction method. It weighs in at 1,212 pounds.

An east-west facing bed can be found that will accommodate most people. The bed’s dimensions measure 60×80, which is quite large for a camper bed. A 30-gallon freshwater tank, as well as fully-molded integrated work surfaces are included. The Milner also comes standard with a three-way fridge. The 5 gallon gas tank provides enough gas to last for most vacations.

Wooden cabinets add a feeling of comfort to the camper. If placed in the right location, two large windows can provide unrivalled views.

There are many options available from hallmark, including extra storage or changing the interior woodwork to suit your preference.

Would you consider buying this camper? This camper is timeless and will last a lifetime. It meets the needs of campers who prefer a traditional design. It comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame and is considered to be the standard in the industry. If tradition were important to me, yes, I would purchase this camper.

12. Earth Cruiser Adventure Mod 400

Earth Cruiser Adventure Mod 400

The Earth Cruiser’s new design is based on a European design. The Adventure Mod 400’s price tag of $23,500 sounds very competitive. You will discover that the camper is essentially a shell that needs to be built yourself. This is either a clever marketing tactic by Earth Cruiser, or a huge mistake.

Earth Cruiser wants its customers to go deeper into their pockets and purchase what they call packs (personalized accessory sets). Each camper includes a kitchenette, cabinets, and an electric system to power a few lights. The Adventure 400 is only 800 pounds without the p.a.k.s. But the real test is to compare the weight of the unit with the price that average customers would pay for it in addition to the basic unit.

What’s the Adventure 400 like? The Adventure 400 has an excellent aerodynamic design. It is also made of a durable composite that will last for many years. This unit might appeal to those who prefer a simple lifestyle.

Would I purchase this camper? Although I like the design and sleek lines, I doubt I would. The only problem I have is not knowing the cost of the final camper. Additional accessories are being added at regular intervals, so I feel like I have forgotten an accessory. This is not the right accessory for me.

13. Northstar 650

Although this camper is at the bottom of our list, it could be the best. It’s a tiny camper that costs $18,999. It gives the big boys a run for their money, its sleek design makes this camper perfect for fitting on any half-ton truck. This tiny camper is a true champ in the camping world. The standard features of the camper include a queen-size bed that faces east, and more storage under the bed than you could ever need. You can fill it with a horizontal propane tank that holds 5 gallons of gas for plenty of supply.

The refrigerator has a 30-gallon freshwater tank, which is essential for long vacations and weekends away from the family. It is huge for this type of camper van pop-up truck.

Northstar has a wide range of accessories, as you would expect. For those lazy nights, a 6-inch memory foam mattress is available. Northstar has a 160-watt solar power panel that can be used to provide all your power needs if you are going off-grid.

The “subzero package” is a great option if you want to stay put when the weather changes. This will provide you with the insulated canvas you need to keep out the cold elements. The windows of the subzero package are also insulated to prevent heat loss via thermal conduction.

Would you consider buying the Northstar 650. This is what makes the Northstar 650 such a wonderful little camper. It has a sturdy body that can withstand all the challenges of camping for many years. The accessories packages match the style of both the camper and their user. Yes, I would purchase the Northstar 650. Its price is right and its functionality is comparable to the price.

Other Truck Campers Worth Noting

Although the rest of this list doesn’t include pop-up truck campers they are still excellent.

Northern lite 8-11 EX

Northern lite 8-11 EX


Another fantastic camper for short breaks or even full-time RV living. Priced at around 35,000 dollars the Northern Lite is competing with some of the more expensive and luxurious campers on offer in today’s burgeoning camper market.

Because it’s spacious, the camper feels spacious. The camper offers a great RV lifestyle at a fraction the price. This camper has a queen-size bed, which matches the finest of the more expensive campers.

Northern Lite has an exclusive shower stall that allows for privacy. This is a very special feature and something you’ll soon appreciate when you are in need of privacy.

This camper boasts some of the most beautiful illumination available today. You can take a short break or go on a longer excursion with the illumination giving you a warm, homely feeling.

A camper this high quality has a fully equipped kitchen and a beautiful dinette. It is comfortable and functional. A 30-gallon freshwater tank will be provided for your water needs. Greywater is kept in a 20-gallon container.

As standard equipment, a large class-leading refrigerator and stainless steel sink are installed. The camper’s elegant and functional design is enhanced by the one-piece molded countertops.

I love that the camper’s entry door is large and has steps to allow you to get in.

Would you consider buying the Northern Lite? This camper is perfect for anyone who wants to live in an RV. It is as well-appointed and comfortable as you would expect for 35k. It is comfortable to sit in and it is a pleasant experience to live in the camper. The camper’s overall dimensions are too large for me. My preference is to keep the camper on the truck year-round, so I prefer to store it in a garage. The Northern Lite wouldn’t fit under a standard garage door, according to me.

This camper has everything you need. However, it is not the right camper for me.

Lance 650

Lance 650


The lance 650 is a great option for campers looking for a sturdy on-truck camping unit. This camper is affordable at less than 30,000 dollars. This camper could easily be ranked number one.

The interior of the camper feels spacious, while the exterior is sleek and aerodynamic. Large windows allow for plenty of light into the camper.

The toilet unit can be fitted to the camper for convenience. Additionally, the camper comes standard with memory foam mattresses that provide a unique sleeping experience.

The lance 650 will provide high-quality living for a family, or hunting party in the wild. You will find everything you need for a long vacation in the kitchen. The appliances are also quality.

Would you consider buying the lance 650 campervan? It is worth serious consideration. The price point for this camper is reasonable considering its quality and build. The design is sleek and efficient. The camper’s over-cab sleeping area allows for excellent use of space, which is often limited in this model.

This unit is great and should not be overlooked by potential buyers.

Consider these important points when purchasing a truck camper.

Each camper has its own quirks, so it’s up to you to choose the right pop-up truck camper for you. Your vehicle is an important factor to remember. For trucks such as the Ford F-150, the maximum vehicle payload is approximately 100 pounds. You and your family may be in danger if you exceed this limit.

The payload limit for your vehicle can be found easily. It is usually located on the driver’s side door pillar. If it is not there, you will find it in the vehicle manual.

Your tires’ weight rating is also important. Most tires that come as standard are not strong enough to haul heavy loads like a camper. It is best to buy an original equipment manufacturer tire, but I recommend a light truck tire with the D rating. This should cover you for all eventualities and keep you safe.

Truck campers for sale with bathrooms

Although most pop-up truck campers do not have a bathroom, some do. It’s worth considering what is important to you. The only two models that have a bathroom are the Phoenix Mini max or Bundutec Wild.

If your camper is missing a bathroom, and you feel it is a necessity, you may want to retrofit one or use an outdoor shower and portable toilet. If you’re determined, there are many ways to accomplish this.

Popup truck campers for sale

If you’d like to save some money then there’s no reason not to look at buying a used pop up truck camper. This is a great way to get a great deal, but you need to do your research thoroughly and be aware of all the possible problems with purchasing a used pop-up truck camper. We have created a checklist to make it easier for you to get a great deal.

  • Examine the roof for signs and wear.
  • To ensure that they fit properly, check seals and latches
  • You should ensure that the roof lifts easily without having to force it. Also, make sure there are no stuck mechanisms.
  • Make sure the doors are sealed properly and closed tightly
  • Make sure you check any bunks or folding furniture to make sure they work as intended.
  • Check for leaks in the cooker if it is located in the camper.
  • Inspect the floors and walls for any signs of water damage, condensation, or mold.
  • Check that all lights are working correctly
  • Make sure that all cupboards and drawers are open
  • To check for soft spots (rot), walk the length of the camper.
  • Examine any frames made of metal for signs of rust

Final thoughts

The pop-up truck camper industry has increased exponentially over the past decade, with more folks taking more economic vacations and avoiding hotels and flights charges. The camper market can be confusing with all the special deals and financial incentives that could lead to making the wrong decision. Campers can be expensive, so they should be considered a long-term investment.

You will have many great weekends camping in the wild or with friends at your favorite campsite if you select the right camper. You can resell your camper into the growing used camper market if you take good care of it. Good used campers are currently selling well.

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